Our texts bring many interesting stories and in our texts you can discover many interesting details from music. In today’s text we will talk about rap music and rapper who managed to make a big success and which is one of the most popular rappers in the USA. He is one of the old school rappers and he was born in 1977.

He began to build success during the 1990s and his artistic name is Fabolous.

We can say a lot about this musician and he is one of the most successful American rappers. His career began in the 1990s and he managed to make a number of hits and he released a lot of albums that brought him a lot of popularity.

During his career he collaborated with many well-known musicians and he managed to make a big financial profit. Fabolous also had some controversial situations in his private life, and we will also discuss this with you in this text. His career was with a lot of ups and downs, but he managed to make a success and to become very successful in this music.

When he was at the beginning of his career, Fabolous often said that he began his rap career for money and that he wanted to become rich because he was tired of being poor.

Fabolous is still active in rap music and has said that he will continue to deal with this music in the future. His latest song was released at the end of 2018. In this text we will talk about his childhood, but also about the details of his career and his private life.

Early Years

Fabolous or John David Jackson was born on November 18, 1977 in Brooklyn, New York City, USA.

His parents are from Africa and they moved to the USA to start a better life. They did not have much knowledge because they did not complete high school and college. In their country there were problems and they had to leave the state and move to the USA. When they moved to the United States they got 2 children.

Fabolous grew up with his brother and he has always had a good relationship with him. They spent a lot of time together and at one period they train basketball together.

Fabolous had a lot of problems and obstacles before he became known and before he achieved his goals. He was in the bad financial situation and he could not count on the financial support of his parents, because they also lived very hard, and they had a few jobs that were bad paid.

Fabolous was aware that if he wanted to become a rap musician, then he must be persistent and he would have to fight for his dreams. Despite the hard living conditions his parents provide him support and gave him a confidence to realize his dreams that was the reason why Fabolous was so persistent and that he did not want to give up his goals.

His mother and father were not educated and they came to USA from Africa. They did not attend High School or College, and they believed that this was the biggest reason why they could not provide a better financial life to their family. His mother wanted a different future for her son, and she was ready to sacrifice and to do hard jobs in order to provide her son a better life.

Fabolous said that his childhood was very difficult because of money and financial situation, and also because his parents were often at work. He never had the opportunity to spend spare time with his parents because they were always at work or busy.

His father performed various physical jobs and he worked on building homes, and often found part-time jobs that provided him with little income, but that earning meant much to his family. When he started high school, his friends and professors believed that Fabolous was great for sports, especially for basketball and athletic.

In the first few years of High School, he devoted his time to basketball and athletics, but soon he realized that he wanted to start something new and he wanted to open a new page and his life.

Soon after that he realized that he wanted to direct his attention to rap music and to become a popular rap musician. As a child, Fabolous realized that he had a gift for music, but he never thought he would deal with this profession.

Fabolous started his first musical steps in the High School and he participated in a few school events, and he left very good impressions. Immediately after that, he began with writing lyrics for his songs and he began recording mix tapes. He made his first song when he was very young but in later period he began professionally to deal with rap music.

During the High School, Fabolous sometimes made trouble and he sometimes battled with professors and other students. He was a solid student, but he did not like school, but he loved sports and music. His growing up was difficult, but he managed to finish school and start a successful career in rap music.


Fabolous began his amateur career during the 1990s and during that period he performed at school concerts and concerts in his city. He recorded his first professional song in 2000 and his debut album was released in 2001.

His beginning in rap music was not easy and he had to make a lot of effort to start a professional career. When he managed to achieve success Fabolous said that he started his career because of money and because he wanted to become rich and successful.

His first song was released at the end of 2000 and this song has received a lot of positive comments. His debut album was released in September 2001 and this album is called “Ghetto Fabolous”. This album has achieved a lot of success and this album rank 4th among top 200 best albums. On this album, Fabolous collaborated with several famous rappers and producers and he managed to win many rap fans around the USA.

After success with this album, Fabolous released his first mix tape in 2002 and this mix tape has also brought him a lot of success. In the second half of 2002, Fabolous achieved cooperation with one of the most popular rappers in that period and their song was ranked 3 among the top 100 songs in 2002. Fabolous released his second album in March 2003 and this album also achieved a lot of success on the American hip hop scene. This album was hosted by several famous rap and rnb artists and this album was ranked 6th among the top 100 best albums.

Fabolous released his third album in November 2004, and this album was ranked 6th among top 200 albums. This album brought him a lot of financial profit and on this album he collaborated with one of the most famous producers. By the end of 2004, Fabolous released another hit single and he held a number of concerts across the United States.

He made a break for almost 3 years and in 2007 he released his next album. His fans were happy because Fabolous returned to the hip-hop scene and his new album has gained much success.

This album is named From Nothin ‘to Somethin’ and he was among the top 100 albums in 2007. In 2008, Fabolous made a mix tape and then announced that he will release a new album in 2009. In the second half of 2009, he released a new album called “Loso’s Way”. This album was ranked 29th among top 100 albums and this album brought him more popularity on the American rap scene.

After 5 years, Fabolous released a new album and this album was released in late 2014. In the following period, he recorded several songs and 1 mix tape, and in 2018 he announced that he started work on his new album, which will be released in 2019. Fabolous managed to make an excellent career and during his career made a financial profit of about $ 12 million.

Personal Life

In many popular magazines, we can find numerous articles about Fabolous life. During his career, this famous rapper caused a large number of scandals, he often assaulted his colleges and he was often arrested by the police.

We must say that it’s not a secret that Fabolous has problems with the law, these problems started very early when he was in teenage days, but shortly after that, Fabolous was arrested for heavy crossings and spent several years in prison.

In his songs, Fabolous was open about the police, saying that some of them are not working for the state and that they were only interested for themselves and their goals.

In addition, Fabolous repeatedly said in his songs that the police like to punish and set up intrigue for black people and that they are often found guilty even if they are not. Fabolous was always rebellious and he loved the life of adrenaline and danger. In a People Magazine interview, Fabolous admitted that he had been close to death several times, because of his actions and decisions.

Several times, because of fast driving, alcohol and drug use, he was in the hospital, and he almost lost his life.During 2010, Fabolous joined the campaign ‘For Healthy Life’, with many other celebrities who spoke about personal problems and mental illness. The goal of this campaign was to openly talk about psychological problems, and to help people to differentiate mental illnesses.

Fabolous joined this campaign and, together with other members, made a documentary. In this documentary, he talked about his personal problems, about his fight with alcohol, drugs and stress. He acknowledged that he had consumed cocaine for years, and that he started consuming drugs when he lost his mother.

He could not deal with stress and personal problems and therefore decided to stop fighting with his problem. In this documentary, he said that he had been in a state of despair several times and that he was very close to death. During 2005, he tried twice to commit suicide, but his then girlfriend prevented him from this idea. Fabolous advised young people, he told them to face their problems and not run away from them, even if they thought they had escaped, the problems would always get them.

In 2004, Fabolous began a relationship with Emily Bustamante, their romance was soon interrupted, but after two years they again began to see each other.

Today, this couple has two children behind, but their love romance did not have a happy ending. Emily gave birth of two boys, the birth of her first son happened in 2008, and then in 2015. However, the couple had a number of serious disagreements during these years, so in 2009, Emily reported her partner for harassment and abuse.

She told the police that she had suffered violence for years, but she had decided in the past few months to speak openly about this problem because she feared for her child’s future.

The situation soon calmed down, but only two years later, Fabolous received a ban from Emily, also he could not see their son.  However, this did not prevent Emily from announcing a pregannce in 2015. This news has sparked the attention of the media, many thought their romance was specific, and they did not believe that Emily had forgiven her partner.

Emily quickly responded to these responses and said that she did not want to comment on them, she believed everyone deserved a second chance and she felt that her partner would change.

However, in 2016, Emily again reported her partner for a psychic violence. Today, the couple lives separately, they do not talk to each other and Fabolous cannot see his children or contact them.

Quick Summary

Full Name: John David Jackson

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Date of birth: November 18, 1977

Age: 31

Profession: Rapper

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Net Worth: $12 million