Angel Del Villar is a renowned Mexican artist who founded the DEL Records music studio. With the help of several colleagues, he created a music studio that became popular for Mexican performers and many contractors signed a contract with this publisher’s house.

Angel Del Villar succeeded in making a major publishing house where regional Mexican songs were mostly recorded.

After the founding of this music studio, his career has flourished and many artists have heard of him in Mexico and America. Many famous artists have recorded in this studio, but also unknown performers who have become popular with the help of this publishing house.

Early Years

Angel Del Villar showed a talent for music as a young boy, and in his early years he was interested in making music and singing. He went to the music school and learned to play several instruments.

After finishing high school he decided to dedicate himself to music. At first, he had songs with colleagues, but they were not very familiar.

Later he founded his own studio and then became popular among many artists.

He did not devote much time to school, but he decided to engage in music and to build his career.

He became famous when he founded his own studio and with the help of several colleagues he managed to create a very powerful production house.


Angel Del Villar in early years made his songs and worked on composing songs.

In the beginning, not many people heard about him, but when he opened his own music studio in 2008, many famous artists began to record songs in this studio.

After that, his production house became powerful and managed to earn big profits.

During his career, he had climbs and downs and after two years, he lost one of his colleagues with whom he founded the studio. After this event some things changed in this production house and some artists did not want to record in this studio anymore.

After a couple of years, Angel Del Villar was able to resume his career and succeeded in bringing some international famous artists to his studio. During the following period, he began to cooperate with artists of different genres of music, which brought him a lot of financial profit and popularity.

Personal Life

During childhood, Angel Del Villar was a good and peaceful child who showed talent for music. He lived in a family that was not rich, but he managed to build his own way and make a big financial gain. He was a favorite among family and friends and everyone thought he was a very good and honest person.

During his lifetime he has not changed a lot of partners and in the last few years he has a happy relationship. In 2016 he announced that he would marry his long-time girlfriend. He is a person who did not have much scandal during his career and he did not like to appear in front of the cameras. He thought he had achieved enough in his life and that he did not need more popularity.

Angel Del Villar collaborated with many famous artists during his career and had a great relationship with his colleagues with whom he founded a music studio. Many famous artists have said that it is a great experience to cooperate with him and that his studio is at the highest professional level.

During his lifetime, he donated money to some institutions in his city, but most of all he helped the music school he went to. In this way, he helped the children and everyone who wanted to learn music and many people were grateful for it.

He was always honest with people and throughout his career he always had enormous support. Angel Del Villar continues to play music and his music studio is one of the more professional in his country. He stated that music is his life and that he will deal with this work as long as he is alive.

During his career he also appeared in some famous TV shows and composed songs for some famous American films. He did not appear much on TV, but when he appeared he left a positive impression on people.

He also worked with some artists from Europe and he help them to build a career. Angel Del Villar is a person who created many quality music for several different genres.

We can expect from him a lot of quality music and production in the coming period and it is certain that he will be able to give a impression to people.

His production house is still one of the best in America and it is certain that we can expect many quality artists to publish albums for this music house.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Angel Del Villar

Birthplace: LA, California

Age: 35

Proffesion: Music producer, enterprenaur

Height: 1,80 cm

Weight: 87 kg

Net Worth: NA