Casey Neistat was born in 1981 in New London, Connecticut. He joined Ledyard High School but at an age of 15 in 10 class, he left the school after which he never return to school or any college. From his age of 17 he lived at trailer park with his son and his girlfriend.

The name of the girlfriend was Robin Harris and their son name was Owen. Later he moved to New York.

Here he started his work as dishwasher at some restaurant in New York. He also worked as a cook in Mystic Connecticut for a short period of time.

His first official job in New York was as a bike messenger where he worked for few months and then moved forward. After some time he started his work on movies and soon in year 2003 he accomplished what he planned.

He got his popularity by making a short film name “iPod’s Dirty Secret. This movie gain popularity as it was the movie about apple’s policy replacing the iPods batteries.

His and his brother’s short film got almost 1 million like in just few days and his movie got coverage in BBC News and in magazine named Rolling Stone. His contribution towards you tube as videos made him earn a lot of worth. The total Casey Neistat Net Worth is $1.5 million dollars

After a year they developed one more film series named Science Experiments. This was launched by these two brothers. This was the short movie of about 15 minutes that had some documentation of several experiments. This series was so excellent that it was later included in 26th Sao Paulo Biennial in Brazil. This were liked by people so much that it was also included in Creative Time’s 59th Minute program.

Than in the year 2008 Casey and his brother launched an eight episode TV serial on HBO. This premiered in 2010. This show that was directed by this brother had some small stories about brothers’ live.

This was so much liked by Home Box Office that they purchased this series of total eight episodes for about $2 million. This was then telecasted later in June.

Later he made many more videos and launched it as YouTube videos. These videos were so fantastic that it amused and entertained people so much. Soon he started a daily vlog on You Tube. With this he puts his interesting blogs and videos.

This can be accessed directly and it has about 300 total blog which are all included by Casey himself.

Neistat has created many popular videos on you tube that has huge fan following.

He is both a producer and director of these videos. Other than this he is also a co founder of one of the social media platform named Bemee. Neistat has about 505 videos on you tube that are directed by him and his brother van.

He has about 2.9 million subscribers on YouTube. Some of his famous videos available on YouTube are: Chatroulette, Subway emergency brakes, Bike lanes, Neistat’s grandmother, Make It count etc. Other than this he also acted as a director for commercial for several famous companies such as Google, Nike, and Mercedes-Benz.

The habit of sharing his life update on Snapchat also became very popular among his fans. This was accounted as a title with name as Casey Neistat’s Snap Stories. Not only this Casey was also listed on 84 rank as New Media Rockstars Top 100 Channels.

Other than being a director he has also given several lectures. One of his famous lectures was when he spoke in TEDx Parker School in Chicago. With his various lectures he speaks about film making and his ultimate experience in this profession.

Recently in 2013 he married his girlfriend Candice Pool who was an actress in some short movies. The marriage was held in South Africa and in 2014 a daughter was added to their family. Thus Casey has two children a son from her previous girlfriend and a daughter.

Quick Summary:

Full name:  Casey Owen Neistat

Date of birth: March 25, 1981

Birth place: New London, Connecticut, United States

Age: 35

Profession: you tuber, producer & director

Height: 1.78 m

Weight: unknown

Net worth: $1.5 million dollars

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