Durrani Popal is an employee of Kardashian store, Dash which is a popular and famous fashion store in Hollywood region of California. She is working as a merchandising manager in the Dash fashion store.

Currently she is a part of the reality television series named Dash Dolls. After being in the reality television series, there has been an increase in her net worth which has raised a handsome level.

The approximate estimate of her net worth is about 500,000 million dollars.

Durrani was born on 06 May 1989 and she hails from San Francisco in United States. She is 26 years of age. Many people, especially her fans doubt that she is from Persian origin, but she is an Afghani.  Her family is from Afghanistan.

As she is a Muslim, she has great fear about her relationship with a guy called Shalom who has a Jewish origin. Popal fears if her parents would accept this relationship but Durrani Popal is madly in love with his boyfriend.

For her birthday she was gifted luxury vehicle Bentley Continental which is pink in colour. This luxury vehicle has in turn increased her net worth to a great extend. The increase in net worth is about 200,000 dollars.

Besides the gifts increasing her net worth, she is also a highly talented woman who has now launched her own line of business in the Jewellery. Her jewellery business is named by the name Jewels of Durrani.

She advertises her business through posting her jewellery photos in Instagram. Her jewellery designs are marvellous and it is for sure that her business will reach to a higher level.

The cost of her jewellery costs about 100 dollars. She is having the Instagram posts which are sponsored and you can find that the product endorsements are there in her page.

These endorsements for sure are also contributing to the total net worth of this Afghan girl.

Durrani has been a part of the Dash store for quite a long time. The average salary drawn by her as the merchandizing manager in the Dash store of Kardashians is about 64,344 dollars which is the rough estimate which has been drawn from the website named glassdoor.com.

She is currently living in Los Angeles.

Durrani Popal is a smart young businesswoman. She receives about 100,000 dollars a year, and this itself put her high in the wealthy woman list.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Durrani Popal

Date of birth: 06 may 1989

Birth place: San Francisco

Age: 30 Years

Profession: Businesswoman, Reality television star

Height: 58 Kg

Weight: Unknown

Net worth: 500,000 million dollars