Edgar Hansen is a fisherman who is an Alaskan in origin.  He is also a star in the reality series. The estimated net worth of Edgar Hansen is about $700 thousand.

He is the brother of Sin Hansen who is the captain of the boat which is a part of the reality series in Discovery Channel named as Deadliest Catch. The name of the boat is The North-western. He is the Deck Boss and Relief Skipper in the boat.

He is also the cook for the crew. This series with Edgar Hansen has been voted as the most viewed program in Discovery Channel.

He is involved with fishing right from 18 years of age.  He joined in the crew of the boat, North-western as a cook. Besides being a cook, or the Deck Boss as well as the Relief Skipper, he has also taken the role of an engineer and is responsible for the sea water pumps, main as well as the auxiliary engines, the hydraulic systems and fuel systems.

He belongs to the Norwegian fisherman, fourth generation. He is married and has three children. Edgar Hansen is married to Louise Hansen. Sverre and Snefryd were his parents.

Edgar Hansen was born in the year 1971, January 14. He hails from United States. He is also nicknamed as Edgar. The boat North-western has been regarded as one of the best boats in the crab fishing category. The boat is famous for fishing the red king crab, Pacific Cod, Alaskan Crab, Red King Crab, Tanner Crab, Blue King Crab, as well as the Opilio Crab.

The Russian King Crab, which was an Alaskan Sea food, that has been endorsed by the Hansen brothers were being sold at various market chains like Walmart.

The Russian King Crab has also become one of the main reasons for boosting the income of Edgar Hansen. They have bought the Russian King Crab to the market hoping to see an increase in the crab price.

He is slowly moving out of his fishing. He had started his own business which consists of remodelling of the house which includes the Bathroom, as well as the Kitchen.

He is more interested in the building remodelling and building construction business.  He also focuses on the outdoor designing too, which includes the gardening, the swimming pool, the lawn and whatever which makes the outside design wonderful and excellent.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Edgar Hansen

Date of birth: January 14, 1971

Birth place: United States

Age: 45 years

Profession: Commercial Fisherman

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Net worth: $700 thousand

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