In our themes you can find many interesting stories and information and in each of our texts we will make every effort to get all the necessary information about different types of art and known people.

For today’s theme, we have chosen one of the most beautiful types of art without which we can not imagine life. In this subject we will talk about music and in our texts we will devote ourselves to various music styles.

Since the beginning of humanity, music has been popular and people have been involved in music for a long time. The talent for music is a special kind of talent and this talent can not be possessed by all people. Music brings a special kind of energy and emotion and it manages to bring us a positive mood.

In today’s theme we will talk about a young rapper who has been on the American stage for several years. He is very young, but in a short time he managed to achieve a lot of success in rap music.

His artistic name is NF and he is one of the rappers who represent a new wave in this music. He is a rapper who has a very interesting career and in this article we will get acquainted with his life and his career.

Early Years

NF or Nathan John Feuerstein was born on March 30, 1991 in Gladwin, Michigan, USA and he is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. He is known for his relatable texts and appealing rhythms.

He was born and raised in Michigan and he had a difficult childhood. He found relief in listening, as well as in creating music, and he directed his inner confusion and his anger through his songs, but, naturally, his lyrics do not have a curse, crime, or despair. The students are effortlessly identified with his sincere words and raw emotion, and this has brought him great success.

He are also one of the members of Christian Hip-Hop music and Mainstream Hip-Hop.  NF signed with the greatest label of” Christian Music “in the United States, for which is considered that is one of the best.  Helikes to call himself an artist who makes music for everyone,  and he represented that words in His EP, published in 2014, which brought success to his career.

Success continued with three studio albums in three years – “Role”, “Therapeutic Session” and “Reception”. His single, “Let You,” for “Reception”, was triple-certified. “Real” is his most watched video with 18 million views on YouTube.

His parents divorced and separeted when he was very young. He and his two sisters lived with their mother, who was addicted on alchohol and opiates. One of his mother’s boys physically abused him and one of his sisters, so his father took three children with him and go in other part of the city. Due to tense relationships, children did not see their mother for a long time.

During high school years, the NF interrupted contact with his mother because she was embarrassed when the court ordered the social worker to follow her interview, and in 2009, her mother died of overdoses.

Later, he wrote a very sad song, “Album Therapi Session”, which talks about the emotional confusion of the child who could not understand why his mother loved the pills that she used. Many of the listeners admit they cry after they heard this song. He wrote at high school “Golvin High School” and he succesfuly  graduated in 2009.

He was part of a school basketball team but he didnt spent so much time in playing this sport. In his childhood he often listened to Eminem’s music and he loved every of his songs.

NF said that Eminem was his role model and that Eminem’s music was one of the main sources of his inspiration. He began to write and rapp at age 12 and he began to record songs on his music machine.

He recorded his recordings in one microphone and instrumental in the other. He played at “Fine Festival” with the Church Connection in Canton, Michigan. In 2008, he won the second place in the Rap Competition at the “Fine Arts Festival” and he won first place in Michigan in 2009 and that were his big successes.


The musical career of NFis a constant work to defend a personal style against the people who betrayed him and of each of the genres that he has incorporated into his music. For that reason, already in its beginnings in 2016, he showed the naturalness of what for many was a strange mixture: a different style of rapping. I will not stop doing rap because I am different than others,i am better than them, were his words.

Those desires to overcome musical limitations have accompanied NF for a few years in which he has been nourishing his rap music, different rhythms, rnb and trap to achieve a unique and identifiable style that has made him one of the most followed artists on YouTube (his videos now have 100 million views) and on social networks such as Twitter, Insagram and others. And he did all ofthis without anyone help and he said that he was always moderate in everything.

NF was born in the neighborhood of many dangerous persongs and gangs, his part of the city was surrounded by very musical families, and he grew up surrounded by music and dance, which is why his first years were closer to the dance than to the hip hop and modern music . But it was in his young age when, even with different interests and a more focused look at sports than music in that period of time some High School teams from his city wanted to sign him, but he discovered rap and everything has changed in that moment.

He took off the phone from his cousin to hear one song and in that moment he realized that he had a kind of music that I did not know. I was a fan of dancing and singing and, from that moment, I wanted to be a rapper, he said.

He wanted to do rap and he did it professionaly in later time, although his career began in a good way at the day when he met his future friend,  and his next producer. Both musicians started a confrontation at the rhythm of rap that ended up transforming into an authentic battle of roosters that the center itself later turned into a public event, surrendering to the charisma of NF and the quality of his lyrics. NF wanted to become someone who will conquer rap scene with his much different style than others.

The life of NF continued during the following years between his college studies, basketball and work at the market with his cousin, although music began to gain ground every day. After forming the band and publishing new songs with his friend, he started his solo career few months later. His first demo song gained the popularity at the start and he proved that he had a big talent for this music. His videos on the internet gained milion visits in just a few days and his carreer started ascending and many peopl wanted to know more details about him. After short period of time he quite his job in the market because there were a lot of followers who came every day to the market to meet NF.

In 2018 the name of NF spread all around the world an he started to gain fame around the world. It was not only said by the thousands of followers who made long lines at the doors of his concerts but also the media. Over the following year, the artist was a regular face on leading television programs, attracted by his story, his popularity and the style that he have.

At that time, and without the support of a great label behind, his videos already exceeded 20 million reproductions and his social networks accumulated 200 000 of followers eager for news of the artist.

In 2018, he joined to the USA Music Record Label, releasing his first album.

This title does not seem popular in media at that time, even without having released his first published album or popular Record Label behind him, accumulated close to 20 million views on YouTube, and over 100 000 on social networks in USA. Perhaps that his style was different that other styles in that period and fans recognized his sense and emotions for rap music.

NF reaches No. 3 on the official list of sales with his first work entitled NF Fast and Strong which shows the great reception that the album has received from its audience that had been waiting for it for a long time and that flocked to the record companies that he offered last week in the following cities: New York, Washington, Chicago, Indiana and LA.

In September 2018 he released his new song that was a great hit and with which he has once again reached the top sales positions in USA, and he deffinitely succed in gaining big fame in world of music. NF is currently working on new mix tape that will be released in winter of 2019 and he said that his fans will be very satisfied.

He will also appear in one new TV show  in which he is one the main roles. We can see after his recent success in many other counries in the world that he has been in the process of expansion and internationalization like many others succesfull rapers from USA.

Personal Life

NF had a lot of ups and downs through his career, but he managed to make a great success and collaborate with many famous musicians and rappers.  He is now one of the most famous American rappers and he has managed to make a profit of about $ 3 million.

He left a great track in rap music and he also managed to make an international career and few concerts in other countries in the world.

NF is a good friend with many famous producers from Atlanta, and in one period of time they were working with together and they now have a great hit song. He is very popular on the Internet and he managed to gain a large number of fans around the world. He has over one million followers on his Facebook and Twitter profile, and on his Instagram profile he has about 2 million followers.

NF managed to make a fantastic career and he is one of the most famous rappers in the USA but also around the world.  He also said that he has plans for some new projects in the near future.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Nathan John Feuerstein

Birthplace: Gladwin, Michigan, USA

Date of birth: March 30, 1991

Age: 28

Profession:  Rapper, Songwritter

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 81 kg

Net Worth: $3 million