Eric Thomas is a famous motivational speaker who belongs from America and is also a renowned YouTube persona.

Early Life

Eric Thomas was born on 3rd September 1970 in Chicago, Illinois and was brought up in Detroit, Michigan. He dropped out of school after having a fight with his family, and he has to live on the streets of Detroit as a homeless person after that.

Eric was distraught, and at that time he met a man who changed his life and told him to go back to school. He acquired a great alma matter as he graduated from Oakland University with a BA degree in 2001 and then secured his MA and Ph.D. degrees while working in the Michigan State University. He has also worked in an Olive Garden in Detroit to support himself


As a school dropout and a homeless person, Thomas never believed that he could reach the height that he is off today. He always wanted to do something different, and he eventually achieved it by working hard.

He was really influenced by the words of the minister, and he eventually became a preacher himself. In Michigan State University, he used to work and also had a fellowship and secured a degree in K-12 Administration stressing on Educational Leadership; he helped the disadvantaged students out in the university. He worked in the university and devised a program to minimize the drop-out rate of students of color. In A Place of Change Ministries in Lansing, Michigan he worked as a senior Pastor.

He knew he had toiled a lot in his life and he knew how other people of his age face the same thing on day to day basis. That was the main reason for starting his YouTube channel in the year 2008. Thomas wanted to convey his message to everyone and let them know that they have the potential to be something. 2009 was the year when he finally started to post the motivational videos that are the signature of him today.

He has over 620,000 subscribers on YouTube who wait for his videos on a daily basis and really love his unique style. He is known as the ‘Hip-Hop Preacher’ among his fans. He is quite diligent about posting videos and has also started a regular podcast.

After the success on YouTube, he has founded a company that specializes in motivation and also helps people with educational consulting, executive coaching, etc. He is also famous for doing different shows around the USA where he talks about his life and also the tips and tricks for getting success. Thomas also has a knack for motivating collegiate and professional athletes and even Lebron James stated him to be the inspiration for winning 2012 NBA Championship. Thomas often appears on ESPN advertisements and also has appeared on Fox News. From the start of his career, Thomas has written three books: The secret to success, Average Skill Phenomenal Will, Greatness Is Upon You: Laying the Foundation

It is estimated that his net worth is about $2 million from which a lot the money comes from his YouTube channel. The daily videos garner good views, and the revenue comes good. His TV advertisements also get him money. The consultation farm that he has opened has also been successful, and he earns quite a lot of it as they deal with professional athletes. He also does tours on motivational speaking which is another great plus point.

Personal Life

Eric Thomas has been able to maintain a spotless image and has lived up to his preaching’s. He married his college sweetheart De-De Mosley, and he has been faithful from the very start.

He doesn’t let media know much about his personal life but he appears to be a strong man who loves his life. They tied the knot in 1991 and has a son called Jalin Thomas. Thomas doesn’t have any controversy related to him and likes to stay away from the limelight.

Quick Summary

Full name: Eric Thomas

Date of birth: 3rd September 1970

Birth place: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Age: 47 years

Profession: Motivational speaker and preacher

Height: 5 ft. 11 inches

Weight: unknown

Net worth: $2 million