He is actually Eric Thomas Bolling and is a well known in the television world. The television personality is best known for his conservative commentary on the political and financial issues. He is a common face in political and financial matters, particularly in the Fox News.

He is also blessed with the power of pen had have published some books. “Wake up America” and “Why We Need Them More Than Ever” requires a special mentioning. The earnest efforts that Eric had shown throughout his career towards his assignment have also returned him back the worth. The net worth of this hard worker is estimated to be around $25 million.

Early life

Eric was born on 2nd March 1963 in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. Eric for his grade school went to Queen of All Saints Basilica and cleared the high school campus from Loyola Academy. He attended Rollins College in the Winter Park of Florida for his graduation. In 1984 Eric was endowed with the Bachelor Degree in Economics.

Eric was not serious on the benches of his classroom, but he was a very keen sports lover from his early childhood. In his college days at Rollins, he was bit serious with his baseball. He spends some days in the minor league with Gulf Coast. His efforts in the game have earned him a seat in the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1984. Unfortunately, his career in the Major League Baseball does not last long as he suffered a massive rotator cuff injury while playing.


When Eric realized there is no more hope waiting for him in the field of sports, he entered in the commodity market with total enthusiasm and determination of a sportsman. In New York City he was then busy at Mercantile Exchange with crude oil, natural gas, and the precious gold. It is reported that Eris has his major earning in NYMEX and in the role of floor trader in the future market of oil. At one point in his earnest effort, he became the largest trader in natural gas in the whole market.

Eric served the NYMEX, currently CME Group, as a board of director. After the span of five years, he took the seat on the exchange board of directors as a strategic advisor. He was among the Top 100 Traders in successive years, 2005 and 2006. At the Traders monthly Award he received Maybach Man of the Year Award on 17th January 2007. He was seen in many shows as the commentator on the small screen over the financial matter. Earlier his Cahin’In which was coming since 2002 is also got a good response from the viewers. “Follow the Money” was another show where he showed his faculty.

All his sincere effort in the marketplace has earned him many awards from many groups and associations. His reputation as a successful trader and recognition from various sources, have earned him an entry in the arena of CNBC show. The show came up for the viewer as “Fast Money.” Eric shortly left CNBC and joined upcoming Fox Business Network. He joined Fox as a financial analyst. Eric had also served in many opinions shows for the Fox News, like Hannity or Fox & Friends. He had also appeared as the guest in The Glenn Back Show and The O’Reilly Factor.

On the 19th day of April 2017, it was declared that “The Five would now be on air at 9 pm with the exit of Bill O’Reilly. Along with Ehoni Williams and Katherine Timpf, Eric was given the responsibility of hosting Fox News special programs at 5 pm slot replace “The Five.” The show began on the 1st may, 2017.  He is also seen in one show on business, “Happy Hours” which ran at 5 pm, when “Fast Money” comes up for the viewers to select.

Every success generally have the tinge of controversy as the light must have a shadow, it is argued even though the shadow is because of the watcher. Eric was also no exception to this rule of nature. In August 2017 it was reported that many years back and also quite often Eric had not shown gestures which match his personality. He tried to exchange some lewd text and photos with his female colleagues. The three ladies were either belonging to the Fox Business Network or Fox News.

It is also claimed that Eric has a tendency in making unworthy comments to the female employees, the comments are wildly inappropriate. As a result, Eric was suspended from the Fox News and its other shows. Later on, when Eric moved the file and brought defamation against such move claiming the damage, the case was amicably solved between Eric and Fox Network.

It won’t be unjustified to have some idea how the professional adherence which ultimately grows in personal relationships. Eric’s work is highly appreciated and was somehow got in the line of another big personality Bob Beckel. Their differences of two have never jeopardized their personal relation of the camera. Once Eric saved Bob by performing in the restaurant the Heimlick schemes.

He had authored “Wake up America: The Nine Virtues That Make Our Nation Great.” He had also published “Why We Need Them More Than Ever” and some other.

Personal life

Eric is Catholic and married Adrienne in 1997. They had one son Eric Chase but unfortunately found dead on 9th September 2017 in Colorado. Whatever the reason may be, but it was a great loss for the parents to lose the child at this age.

It is upon the lady now to bear the pain of child loss and severe defamation again her husband and further encourage Eric on his way to work as he deserves and makes the viewers happy with their analyst.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Eric Thomas Bolling

Date of Birth: 2nd March 1963

Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

Age: 54 years

Profession: Author, Political & Financial Commentator

Height: 6 Feet 1 Inch

Weight: NA

Net worth: $25 million