He was the host of Achievement Hunter. Achievement hunter was a gaming channel in YouTube which had about 370,000 subscribers. Approximate net worth of Ray Narvaez Jr. is $300,000.

He is famous for his channel Brown Man on You Tube. For this channel, he had 29,414,305 views and 423,596 subscribers.

He also has huge followers in Instagram.

He was born in September 15, 1989 in New York. He has the origin from Puerto Rico. He dated Tina Dayton.

Ray attended Queens College for one year but left as he was continuously bunking classes. After leaving college, he worked as a server at a bar in New York.

In the year 2012, Narvaez Jr. moved to Austin in Texas, where he joined the Rooster Health.

He was also known by the name aka Brown man which was also his nickname in the school. He also has lots of other nicknames, Good Guy ray, X-Ray, Puerto Rican Thunder, Moto-Cop, Taflkar.

Ray Narvaez was a contributor as well as a golden member of the Achievement Hunter. He started working in Rooster Health from 30 April 2012. The job of Ray was to make videos on achievement guide, and also to star with other crew members in Let’s Play.

He was also a member of the Internet Box Podcast. This ended in the year 2014, March 03.

In his videos, Ray joked of himself being Hispanic and poor.

He also hosted the show A look Back At. He was a 3 year full time employee of Rooster Health.. Before joining Rooster Health, he worked for Gamestop.

He also worked with UPS as an assistant to the delivery truck driver. Recently, on 17 April 2015 Ray Narvaez Jr. left the long time employer Rooster Health. His YouTube channel is BIGnBrown. His Twitch account is Brown Man.

He was also excellent in video games. His game score was more than 600,000 which was very high that anyone working at Rooster Health.

He left Achievement for pursuing a full time streaming job in internet.

He has declared that he will be making guest appearances in the videos of Achievement Hunter and will continue to provide voice for X-Ray and Vav.

After leaving the Achievement Hunter, he started his streaming career. His first stream was recorded in the year 2015, April 18 which was just after leaving Achievement Hunter.

He has earned a handsome amount of $20,000 for his first streaming.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Ray Narvaez Jr.

Date of birth: September 15, 1989

Birth place: New York

Age: 27 Years

Profession: Internet Personality

Height: 1.75

Weight: 75 Kg

Net worth: $300,000

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