Dan Peña is a motivational speaker, business consultant and entrepreneur who started his business trip from the bottom up.

He founded the company Great Western Resources as a young man, turning an investment of $1,000 into more than $430,000,000, taking over his company public in 1984, and serving as Chairman and CEO until he was kicked out of the company in the early 1990s.

Upon his exit, however, Dan sued GWR successfully for a total of approximately $4,000,000 and used those funds as seed capital for his future business ventures.

Dan has founded, sold, and consulted companies in dozens of different coal, oil, and natural gas industries to publish his latest work, conferences, and business training.

Early Life

Daniel Steven Pena was born on August 10th 1945 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. He spent his childhood in his hometown, and graduated from the San Fernando Valley State College with a degree in Administration.

He got his degree in 1971, and since then has been using it in the best possible way.

Pena’s father served as a Lieutenant in the Second World War and later on became a CIA member. Pena wasn’t that nice of a boy when he was younger. Crimes were raging in the neighborhood that he grew up in, so he was problematic himself.

Only after he finished his high school, he decided he doesn’t want to be a dropout, so he continued his education and worked hard to achieve his goals.

Career Path

Dan started his career in wedding organizations, and later on moved to move serious businesses.  To introduce Dan Peña in colloquial terms, I would like to mention that Dan Peña is multi, multi-millionaire, and known mainly for being the Billion Man of Dollars, since he has achieved that among his apprentices they have accumulated up to more than 50 billion dollars. Simply incredible.

They give intensive seminars at his castle in Scotland, charging up to 10,000 pounds to go there and be trained by this great successful businessman.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to be very attentive to the 8 habits that Dan Peña has identified as the keys that people who are part of the financial elite do.

Open your mind and as you read, think about yourself and how you could apply in your life the advice that comes from the hand of Dan Peña himself, also well known for his honesty and the direct way in which he communicates with those who They receive their training or knowledge. Brutally direct and effective.

Dan Peña tells how he does every day, when he wakes up and goes to sleep, he repeats the statements he has written on a piece of paper.

These statements are written in relation to objectives that Dan has set that he knows are impossible to achieve with a single life.

He also tells us the example of how in the past, he used to repeat statements that he was going to live in a castle, and now, he literally lives in one. This teaches us the power of affirmations when we want to have important goals.

By repeating statements, we will be accessing our subconscious mind, where we will change our perception of reality and believe we are capable of achieving our dreams.

The key is to use affirmations daily to condition yourself to think the way you want to think, it’s that simple, but you need to use repetition and persistence.

My advice is that when using affirmations, you write them in the present, in order to force you to believe what you say and what is written on the paper.

Dan Peña tells us how one of his mentors told him the phrase “what is measured is achieved”, and since then he has been measuring what he does for 4 decades, measuring his progress, in order to know what he is doing to be able to change it quickly or improve Quick.

It is impossible. We do not know if we improve or get worse. By measuring what we do, we will be working on goals and it will be much easier for us to make decisions that are based on facts.

If we want a million dollars in the bank we will have to measure our progress until we reach one million dollars, if not, we will be lost and we will be going around the same place, without really moving forward, because we will not know where we are: Are we far away? Or close to achieving our goal? We will only know if we measure our progress.

Dan has a room with a wall full of people who have triumphed in history and today. Peña calls these people “influencers,” the only difference is that these influencers impart valuable knowledge that will allow you to reach the farthest if you pay attention to the advice they give us.

Mr. Peña has great interest in what he calls modeling others, which is still a way to copy what people who are already tremendously successful do and try to implement in our lives those habits or customs that people use They have an important success.

Therefore, success leaves clues as there have been thousands of people who have been successful in what you want to do.

Imagine you want to accumulate an important fortune. The first thing you have to do is see what people who possess these fortunes do at the moment, to model their behaviors, their strategies, their ways of seeing the world, etc.

Because if these people already have incredible fortunes, simply focusing on the actions they carry out and then implementing them in our day-to-day lives will make a difference and save us a lot of time wasted on trying things that may not work.

You see, Dan Peña tells us how when he still didn’t have much money, he used to go to the Rolls Royce dealership to sit in the wonderful cars, smell the leather of the seats, and imagine that the car was his. The billionaire did this since he was practicing to be successful before he was.

By doing things like that, he would be leaving his comfort zone to feel safe later when he had to do it for real. You have to know that either you grow or die, but there is no middle ground.

If we do not go forward, if we prefer to stay in our bubble of comfort and if we do not feel discomfort, it will be impossible for us to grow and we will stagnate.

We must make mistakes and feel discomfort when leaving our comfort zone and it is vitally important to do so, because if we continue to be as we are now and if we continue doing the things we do now, we will continue to have the same results that we do not want now.

Therefore, if we want to achieve our goals, we will have to expand our comfort zone and break the bubble, since that will be the only way to become the people we want to be.

Dan Peña says that we are so afraid that he has begun to incorporate a completely new exercise in his seminars that helps people who attend his castle to leave their comfort zones and break their fear barriers.

What Dan Peña has done has been to put a boxing ring so that the students get stuck. It tells how many of them are cushioned at the beginning but that they simply get in and have to do it, since they have no other left.

In this way, they manage to break those fears and in doing so, they realize that they can do everything they set out if they simply learn to navigate with those present fears.

Dan identifies that one of the main reasons why people do not reach their dreams and give up so quickly is simply because they care a great deal about what others think of them.

For this reason, by caring so much what others will think about you, you will let that get between your current life and the life of your dreams.

Stop to think for a moment about all those things that you would have done throughout your life if you had not cared what others thought of you.

You will see, simply by giving importance to how others perceive you, you will be blocking a great potential that is within you, and that, because of the fear you have of the perception that others have of you, you do not end up taking out that internal fire and You limit yourself in a very important way.

He even says it in a much more direct way that, for respect, we will not mention, but his message is very deep thanks to his honesty and clarity in helping.

Many times we even imagine hypotheses, because they are what they are, of things that we think people might think of us, when most of the time they will not be fulfilled.

You see, people throughout your life will try to pull you down, it is inevitable. But people will respect you much more as you do what you do because you want to do it, without listening to others, because they will be very busy thinking and wasting time thinking about what people think of them.

A waste of time and something that can kill your success with a kick. Surely you have heard a thousand phrases similar to the one I just mentioned. Surely you have heard such phrases continuously.

You do very similar things, you dress practically the same, and you go out through the same places and meet similar people. Therefore, this is not a coincidence.

Think about what would happen if you started to surround yourself with people more successful than you. Think about it, but what would happen would be that the simple fact of being exposed to people more successful than you, will make you end up implementing habits of these people so successful in your day to day.

We are creatures modeled by our environment, therefore, let’s be intelligent and make our environment a garden of knowledge and successful people who support us and want us to take off and fulfill our goals. We will be able to reach our goals much faster.

Dan Pena is the founder of the Great Western Resources and his net worth is estimated at around 450$ million. In 1997 he founded the Guthrie Group and he is still the Chairman and the Founder of the group.

Dan’s money also comes from his involvement in many other businesses that he likes to keep private so we don’t know much about them.

All we know is that he is a very successful man, even though many people didn’t believe he had such a big net worth and wealth behind him.

The net worth that is available on the internet could easily be even higher, because no one can tell for sure how much is this talented entrepreneur worth. We can only guess and perhaps envy his extraordinary business skills. It is also worth mentioning that most of his money is located in Scotland, where he is currently living as well.

Personal life

Dan Pena is currently living in a Guthrie Castle in Scotland, that was open for public for a certain amount of time, but it is now a private estate. He is married to his longtime wife Sally and the couple lives peacefully in their wealth.

The property has around 156 acres and Dan and his wife are planning on spending their retirement there, together with other family members.

As a child, Pena was exposed to very strict household rules, which his father applied on all his children. Since he was in military, he didn’t want his kids to grow up to be nobodies, which is why Dan often confronted his father and didn’t want to obey his rules.

When Dan ended up in jail one time, his father didn’t want to get him out of it, because he wanted Dan to learn the lesson.

Dan Peña tells us that people who are tremendously successful want to take action permanently because they know they have to fail, and by taking action we can fail and fail quickly so we can continue taking action constantly to reach our goals and succeed.

All this we will not get from our sofa. We need to get up and start chasing our dreams because it is our responsibility. Take action and pursue what you want to achieve. Keep your head up and trust that you can get it, because persistence can be your best ally.

Ignore the criticism of others and the “mediocre” advice that will limit you. Go “All In” and learn to make mistakes and move on to pursue what you really want.

Enjoy a successful life with effort and passion, desire and perseverance in the pursuit of your dreams. It is your life and that of no one else and therefore it is in your hands to have the results you want or not.

Quick summary

Full name: Daniel Steven Pena

Date of birth: August 10th 1945

Birthplace: Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Age: 74

Profession: Founder of the Guthrie Group

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 90 kg

Net Worth: 450$ million