Butch Gilliam is famous as a star in the reality series, West Texas Investors Club. The estimated net worth of Butch Gilliam is about $150 million. He was a salesman for affluent pipes and was smart in making side incomes by doing rare smart jobs. He uses strange ideas to create extra income.

Once Gilliam bought a connection for the flush-joint pipe for $200,000 and managed to sell it at a price of $100 million. As mentioned earlier he is a famous and reliable salesman for pipe in Permian Basin.

He is also the owner of the business venture, Patriot Premium Threading Services.

He dropped out of the school at the age of 15 years. His father was running a machine shop at that time which was named Curley’s.  Gilliam worked in the shop named Curley’s which as mentioned was dealing with the machines.

He has elected the family business as his livelihood. Gilliam had started from scratch. He started his career by sweeping the floor of the shop. Later with his hard work and determination he became the president of his business empire.

Thus through his hard work, determination and confidence, Butch has widened the business horizon and later he sold Curley’s his business empire for a huge sum.

He used his money for strange but marvellous business opportunities. Gilliam co-owns the West Texas Ltd along with Rooster McConaughey. This has helped a lot to increase the net worth of both. It was the nature of Butch Gilliam to go after crazy ideas and make huge amount of money from it.

The series West Texas Investors Club is broadcasted in CNBC. The first season of the show has great viewership ratings and the series has stepped in to the second season.

The series is all about the millionaires, Butch Gilliam and Rooster McConaughey. During the first season of the series, both have invested a sum of $1.97 million. The whole series is about the duo meeting with rich businessmen in Texas and offers them an opportunity to promote their products under the security funds of Butch and Rooster McConaughey. Most of their money comes from the oil related businesses.

The first series was telecasted in CNBC on 04 August 2015 and the second season was telecasted in June 2016.

The series comes under the documentary reality show. The executive producers of the program were Charlie Ebersol, Dan Lanigan as well as Jason Henry. The company producing the program is The Ebersol Lanigan Company.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Butch Gilliam

Date of birth: Unknown

Birth place: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Profession:  Business person and Television personality

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Net worth: $150 million