Young Dro is an American rapper who had decided to go with rap music to break the monotony of the bustling and hustling of the city life.  He was inspired by the work of his best friend Chris Daddy Mack Smith who was an excellent rap sensation during the early 90’s.T.Iwas much overwhelmed by the rappers effort and outrightly awarded him the label “Young Dro” and made him go under the label of Grand Hustle Records, a division of Atlantic Records. His net worth is evaluated to be around 500 dollars.

Early life

D`Juan Montreal Hartis the birth name of Young Dro.  He was born on 15th January 1979 in Bankhead, Georgia, United States of America.  He hails from the land of America is a successful rap singer today. This promising rapper was born to a single mother with five other children.

His mother had a tough time bringing all the children together. While he was a mere child, he used to spend ample time in the under construction housing projects in the city of Atlanta. He was fortunate enough to take birth in a family with many siblings but was equally unfortunate to go through severe financial troubles. His mother had to work the whole day to collect money and make the children have a happy life. She was the only bread earner of the family and had to struggle in all ways.

Dro spent a childhood where he was into moving from place to place leading a nomadic life. When he was just in his teens, he got a bullet shot right in his stomach, and this made him away from walking for a whole year.  He moved into more troubles when he was spending his golden years of teenage in the dark corridors of prison.  He has never been through any academic foundation perhaps; destiny has never let him been into such elite preferences.

He had spent his day in much poverty and had survived upon deadly situations and got involved with various illegal and controversial issues throughout his teenage life


Dro was into making his rap number since he was in the 9th standard. He never thought that one day he would be a successful rapper, but today his net worth is booming each day because of his beautiful rap numbers.  He soon became serious about proceeding with his career in rap.  He along with his bosom friend started off with a rap band KrissKross.  While just at the end of the tenure of 90’s he stated that he would like to go for the collaborative measures with Raheem, the eminent rapper for the upcoming album “The Dream.”

It was in the year 2002; he went for signing the label and proceeded for releasing the debut album “I Got That Dro.” The sales reached the highest count within some days of its release. It, of course, added to Dro’s net worth and gave him a prominent opportunity to start up with his popular stage name Dro. Young Dro released his very debut album in the year 2006. It was named ‘Best Thang Smokin’.

He decided to change his stage name to Young Dro that every year. His very first single consisted of the albums “Shoulder Lean,” and it received a BET and the prestigious 4MTV2. Dro’s album “Shoulder Lean” achieved a position at #10 under the category of “Billboard Hot Charts.”  It was a position with the topmost rank and was considered to be the most top spot for the exclusively leveled smash hit rap number.  The very second track number that followed the list was position in the hot rap chart in the 23rd position.

He has been successful in winning several musical awards.  Some of them are namely the “Best Rapper Award” in the year 2006. He is known for owing the Cadillac. He vehemently managed to sign a contract with “Tight IV Life Records” in the year 1999. He moved on to release his debut album titled “Yes Sir,” this enabled the rapper to go on with his other associations and go for his next mixtapes release after collaborating with the other rappers.

He came in association with many eminent rappers namely, Gucci Mane, T. I., Young Jeezy and many other prominent celebrity rappers.

He went with his latest release with the studio recording of the single album “Da Reality Show” that was released in 2015, the month of September. He has always been into appreciating others work and has always kept up with his performances.

Perhaps the gentle reminder of his immense contribution in the rap industry is the formation of the band “Goodle Mod” which got high appreciation from the audience. He was quite popular with people for his intervention with the famous rap group “KrisKross.”

Personal life

The rapper is although a private person but is clear enough to declare his relationship status is a girl named Fantasia Barrino.  Many of his fans doubted his orientation, but she was successful in proclaiming his sexuality by his relationship status.

The couple would soon get married and declared the world about their strength of the relationship.  The rapper is quite a social network sensation with many fans and followers.

Quick summary:

Full Name: D`Juan Montreal Hart

Date of Birth: 15th January 1979

Birth Place: Bankhead, Georgia, United States of America

Age: 39 Years Old

Profession: Rapper

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $500Thousand