Fat Trel is an American hip hop artist who is known for his tradition of releasing one mixtape ever year since he started making music.

He is best known for his two biggest hits: “Make It Clap” and “She Fell In Love”.

Early years

He was born as Martrel Reeves on June 26, 1990 in Washington D.C., United States.

His mother’s name is Pamela Sheppard and his father is Calvin Gravel. He had a problematic childhood due to bad relation amongst family members and the lack of money.

He was into rapping from a very early age and was always ambitious but couldn’t succeed, especially because of problems at home. He set out that he will be a new emcee and by his persistance he did it. He has spent his childhood in Washington.

He finally gave up education by leaving high school at 15 and started leaving on the streets. He financed himself through criminal activities and selling illegal substances. Trel eventually joined a street gang.

At the beginning of his career he performed on campuses and universities a lot. He knew that there is a huge fan base to reach there. His rap style envolved into a master of trap rap and Drill.

Career development

In 2010, he signed a deal with Board of Administration label but this lasted very short, until he released his first mixtape named “No Secrets”. The tape gained a lot of attention.

He also released a mixtape named “Youngest Runnin Da City Vol. 1”. This was also received good.

His mixtape was released in 2011 under the title “Respect With The Tec”, the tape was produced by Lex Luger.

In 2011 he received a DMV Music Award for “Breakout Artist Of The Year”. This was a huge award for a 21 years old rapper.

In 2012, he went with another mixtape, this time it was called “Nightmare on E Street”. It featured same big names from the hip hop world as Kirko Bangz and Rick Ross.

Chief Keef invited him to join him in working on “Russian Roulette”. Collaborating with Chief Keef is a great thing to do for your popularity and for reaching a bigger fanbase.

Next year, in 2013, “New World Order” was released. It was a mixtape made in a collaboration with Master P, Alley Boy and Fat Trel.

Master P invested money and time into Trel because he liked his original lyrics and style and was aware that  he would eventually succeed in his goal of becoming a great rapper.

After the success of the tape everyone assumed that Fat Trel will sign with Master P label named “No Limit Forever”.

Fat Trel ultimately signed to Maybach and Master P was dissapointed because he invested money and time into him.

This mixtape was releassd for free download and it was featured by Gucci Mane. His appearance made the tape even more popular.

Another mixtape, this time only his, came also in 2013, titled “Sex, Drugs, Money, Guns” or shorten SDMG. It was also featured by many known artists.

In 2013, Fat Trel signed to MMG (Maybach Music Group) which is a record label owned by Rick Ross.

He released a mixtape named “SDMG” in 2013 with appearances from Danny Brown, Wale and YG and the production was handed to Young Chop.

Rick Ross is a big fan of his music and Fat Trel soon released a new mixtape called “Gleesh” in 2014.

Rick Ross even guest appeared on it himself, along with Tracy T, Stalley and more.

In 2015 he made a great collaboration with Tyga and Chris Brown on the hit named “Lights Out”.

In the spring of 2016, he was arrested for distributing drugs, and driving without license. Later it was also found out that he was driving under the influence.

It was shortly after he was caught trying to use fake money in the city casino. It was in the Live! Casino in Maryland. It seems that his income isn’t high enough for his lifestyle and that he tries to improve it by criminal activities.

This led to his incarceration in jail on a period of one year. He was released in 2017 from Washington D.C. Correctional Treatment Facility.

After the release, he stated that it was a good school for him and that thus experience wisen him up but also gave him a lot of new verses for his songs.

 Personal life 

In 2009 he was in a club when opposite gangs started shooting at each other. He was hurt and had to recover for a month in the hospital and at home.

His body is full of tattoes, especially arms and back. He has a very special tattoo on his leg. It is a picture of his good friend who died, Fredo Santana. Fat Trel appreciated Fredo as a friend and a mentor and wanted everybofy to know it.

Fredo was also a rapper, a very known and successful one, and the two of them collaborated for several years until Fredo’s tragical death in January 2018.

It is known that Fat Trelo dated a woman named Chrissy but they ended their relationship the next year.

She hasn’t taken the split gracefully and posted a lot of tweets in which she claimed that Fat Trel cheated on her with Black Chyna when she was still in relationship with Tyga.

He isn’t married but it is known that he has three children but probably with two or three women. One of the mothers recently passed away and he was very emotional about it. It occured close to Fredo’s death so Trel was hit with two tragedies.

He has two sons: Brix Milliano Vargas Reeves and Harlem Reeves and a daughter named Charity.

Fat Trel has grillz of gold and always wears a lot of golden chains around his neck. He is chubby but doesn’t really care about it: he often takes his pictures without shirts and with lot of jewelry.

Quick summary

Full name: Martrel Reeves

Date of birth: June 26, 1990

Birthplace: Washington, United States

Age: 28

Profession: rapper

Height: 1, 85 m

Weight: 98 kg

Net Worth: $ 1 million