DJ Paul Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

DJ Paul Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Every celebrity has its own story to tell and their career paths are often filled with interesting facts. We love listening and reading about them, especially when their lives are filled with juicy stories.

The more we learn about them, the more we realize that their lives are not easy at all and that we should appreciate the things they have accomplished.

In today’s text we are going to talk about DJ Paul, a famous American record producer, rapper and entrepreneur. We will touch on the subject of his net worth, biography and career.

So, if you love DJ Paul and you would love to learn more about him as an artist, this is a perfect opportunity to do that.

Early years

Paul Duane Beauregard was born on January 12th 1977 in Memphis, Tennessee. He spent his childhood in Memphis and he did the usual things kids his age did.

He wasn’t very much into school, but he loved music ever since he was very young.

He would always perform and entertain others with his sketches, and he always knew that he is going to be in show business. There aren’t many information about his early days and childhood, because he doesn’t speak about it that often.

We are going to jump in to his career and business ventures next, as well his net worth which is probably one of the more juicer information about him.

Career path

Dj Paul started his career path in the 1980s, when he worked as a DJ but also did many mixes of his own songs. He released those songs and started playing them around clubs. He worked at the 380 Beale club in Memphis where he worked full time as a DJ and not as a rapper.

In 1989 he decided it was time to form something of his own, which is the reason he founded the group with his half-brother called The Serial Killaz. DJ worked there as a producer but he also made beats for the group. His half-brother would then create lyrics to rap over Paul’s songs.

How hard his beginnings were, we can conclude based on the fact that they didn’t have any equipment and struggled to get gigs to perform. To push their career further, they borrowed money from their father and started their own studio. Their first tape ever was Portrait of a Serial Killa. The song came out in 1992 and Come with Me 2 came out soon after.

The duo sold their tapes in high school but also around the neighborhood. Soon, they were able to gather enough money to buy the equipment they needed for the studio. This was the moment when they really started producing serious music.

During that time, Paul met a famous DJ called Juicy J. in 1993 the duo changed the group’s name into Three Six Mafia and were joined by a new member, Koopsta Knicca. Their first album came out that year called Smoked out Loced Out and the first self-released album came out under the name Mystic Stylez.

The audience instantly fell in love with the band and their music, so they followed by releasing more music. They signed a contract with the Relativity Records but they also created their own label called Hypnotize Mindz. Many new artists joined their record label and success was there.

Their biggest success came in 2000. They released an album called When the Smoke Clears: Sixty 6, Sixty 1 that managed to reach Billboard 200 and end up on the sixth place.

Paul’s first solo album came in 2002 under the name Underground Volume 16: For Da Summa. Many of the songs were featured on his original mixtape from the 1994, called Unerground Volume 16: 4 Da Summer of ’94. The album managed to reach number 127 on the Billboard 200.

In 2006, another great success came to this famous DJ when he won an Oscar for Best Original Song for the song called It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp from a movie called Hustle and Flow. The song was co-created with Juicy J and Crunchy Black.

In 2008 Three Six Mafia released an album called Last 2 Walk and in 2009 Paul released a song The Weigh In. the album called A Person of Interest came out in 2012 and Paul often mentioned that this album was his favorite.

The year 2013 brought a new era for this talented DJ. He created a group called S.I.M. and started performing as a DJ full time. Some of the more popular songs from this album were Baauer’s High and Just Blaze.

In 2013, the whole crew of Three Six Mafia came back together when the Lord Infamous and DJ Paul wanted to create a sequel to their old album. All the former members came back into the game and the first mixtape came out in 2013, in the end of the year. The tape was produced by Pail and it had many famous names on it besides the original members.

Paul joined forces with Drumma Boy in a song called Clash of Da Titans that came out in 2013. He also created an outro song for The Killjoy Club’s album Reindeer Games. In 2015, it was announced that he will play South by Southwest in Texas.

The latest project he mentioned working on was the next volume of his Underground album. The album is supposed to be called Drackula: Vol.18 but the album still hasn’t come out.

When it comes to Paul’s net worth, the amount is estimated at around 16$ million. Most of his money comes from his music, which he is still actively working on and some of it comes from his record label which manages to attract a lot of new artists.

He is still performing and we can definitely expect this amount to rise even more in the future, but we will have to wait and see what his next album brings, money-wise.

DJ Paul has many followers on his social media platforms and he often shares photos from his life and form his performances. This is how he announces important information to his fans and lets them know when his next performance will be.

Personal life

DJ Paul’s life has been one full of ups and downs but he managed to end up on the top anyway. He joined his colleague Juicy J in a reality TV show called Adventures in Hollyhod. The reality TV show followed Three Six Mafia on their tours and presented their everyday activities.

The show ran for eight episodes until 2007. In 2011 he appeared on a cooking show called Famous Food and he managed to win first place. This shows he has plenty of more talents besides music. Paul often speaks about the amount of stress he is under because he is overwhelmed with many business ventures in his life.

In 2013, Paul lost his brother and longtime partner Lord Infamous after he suffered from a heart-attack in Tennessee. This devastated Paul and he realized that there are far more important things than money and fame, and decided to pull the breaks a little and spare himself the stress.

He was engaged to Majda Baltic but the couple decided to end the engagement. They were a part of a couple’s show called Celebrity Wife swap with Plaxido Burress. The couple then admitted that their first meeting was at an airport and that this was love at first sight. Sadly, it hasn’t worked out for them.

Even though Paul doesn’t like to speak about his life very much, he did admit that he was in jail several times. The first time was when he was only 17 years old. The next time, he ended up in a lawsuit against a man called Ramone Williams who claims that the Three Six Mafia inspired the audience to start a riot and that was the moment when this man was beaten up by the crowd.

The lawsuit ended up in a financial compensation to Ramone. Another lawsuit against DJ Paul and Juicy J was received when they were sued for not appearing on a concert they were paid for. They had to pay 50 thousand dollars fine for this incident.

In 2012 he was arrested because of a stun gun that was hidden in his car. Paul was released soon after but the media covered the whole event and he was in the spotlight once again. He claimed that he had no idea that the gun was not allowed, and obviously the judge believed him. His life has been a bit scandalous, but nothing too much compared to others.

Based on his social media we cannot confirm that he has a new love interest or that he is acting someone. Perhaps he is still looking for someone who will be the perfect match for him until the end of time. Until he does, he has an amazing career to be proud of since he managed to become one of the best paid DJ of all time.

Another admirable thing about his career is the duration of it, since he has been working for almost 30 years nonstop. His ups and downs do exist but they were never major and he always managed to keep himself floating in the show business career. His net worth and the amount of songs and albums he released only speaks about his talent and great desire to succeed in show business.

Quick summary

Full name: Paul Duane Beauregard

Date of birth: January 12th 1977

Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee

Age: 42

Profession: Singer, Rapper, Producer, DJ

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 85

Net Worth: $15 million


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