Dolph Ziggler is an American actor and professional wrestler. His performances on the WWE are something he is most recognized for and his estimated net worth is around 1$ million.

Early life

Nicholas Theodore Nemeth was born on July 27, 1989 in Ohio. His parents have Hungarian ancestry and he was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. During his high school years he showed enormous talent for sports, especially for wrestling. He still holds his high school record in the number of pins.

Even though his passion was wrestling, Dolph decided to get his college degree. He attended Kent State University and throughout his college years he continued to practice wrestling and compete on championships.

Wrestling career

Dolph started his professional wrestling career in 2004 when he signed the contract with WWE. He changed his positions within the WWE world often and is mostly remembered for his appearance on the Spirit squad.

His wrestling talent outgrew the Ohio area and he was soon transferred to Florida where he fought some of the tougher wrestlers that were around for a long time.

His character, Dolph Ziggler, was created during one of his WWE performances and since then he has been performing using this name.  In 2010 Ziggler became an Intercontinental Champion for the first time. After this win, he carried this title for three more times.

In 2011 Dolph became a United States Champion.

Other on-screen performances

Dolph is not only a professional wrestler. He often appears on many TV shows and interviews such as Lopez Tonight, Silent library and others. His comedic talent was also shown in many TV shows and movies although he is quite new to the comedy world and doesn’t feel as comfortable as he does in the ring.

Ziggler is often used as a character in various video games, and he appeared on the WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 for the first time as a video game character.  Since then, he was featured in several video games.

We have yet to see what more this pro-wrestler has in store for us.

Private life

Nemeth graduated from Kent University and got his degree in political science and also a pre-law minor. Not many people know this but, Dolph has been accepted to the Arizona State University where he should start his first semester in law.

During 2015 he dated a famous stand-up comedian Amy Schumer that mentioned Ziggler during one of her interviews on Conan O’Brian.

He said in one of his interviews that he chose the name Dolph as a tribute to his grandfather and the name Ziggler came spontaneously, and that it was recommended by a friend. Dolph is also fluent in sign language and his younger brother, Ryan, is also a wrestler.

He is currently single and there is no information about his love life, since he mostly keeps to himself.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Nicholas Theodore Nemeth

Date of Birth: July 27, 1980

Birth Place: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Age: 36 years

Profession: professional wrestler, actor

Height: 1.83 m

Weight: 99 kg

Net worth: 1$ million