Televangelists and preachers we see on TV might not be celebrities in the traditional sense of the word, but some of them have managed to create a big success among people. One such preacher is Andrew Wommack, who is an American preacher that we can regularly see on our small screens.

Today’s article will be based on the personal life, net worth and career of this popular televangelist.

Early Life

Andrew Wommack was born on April 30th 1949 in Texas, USA. This charismatic preacher started his career in 1968 and soon became one of the most popular TV evangelists out there.

There is no information about his childhood and time before he started preaching, so we are going to continue on to his career path in order to find out how he reached such large fame.

Career Path

Andrew’s career in preaching started in 1969. He started as a church preacher, and TV career wasn’t in the cards yet. As a young and enthusiastic preacher, he soon became very popular among the people in his area, and his preaching’s were visited in large numbers by people.

In 1972 he marries his wife Jamie and together they were leading three churches in their area. The couple was very well known among people, and many supported their work.

The couple has two sons, whose names are Jonathan and James. Since Andrew wanted his word to spread out and reach more people, he came up with an idea to start his radio show in 1976 called the Gospel Truth. The program was aired on a country station in town called Childress in Texas.

In 1978, the Wommack family founded the Andrew Wommack Ministries INC, and decided to relocate the ministry to Colorado Springs two years later.

The program has been active ever since he founded the radio program, and many people watch it on daily basis. Gospel Truth TV show was broadcasted by a Christian TV program, since January 2000. He later joined the Trinity Broadcasting Network lineup with his radio and TV show called Gospel Truth with Andrew Wommack.

Wommack is, to say the least, a very controversial figure. His teachings include that a person can be raised from the dead, if they are Christians. He also stated that he witnessed three people being brought back to life, and that his son Jonathan was also brought back to life in 2001 only by the power of God.

Besides bringing people back to life, he also states that he witnessed many cases of healing of terminal diseases, cancers, people walking after being in wheelchairs and more.

Many people find his teachings to be controversial and that he doesn’t always leave a good influence on people who wish to treat themselves from such diseases.

CBC or Charis Bible College is a Bible College that is unaccredited that started working in 1994. This college opened its doors in many countries around the world and is actively working on educating people spiritually.

Another controversial thing that Andrew did is that he supported the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill that would allow the country of Uganda to criminalize people who engage in any form of same-sex relationships.

This bill would also allow Uganda to punish her own citizens, no matter where they are located, because they can be extradited back to Uganda to be punished for these “crimes”.

Later, Andrew Wommack’s Ministry issued a statement regarding the support of the bill, and tried to justify themselves, by stating that the punishments weren’t as severe as some media were saying they were.

There is no doubt that Andrew Wommack is a rich man. From all of his preaching and his TV and radio shows, he has a substantial amount of money. His net worth is estimated at around 12$ million, which is a high number for someone who works as a church preacher and televangelist.

Most of his money comes from his activity on TV and radio, and also from the Ministry that is now founded by him. He enjoys a lavish lifestyle, even though his preaching’s encourage people to endure through difficult times.

Personal life

Andrew Wommack was born on April 20th 1949 in Texas, where he started his career as well. This popular TV and radio evangelist, has made quite a huge success in this area of work.

He started off small, by leading a church in his home town, and later on, with his wife Jamie, stated leading three churches in their area. The churches soon gathered a lot of supporters and people were coming all around the area to listen to this charismatic preacher’s talks.

The couple later founded a Ministry under Andrew’s name, which has now spread and is one of the largest in the USA. The Andrew’s preaching’s are very controversial and harmful, according to the opinions of many.

People consider that his teachings regarding illness and health can be dangerous for people who are going through these problems.

He teaches his listeners that Christians can raise dead and also heal almost any terminal disease we can think of.

He even started that his son Jonathan was dead for 5 hours in 2001, and that he, by the miracle of God, raised himself from the dead through his religion and belief in God.

Andrew also stated that he personally knows about three cases of raising from the dead from his surroundings, and his followers believe him no matter what.

Andrew is married to his wife Jamie since 1972, and the couple has two sons. The family lives lavishly in their home, and they are looking like a happy family. There haven’t been any news about issues or scandals in the family, so we suppose that they are doing great and that no odd things are happening in their private lives.

Andrew and his family are very secretive and don’t like to talk about their personal life with the press and they also don’t like exposing themselves in the media in any way. In any case, Andrew is a very rich and successful preacher, who continues to attract attention from his followers and people who maybe never heard of him before.

Judging by his net worth, he is doing very well in his profession, and since he is not someone who stops easily, his net worth can only grow larger in the following years. His Ministry is still active and continues to sign in new members, despite Andrew’s controversial teachings.

Quick summary

Full name: Andrew Wommack

Date of birth: April 30th 1949

Birthplace: Texas, USA

Age: 70

Profession: Preacher

Height: 1.82 m

Weight: 80 kg

Net Worth: 12$ million