Steve Doocy is a prominent television personality who has attained fame and popularity from his frequents appearance in the channel Fox News .he is known as the author of some of the bestselling books that have gained much appreciation. One of his best selling chronicles is Mr. and Mrs. Happy.

Doocy has gathered over all her real life experiences and went for its compilation to make it a most wanted best seller. He is an America born Television presenter who is also famous for his journalism abilities. His birth name is Stephen James and he too talented to praised and commented upon. Steve is known to be of an Irish decent and his net worth is estimated somewhere around $ 2 million.

Early life

Steve was born in a family of Irish descent.  His birth place is Algona, Iowa, that is a distinct place in United States of America. He grew up in Kansas where he was brought up by his parents. From his childhood days Steve has seen his parents working hard to make their earning through sales and devoting time in construction business. He has got educated from not only one school in the locality but from several graded schools of the area.

His initial years were spent in the Wakefield and during his growing age the famous educational institute Clay Centre in Kansas was his place of regular visit. He received his graduation degree from University of Kansas situated in Lawrence.

She is very involved into various multicultural events that he was quite glad to be the DJ of the local broadcasting radio station that was completely operated and monitored by the school goers. The on air -show DJ Show was efficiently monitored at 90.7 FM within Lawrence and was named Glimpse at Doocy’s.

The schools he went during his initial years were situated in places like Salina and Russell. His childhood days were spent with much ease and calmness that have ultimately enabled him be a successful television personality with brilliant writing skills.


Steve started off with his career as a promising news reporter working for the Topeka, Wichita and Des Moins in the City of Kansas. He has also gained much appreciation from his fans when he appeared as a Time Square Live reporter on the New Years‘s Rockin Eve of Dick Clark.  He was a also a well known associate of the CBS television that is a New York based associating station and hosted the morning news cast show. Previously he also served as the co-host f the famous NBC network and anchored the show “Wake Up America”. He was responsible for hosting yet another famous show named “House Party with Steve Doocy”

He is a promising associating core member and host of several other talk shows for his brilliant performance in the show screened in the channels NBC TV and WRC he was soon nominated for the category of the best reporter and soon after won the Emmy Awards for his terrific reporting abilities. He is famous for his bold personality that has enabled him to delicately spark off his reporting abilities. He is abundantly heaped with of reporting broadcasting experiences and his association with the popular channels has made him the most wanted news caster of the recent times. Doocy joined the Fox News Channel in the year 1996 and accompanied the two eminent personalities Gretchen Karlson and Brian Kilmeade. The show “Fox and Friends” became quite a successful attempt in the year 1998.

Doocy vigorously started off hosting and served as a commentator for various talk shows. He engaged himself in preparing to launch the most awaited show “All American New Year”. Steve is quite successful with his career as a report analyst. He has even interviewed many of the prominent personalities who are of political background like, George W Bush, Hilary Clinton and Mitt Romney. He has not only interviewed people with political background but also prominent celebrities like Jessica Alba and Brooklyn Decker.

Steve Doocy had also come up with two books that are probably the New York Times bestseller. The first publication consists of the experiences that Doocy had gathered from his family life. He titled his work as “Mr. and Mrs. Happy” and his second bestseller was written with the remembrances of his father and was titled “Tales from Dad Side”. When Doocy was questioned about the title chosen, he came up with an emotional reply that the title is just a token of respect and remembrance shown to his father. The book is all about the feelings and advices that a fathers shares with his children for shaping the child’s prosperous future.

Personal life

Doocy and his wife Kathy Gerrity actually met each other while working together in Washington DC. The couple dated each other for almost six years and only came up with the decision of getting married. Though almost 25 years have passed Steve and Kathy is married but the warmth of their relation still persists. They are happily married and lead a life full of adventures and ecstasy.

They are parents to three children Mary, Peter and Sally. Peter, the only son of the couple has resemblance with his father Steve and is also chosen anchoring as his career just like his father. Peter hosts the show Fox and Friends that was one upon a time hosted by his father.

Steve Doocy has been working as a television represented for almost a decade and he has been popular to regular television viewers for his pleasant personality and down to earth nature. He never goes into gossips and avoids sensationalizing his course of action. He is a prominent example of a person with extraordinary talents and loved by his fans for his charismatic personality.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Steve James Doocy.

Date of Birth: 19th Oct 1958.

Birth Place: Algona, Iowa, United States of America.

Age: 59 years.

Profession: Television Personality.

Height: 6 feet.

Weight: NA.

Net worth: $ 2 million