Mia Stammer was brought up in the Okinawa, a small city in Japan. Along with her family, she soon shifted to America during her early age of being a toddler. Presently along with her family, Mia is residing in California.

Stammer is a promising vlogger who fills her videos with an interesting combination of advice as well as humorous situations. She is a promising YouTube personality who is the most wanted internet sensation. She is a simple girl with an extraordinary outlook towards life which made her net worth estimated somewhere around $ 350,000 million.

Early life

Maria Stammer was born in the year 1994, 1st August in Okinawa, a small city in Japan. According to some authentic sources, it was known that Mia was born to a US residing military family. With the passage of time along with her family, she moved to reside in California which is her present residing place. She was quite enthusiastic about the profession of a nurse, and she often tried to convince her parents about serving as a nurse. But soon with the passing of time, Mia moved on to become a successful YouTuber and opted this career as full-time engagement. She openly confesses her interest in Boba Tea and “Starbucks.” Not much is known about her early childhood’s days and her academic career.

She was basically brought up without any siblings, and she used to feel quite bored during the high school summer vacations. It was during those days of complete boredom she started off regularly watching the various YouTube programs on makeup tips and the latest fashion trends and style.


Mia is a brilliant YouTuber who is popular with people for her beauty and latest fashion tips. She is known to people for her updates in her YouTube channel titled MamaMiaMakeup. She has an active and worthwhile career ahead as she is very serious about her work. She started off her career as a waitress in a small restaurant. But soon she understood that becoming a YouTuber would fetch her more fame and prosperity. She started dedicating more time to understanding the strategies of making YouTube videos.

Mia soon successfully came up with her own channel and named it MamaMiaMakeup. She updated her channel with her first makeup tutorial video and gave it a title “Hair Care Routine &Favorite Products” that was uploaded in the month of January 2012.

She was highly appreciated by her followers and subscribers and received more than a thousand views. She got inspired by her follower’s responsive view counts and soon decided upon coming up with another tutorial video titled “Everyday Fresh Spring Makeup Tutorial” and soon after she came up with another useful tutorial message which she named “Getting Ready for Graduation.”

Mia presently is a sensational YouTuber who is appreciated for uploading the useful tip is a form of tutorial videos. She is presently a full-time blogger and has taken her career quite seriously.

From the recent records, the information regarding her total number of subscribers and viewers has really made the other YouTubers standstill. Her subscription count has reached 4.1 million, and her tutorial videos have been viewed almost for 260 million rounds. Her view counts and the enormous increase in subscription rates have made her get an estimate with such a humongous net worth that can make any YouTuber be jealous of her successful endeavor.

On being encouraged by her early successful YouTube uploads, the young YouTube star came with the release of another promising YouTube channel named as MiaStammer. In this channel, she uploaded her daily life stories and tried to display all her daily happenings.

Personal life

It was rumored that Mia was in a relationship with the prominent YouTuber Rashnu.

She was also heard of dating Kyle Hatch who is also a famous and eminent YouTube personality who is known to people for his association with the Wasabi Production House. Mia is presently single and is quite focused on her YouTube career.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Mia Stammer.

Date of Birth: 1st August 1994

Birth Place: Okinawa, Japan.

Age: 23 years.

Profession: Blogger.

Height: 5 Feet 5 inches / 5.5 m

Weight: 49 kg

Net worth: $350 thousand dollars