George Lopez is a known American comedian, actor and a host who became popular for his great sense of humour mostly aimed at Latino.

Early years

He was born as George Edward Lopez, on April 23, 1961 in Mission Hills in Los Angeles in California, United States.

He lived away from his parents. His father left the family just a little while after George was born, and his mother left him when he was ten years old, at a very sensitive age.

His mother found herself a new husband and left George to her mother’s care (George’s grandma) and her husband. It was really strange for him to get used to someone new being around and he didn’t like it.

George wasn’t living a happy childhood due to the fact he was often neglected and alone. He was aware that he was left by his mum and earlier his dad, so it was a burton he carried.

George was a son of Frieda Lopez and Anastasio Lopez. His father was a manual worker. His descent is Mestizo Mexican.

His grandma Benita Gutierrez and her husband Refugio Gutierrez, brought him up.

He was a student at San Fernando High School and he graduated in 1979. His baseball coach Steven Marden was his role model because he always pushed George to be better and try harder. He told him that sky is the limit.

No matter that, he suceeded in finishing high school although he wasn’t in the top of the class.

After that he started working in the same factory his grandmother worked in because he couldn’t go to college. He wanted to start working soon and gain money so his granny found him work there.

His biggest role model in his youth was Freddie Prinze, a Latino comedian who gained success in that branche. George has hoped that he would once became as popular as Freddie Prinze.

Career development

In the 80’s, George started doing stand-up comedy and performed at several clubs and theatres which organized stand-up comedy events.

He showed up at Comedy Club in 1987 and later at The Arsenio Hall Show. This show was really popular so George became noticed all through the country.

The succes in those shows brought him a role in his first comedy movie. It was a movie called „Ski Patrol“ in 1990. It was directed by Richard Correll and starred by Roger Rose and Yvette Nipar.

In 1996, George released his debut comedy album and he named it „Alien Nation“. Album was well received both by the public and the critics. In all this period, Lopez was doing stand-up comedy in order to support himself because he couldn’t hold a steady job due to obligations he had in performing daily at various comedy shows.

In 2001, he has released his second comedy album, this time named „Right Now, Right Now“. It was also a successful album. George became more and more known and his shows became more and more expensive.

In 2002, he gained a role in a special edition of comedy stand-up show tributed to Latin Comedy performers. He was honored to be chosen as one of the best.

It was named „The Original Latin Kings of Comedy“ and it gained huge attention.

Next year, in 2003, he has released his third comedy album named „Team Leader“, and this time it was nominated for a prestigious „Grammy“ award, which he considered a great success for him.

He also won a Grammy in Best Comedy Album category.

In 2000, he had a small role in a drama titled „Bread and Roses“. This movie was directed by Ken Loach and was starred by Pilar Padilla and Adrien Brody. George had a role of Perez.

In 2002, he acted in a movie called „Real Women Have Curves“, which is a drama with elements of comedy and was directed by Patricia Cardoso.

In this movie George had a bigger role, alongside America Ferrera and Lupe Ontiveros. In his interview at this period he repeatedly stated that making this movie was one of the greatest things he has ever done and that he is very proud of himself.

At this point, some American production companies took notice of Lopez and started offering him gigs. He was very happy to accept the most.

The fastest was a company owned by Sandra Bullock. They have decided to  make a Latino sitcom with Lopez in the main role.

In 2001, he starred as Papi in a film called „Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2“.

Their collaboration resulted in a TV series named „George Lopez“ which aired from 2002 until 2007 when it was shut down. It was aired on ABC.

Lopez wasn’t just an actor in this show, but he has written scenarios and produced the series too.

In 2003, George has received a lot of awards: the Imagen Vision Award and the Latino Spirit Award were the first ones to go into his hands.

Some time later he has received the National Hispanic Media Coalition Impact Award.

In 2003, George was a host at Emmy Awards and after that he hosted another award ceremony, this time the Latin Grammy Award.

In 2004, he has published a book. It was titled „Why You Crying? My Long, Hard Look at Life, Love and Laughter“. This book was written in collaboration with Armen Keteyian.

Time magazine named him one of „The Top 25 Hispanics in USA“ in 2005.

In 2007 he acted at „Nick at Nite“ program on Nickleodeon for a while.

In 2003/2004, George was a commentator on a show named „Inside the NFL“, a popular show made by HBO.

In 2008, he gained a role in a TV series „Reno 911!“. This was a huge role that he was casted in and he was very happy because of it.

In 2006, he released another comedy album named „The Baddest“. He also had two of his specials made: in 2007 he made a stand-up special called „George Lopez: America’s Mexican“, and in 2009 he made a special „George Lopez:Tall, Dark and Chicano“. Both of this specials brought him nominations for a Grammy award.

He was a host of a talk show for two years. From 2009 to 2011 he hosted „Lopez Tonight“.

In 2012, he was given an opportunity to host a show called „Take Me Out“, which was really a dating show.

The same year he made an appearance in a comedy special named „George Lopez; It’s Not Me, It’s You“. It was very funny to see him doing some creative solo work based on him.

George gave voices to characters in animated movies. „The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl“ and both sequels of „Rio“ are children movies he gave voices in. He finds the whole process very interesting.

In 2014 he shortly starred in a sitcom „Saint George“, which was an autobiographical series.

In 2015, he starred and produced a drama titled „Spare Parts“. It was a piece of work he was very proud off.

In 2016 he began starring in a sitcom named „Lopez“ which was also autobiographical. It brought viewers insight in his personal life, his divorce and loss of friends because of his wealth.

„Saint George“ was aired on FX channel.

„Real Women Have Curves“ was first premiered at a popular movie festival „Sundance“ where it gained an award from the audience.

He had a role in a Christmas movie called „Naughty or Nice“.

In 2007 he starred in Philip Rodriguez’s documentary movie called „Brown in The New Green: George Lopez and the American Dream“.

In 2009, George Lopez was invited to appear in The President Obama’s Inagural Celebration.

In 2010, he co-starred Jackie Chan in a movie named „The Spy Next Door“.

In 2016, he was invited to judge on a popular talent show named „America’s Got Talent“, where he used golden buzzer to award a dance group „Malevo“ which made an impact on him.

He is involved in “I am The Battle Comic” and he travels around the world to perform infront of soldiers. He is happy to brong some laughter in their lives which are in danger 24/7.

Personal life

In 1993, George Lopez married his girlfriend Ann Serrano. In 1996, they became parents for the first time, to a daughter Mayan. Ann and George divorced in 2011.

In 2004, George was told that his kidneys are suffering due to a genetic condition. Next year, his wife Ann donated him a kidney and the transplantion went extremely succesfull. Ann and George were both happy with the outcome.

He lost weight after that and started living healthier. He also raised awareness about the genetic kidney disease he didn’t know he had.

In 2005, his grandmother who raised h instead of his mother was diagnosed with dementia which was very painfull for George to watch. She has died in 2009, 21 years after her husband.

In 2016, he supported Bernie Sanders in the Presedential Campaign and went on many campaign events with him.

George and his wife founded a charity called „The Ann & George Lopez Foundation“ which funded poor communities with mostly Latin citizens.

He raised funds to help people who lost their homes in earthquakes in Guatemala and El Salvador.

In 2004, Harvard University honored him with Humanitarian Award. Privately, he is just a little supersticious although he is a Roman Catholic.

He always carries an amulet from the Chinese Year of the Ox in his wallet. It was given to him by his fan back in 2002 and he keeps it for luck although he doesn’t know if it works.

Quick Summary

Full name: George Edward Lopez

Date of birth: April 23, 1961

Birthplace: Mission Hills, Los Angeles, United States

Age: 57

Profession: stand-up comedian, actor, TV host

Height: 1,78 m

Weight: 72 kgs

Net Worth: $30 million