Being a part of the adult industry is something that can often be judged by many people. Many tend to say that only the ones who are money-hungry are ready to sell their intimacy for a quick earn.

But, what many do miss is that behind the cameras are people who have real talents and aspirations in life, so why would we judge anyone?

People have the right to do what they want with their bodies and that is something no one can deny. One of the celebrities in the area of adult industry is Lena the Plug.

This young woman got into the adult industry pretty young, but has now found her true passion and that is fitness.

We are going to be talking about the personal life, early years and the career development of this talented young woman, who happened to enter the world of celebrities through an unconventional media. So stick with us if you would like to learn more about her and her interesting life.

Early Years

Lena Neresesian was born on June 1st 1991 in Glendale in California. This beautiful adult actress is of Armenian descent and that is easily noticeable due to her exotic beauty. Even though Lena became famous through her acting in the adult movies, she was raised in a very conservative family.

Her parents were Christian and she was the only child, which highly influenced her parents to devote their attention to only Lena. She often said in interviews that her parents almost never mentioned sex, or even talked about any other controversial subject.

This left Lena to feel very confused and oppressed in her own family, since she couldn’t speak openly to her parents in such a way. Her parents also prohibited her to watch any kind of movies or shows that are controversial.

Lena ended high school in 2009 and in 2013 she got her degree in Psychology from the University of California. During her college years, Lena went to Sweden and visited the college there. She adored travelling and dreamed of one day going around the world.

Lena spent an entire year in Sweden and she often says that the year she spent there changed her life. Lena loved poetry and often described herself as a nerd. This is completely contradictory to her performances in her movies, but that is the way she felt about herself.

Before becoming an adult actress, Lena worked as a babysitter for children who suffer from autism and also in the Shoppers Corner. After she tried everything, Lena decided to go on to social media and try her luck there. Even though her parents didn’t approve, she still went on and joined a social media company to reach her dreams.

Career Path

Lena the Plug sent second place to the Mexican Woman Luna Bella, who in 2017 had occupied the first position. He was born on July 1, 1991 and is of Armenian descent. Her real name is Lena Nersesian and she was raised in a Christian home in Glendale, California.

She graduated in 2013 in Psychology at the University of California and during this time he made a year of exchange at the Lund University of Sweden, an experience that, as she has told, left him with pleasant memories.

Although Lena the Plug was known for her videos on YouTube of exercise and fitness routines, little by little the content of his materials was rising in tone, as he showed himself with increasingly smaller garments that made his curves show off.

Lena’s Instagram account has 1.6 million followers and also there she usually shares provocative photographs. Last year he said that if he exceeded one million subscribers on YouTube, he would release a sex video, but finally he did not.

On her YouTube channel, Lena has almost one million 400 thousand subscribers. In addition to showing her curves, Lena shares moments of her daily life, whether shopping or with friends. Since September 2016, Lena has an affair with Adam Grandmaison, who is also youtuber.

Lena’s boyfriend has a channel called “No Jumpers” in which he exceeds one million subscribers. In the internet world it is also known as Adam22. Lena the Plug and Adam have an open relationship and have been filmed in videos that can be viewed on the internet.

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And it is the Mexicans who occupy the fourth place of consumption, below the Philippines, Brazil and South Africa.

It is a Japanese word that literally means “pervert” or “perversion.” For reasons of Japanese legislation, it is prohibited to publish “morally harmful” material, which implies the display of genitals. For this reason, blurred or only suggested genitals appear in hentai productions.

Lena the Plug is famous among other things, for being a woman that overflows eroticism and sensuality in social networks, but above all, it is characterized because she likes to challenge the rules of Instagram.

“Last year, you helped me win the Pornhub celebrity of the Year! This year I am nominated for celebrity, Best Instagram and Best Snapchat. If you love my social networks, vote for me using the link in my biography. You can vote every day until the prizes.

Thank you, “wrote the Californian in the snapshot that was celebrated by her faithful followers, who immediately filled her with compliments and good comments.

Lena is one of the spoiled girls of the famous social network due to the spicy publications where she usually wears her charms with very little clothes, sexy lingerie and risky bikinis.

Personal life

Lena The Plug is the American YouTuber and fitness girl Lena Nersesian’s popular YouTube channel. She likes to present herself in a bold picture, as opposed to what a woman’s culture demands.

She is often criticized by both the public and the media for this reason. Nevertheless, Lena didn’t stop doing what she wanted. For the same reason that society dislikes her, most people admire her. So, let’s learn more about Lena and her YouTube channel,’ Lena The Plug,’ without wasting more time.

Born on June 1, 1991, as Lena Nersesian in Glendale, California, the prolific YouTuber. Through descent, she is American and belongs to white ethnicity. Likewise, the resident of California did not reveal much about her parents and siblings. Their positions are not even known.

The popular YouTuber graduated with a degree in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz. Besides that, there are no specifics about her further studies.

Lena The Plug was born in 1991 and is now 28 years old. On June 1st, she celebrated her last birthday. Also, Gemini is her zodiac sign. It is best known that the people born under this sign are adaptable, clever, confident, and indecisive.

The YouTuber has a couple of beautiful black eyes and long black hair to set that aside. Similarly, for her voluptuous body, measuring 36-28-44 inches, Lena is well known. While Lena is at 5 feet 1 inch (155 cm) tall, she knows how to work her body.

She used to do various odd jobs like a Lyft driver, a grocery store manager, etc. until Lena made it big with her YouTube channel. After that, Lena began working for a start-up company in social media that gave her inspiration to start her own.

And so Lena launched her YouTube channel, Lena The Plug, on August 21, 2016. She posts videos of her workout and fitness tips on the website. She also posts Vlogs in connection with her lifestyle and life.

With more than 1.4 million viewers, the channel now has over 136 million views. I Let My Best Friend Have Sex Wi, some of her popular yet controversial videos

The prolific YouTuber has built up a net worth of $30,000 as of 2019. She’s very impressive with the fans, though some of her clips are controversial. Her other social media, such as Twitter, are flocked with admirers, not only on YouTube.

The 28-year-old is estimated to make $3,196.5-$5,327.5 per Instagram post. Nersesian makes $408-$6.5k monthly and $4.9k-$78.4k annually from her YouTube channel alone. No wonder YouTuber does what she wants in a lavish lifestyle.

Lena is reportedly in a romantic relationship with Adam Grandmaison while thinking about her love life. He is the host of podcasts from No Jumper, and the pair are transparent about their relationship together.

Lena The Plug wife and Married Lena with her husband, Adam The lovely couple dates from 2016 and recently celebrated their second birthday on October 25, 2018. The stunning couple still has to tie the knot, but it didn’t stop them from professing their love for each other.

On top of that, Lena openly admitted that she was bisexual and even engaged with her lovely lady in a threesome.

The bulk of her family consisted of conservative people, mainly Christians. She was born in Glendale, California and spent a good part of her life living there.

Lena was also very sweet and very smart as a child. She was constantly getting good grades and impressed most of her teachers. In 2009, she graduated from high school and was admitted to Santa Cruz University of California.

It suggests that Lena Nersesian had a very intelligent mind and was going in a different direction. This was so until she was unable to go to Southern California University because she was unable to pay the fees.

It had an impression on her that she decided to change things and begin to make money on her own. Other than that, Lena Nersesian graduated from her undergraduate program with a degree in psychology.

She has spent some time as an exchange student in Sweden where she managed to look after kids as a nanny. She was able to earn enough money to get through this way. She also worked to some extent as an Uber driver to raise extra for the local delicacies to enjoy. She’s a hard-working woman.

It’s not that easy to become a YouTube personality. Some people simply have the charisma, but most of them must do it. Lena’s plug is the latter’s perfect example.

She is a fitness and personality enthusiast of YouTube who has gained fame after giving a promise to launch a sex-tape when her video has received a million views. It sounded incredible enough to some–but it didn’t matter to her; at the end of the day, she got what she wanted–the fame!

Lena the plug was marked when your mom warns you about the usual’ bad girl.’ On her online profiles and on YouTube channel she is known as ‘ Lena the Plug,’ she uses her confident body to attract fans.

She got her subscribers and decided to jump the offer. She posted an online video claiming that no sex-tape clip would be needed as they were already her online videos.

She didn’t leave it there, she mocked her fans who had just subscribed to see her sex tape. Surprisingly, there was no major backlash to the comments on the list of their subscribers.

They’ve really done it after all–why turn back? Most have chosen to stay. Together with Taylor White, Lena began a threesome with her husband.

Lena has worked in her early career for odd jobs such as a Lyft driver, a Nanny, and a grocery store clerk, etc. She then began to work for a social media agency and designed promotions for their models and clientele.

She later decided to start her own YouTube Channel, called Lena the Plug, for her practical learning how the social media world functions. In December of 2016, the channel was introduced and deals with her personality and daily life.

Plug often offers advice on gluteal exercises and fitness videos in her stream. She also does the Vlogs in accordance with her own lifestyle. She has received more than 10 million views of the videos she shares.

It is acknowledged that Lena the Plug is one of the most famous fitness girl so far. This is because of very interesting video subjects, her YouTube channel immediately received flack.

She also regularly uploads fitness videos and workout tips, and that has proven to be a good way to get followers and fans. Due to the things she uploads on her social accounts, she is actually gaining attention.

What is good to know about Lena the Plug is, that due to the fact that her fans on Instagram are still growing, she is becoming more popular.

She has more than one million followers as of now. And she is expected to gain more in the coming months, with some saying she will be able to reach ten million subscribers in the coming year.

For this young lady, however, it hasn’t always been great as she has been through a variety of scandals since she hit stardom. Notwithstanding these challenges, she manages to remain calm and focused.

Some of her opponents are conservative ones who are not in agreement with her liberal view to life. Nevertheless, because she knows she can’t please everybody, she acknowledges this as an everyday life thing.

Her straightforward nature and clear life values make her a laidback person. Lena the Plug doesn’t matter what others think of her because she’s just doing what she wants to do.

Quick summary

Full name: Lena Nersesian

Date of birth: June 1st 1991

Birthplace: Glendale, California, USA

Age: 28

Profession: Social media personality and YouTuber

Height: 1.56 m

Weight: 58 kg

Net Worth: 2$ million