The 24-year-old California inhabitant, who is the most youthful of four kin destined to Palestinian guardians, has an astounding 2 million endorsers and more than 16 million perspectives on fouseyTUBE, his disrespectful, tops lock-substantial YouTube direct in which he narratives a progression of absolutely unpalatable, marginal hostile tricks against clueless outsiders.

Unpalatable hints aside, be that as it may, Erakat does likewise periodically fiddle with his own rendition of political theatre. In one video, “Ramadan Drive Through,” he makes fun both of Muslims and the individuals who misjudge them requesting up a wide range of Muslim generalizations, including Halal chicken sandwiches and falafel fries, from a progression of drive-through joints. Also, in “The Terrorist Hijabi Experiment,” he freely blames a hijab-wearing lady (played by his female companion) of being a terrorist basically to perceive what number of bystanders venture up with all due respect.

Yousef  Erakat conceived on 22 January, 1990, all the more prominently referred to on the YouTube with the name fouseyTUBE, an understood Prankster and YouTuber Brought up in the Fremont, California.

At first, he had his recordings concentrated on parodying Middle Eastern society (particularly guardians), yet have following developed into trick recordings over 118 million perspectives till date. Yousef generally achieves over 1-3 Million perspectives on each transfer.

He as of late awarded with the famous 2015 Streamy grant for giving the show of the year.

Erakat has dependably had an energy for amusing people. He started by simply enthralling his family, then joined the secondary school play. Yousef then made the FouseyTUBE a channel on the YouTube on the March 21st, 2011. Erakat transferred his ever first made video post the four days the fact named, fouseyTUBE Intro Parody. It has achieved over 25,000 perspectives to date, proposing he got to be well known in a flash.

All through 2012, he kept on transferring. He has achieved his fame on the YouTube for the reason of his families of Middle Eastern, that at that time, considered to be an extremely unique arrangement.

He performed or 6 characters all by himself, not reluctant to put on the wigs, circles and dresses. Fousey claims he cleared out YouTube for business reasons such has an up and coming television show and video shoots. He figured out how to appear on television news and the shows, further improving his ubiquity. Yousef then chose to create a vlogging channel named as  fouseyVILLE that he transferred a vlog each Friday.

He then erased all the posted vlogs afterwards, however, then focused on vlogging afresh with the name DOSEofFOUSEY. His newly launched channel got new vlogs regular however a couple of months after the fact, Yousef put all the vlogs he make in the private leaving with a couple left.  Fousey then quit transferring for almost 4 months prior transferring another vlog

Fousey is at present effectively vlogging about his life. He has gained an estimated net worth of $ 1.6 million.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Yousef Saleh Erakat

Date of birth: 22 January, 1990

Birth place: Fremont, California, United States

Age: 26 years

Profession: Comedian, Actor, Vlogger, and YouTube Personality

Height: 1.8 m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $ 1.6 Million

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