David Dobrik is a budding and popular American internet personality who is best known for his witty personality and amazing sense of humor. He is best known for being a rising YouTuber and Viner who puts his natural self into good use without faking the entire ordeal.

While several of the internet stars his own age have opted for portraying someone else to gain success, Dobrik has stayed true to his self and simply shared a part of his personality with the world via his vlogs and videos.

Early life

David was born on July 23, 1996, in Kosice, Slovakia. His family later relocated to Chicago, Illinois when he was a lot younger. He has three other siblings who go by the name of Ester, Toby, and Sara. A lot of David’s vlogs often include one or more of his siblings, especially his sisters. Even though the popular six-second video app, Vine is not around anymore, his fame has not subsided. He has over 4.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

David is a high school dropout, but he is definitely not ashamed to admit the same. He has time and time expressed his dislike for the customary path that most of the people tend to take. He has always claimed not to be someone who enjoys studies or has gotten good grades.


It all started back in 2013 in the month of April when he first released his improv video in the popular social app, Vine. The witty yet inventive approach to the improv was what attracted an audience to the 17-year old David’s talent. He started gaining a lot of followers right after that single video which was definitely not something that happened daily.

David continued making improv videos and started dabbling around the skills that he possessed. His genuineness was what attracted a large audience, and all the girls were swooning over that baby-face. The next step in his fame was probably the collaborations that he did with other YouTube personalities who were already famous that time. The most notable collaborations were that with the amazing Viners Gabrielle Hanna, Brandon Calvillo and last but not the least Alex Ernst.

Apart from his self-titled YouTube channel which has over 4.7 million subscribers, David is also the co-host of yet another channel named “Second Class” which he hosts with his friends Jack Dytrych, Cameron Kaspar, Jake Webber and Bren Lunn. The channel gained a lot of popularity as well with their happy-go-lucky approach to fun and humor. He started when he was 17, and four years later, this 21-year old has still been going strong with his fan base and improving his videos with each passing day.

His career skills just don’t stop at making funny vines and videos with his endearing and intelligently crafted humor for his target audience. This 21-year old popular Internet personality has also been able to show off his acting skills on the television screen as well. He debuted his career in the American entertainment industry with the TV series The Honest Show. He later also became part of the cast of Prank U and An Interrogation. He has also been part of the 2016 cast of FML and has won the Shorty Awards for Vlogger of the Year.

Personal Life

David has been dating the popular Viner and YouTube star Liza Koshy whom herself has a whopping fanbase of over 6 million people. The couple has always been very happy and adorable if their collaborations are anything to go by. David has always liked to keep his personal life out of the media focus which is why there are little to no scandals around his name.

David and Liza recently celebrated their nine month anniversary where the couple was spotted attending the Summer Olympics which was held in Rio. They share a very vivid and strong chemistry which even their fans have picked up on and adore to no end.

His fame has not changed the person that he was just a few years back, and this is something that even his own family has always talked about. David, who always likes to keep his personal life off the focus of the media is someone who has never let the fame get to him and has stayed grounded and humble.

As of 2017, David Dobrik has a net worth of $2 million.

Quick Summary

Full Name: David Dobrik

Date of Birth: June 23, 1996

Birth Place: Kosice, Slovakia

Age: 21 years

Profession: YouTuber, Viner, Actor

Height: 1.80m

Weight: 165 lbs

Net Worth: $2 million