Frank Thomas Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Frank Thomas Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

In this text we will talk about sport and about a sportsman who is familiar to all baseball lovers. He ended his career, but he is still very popular among fans of this sport. We will talk about Frank Thomas who is one of the most famous baseball players and is very popular in the USA. He has achieved great success and he is one of the best baseball players in history.

Frank has long been known for his skills and his success in this sport has left no one indifferent. He has participated in many sports events and has many fans around the world. Many fans of this player wanted to find out the details of his life and we will try to find out some interesting things and his beginnings in this sport.

If you are baseball lovers and if you are following this man’s career then this text will be interesting to you and you will discover some details you may not have known up to now. Frank entered the history of baseball and it is certain that every fan of this sport heard about him.

Early Years

Thomas was born and grew up in Columbus, Georgia, USA, and attended a high school in this city, where he showed talent in football and baseball. When he was a student, he began to train baseball, and with his first team he managed to win the national championship. But first we will introduce you to Frank’s early childhood.

He grew up with his parents and a brother in a family that was not rich. He had to help his parents to provide a pleasant life. As a young kid he had to do various jobs and help his parents to improve their financial lives.

He and his brother worked in restaurants and also worked on many physical matters to help their parents financially. Frank was never overly interested in school and learning, but he was very talented for sports and was very physically ready and strong. He has always shown love for sports and in the beginning he practiced football.

After 2 years, he decided to baseball and that was his best move in life. He immediately showed talent for this sport and attracted the attention of many trainers and scouts. His parents advised him to graduate from college and find a job, but he decided to dedicate a baseball.

During the college he showed excellent results, but during the first draft and the opportunity to opt for the best baseball league he failed to pass.

He was very disappointed and sad and in his statement he described that he felt very bad and though that he would not be able to make a career in this sport. However, the coach of a college team invited him to play for him and during the next 2 years he showed incredible results that enabled him to come up with the draft in 1989.

During the college he earned small sums of money, but he also managed to attract the interest of many trainers in the professional baseball league. He remained persistent and was sure he would succeed in making a career that would bring him a lot of success and provide him with a good financial life. Frank after 2 years of excellent results at the college went to the draft where he was finally selected and later went into the history of this sport. 


Frank started his sports career as a college team player and showed excellent skills and excellent features. In the first draft, he was not selected to play in the professional league, but after 2 years he made the draft and 1989 was selected to play for The Chicago White Sox. He debuted in 1990 and his first match against Milwaukee.

In the first match he did not show significant results but in the next match against Minnesota he scored the first points for this club and many people were delighted with his game. After this match, he caught the attention of all baseball fans because he showed great talent and proved that he should have been selected on the draft before.

After this match he received a lot of confidence from the coach and everyone was eagerly waiting for his next match. In the following games, he scored better and it was obvious that Frank would have a great career in baseball. In 1991 he was selected among the best young players and was given the chance to take part in the match among the best players in the league. After that he continued to achieve excellent results and became one of the most popular baseball players in the USA.

During 1993, he set the best results in this sport and was named the best player of the year. He entered the history of this sport because he was among the 5 most useful players who achieved incredible results 26 years ago. After that, many coaches wanted to bring him to his team, but Frank remained in Chicago and continued to develop his career in this club.

He continued to set records and win the title with this club. The following year he won a triple crown and won all the prizes that could be won.

Frank became one of the most popular players in the world and everyone wanted to watch his matches. He was injured in 1995, for which he could not play for half a year. After this injury, there was a slight break in his career and he had to recover. After recovering from injury, it took about 2 months to return to the old rhythm and to start playing phenomenally again.

At the end of 1996, Frank was again named for the best player of the league, and he was motivated to continue to train and to be at the best level. He said that after the injury he thought that he would not be the same player, but that with training and strong will he managed to regain strength and to be again the best. In 1997, he again won the title with his club and he was the most useful player in the season.

From 1991 to 1998, Frank was nominated every year for the MVP award. He took the 2nd place several times and once managed to win the main MVP award. People respected him very much and always gave him support and they thought he was one of the best players in this sport. He was not disappointed when he lost this award because he thought the team was more important than the player.

In the following years, he managed to win several titles with Chicago and to receive many individual prizes. In 2004, he left Chicago and signed a one-year contract with Oakland Athletics. He played a good season with this club and earned half a million dollars in one year. After that, he signed a contract with Toronto, which guaranteed him $ 2 million. He started excellently the new season, but after a few months he again experienced injury and had to pause.

This injury was psychologically difficult for him because he already had many years. At those moments he was thinking about finishing his career, but he decided to continue playing. After recovering, he played another season for Toronto and surprised the crowd again.

He again showed excellent results and proved that he is still a great player. After this, he extended another contract for another year with Toronto and managed to enter the finals with them. That year he was again among the candidates for the MVP title, but he took second place in this selection.

In 2008 he again signed for Oakland Athletics but only played 10 matches for them. After that, he decided to return to his first club Chicago White Sox and to finish his career there. He signed a short contract and after two games he was excluded from his baseball career and entered the history of this sport.

Many of his fans welcomed him at his last game and surely he will never forget it. Frank is one of the best and most useful baseball players ever to play in the USA and he has left a big mark in this sport and it is sure that people will never forget him.

Personal Life

Frank never liked to talk about his private life and his details. He has always hiding his intimate things shyly. We know about him that he has always been a great athlete and his friends have always considered him as very good and honest man.

He married at the end of the 1990s and has a son and one daughter. He said that he was a very happy man and that he achieved a career that made him very proud and that he always tried to be good at his job. He is one of the best baseball players and he has entered in the history of this sport. 

Quick Summary

Full name: Frank Thomas

Date of birth: May 27, 1968

Birthplace: Columbus, Georgia, USA

Age: 51

Profession: Baseball player

Height: 195 cm

Weight: 120 kg

Net Worth: $ 15 million


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