This text will be dedicated to the man who has a lot of talents and who is best known as a musician. He also dealt with sports, but he found his purpose in music. He was also a model and appeared as an actor in several films and commercials.

We will talk about Romeo Miller, who is better known as Lil Romeo. He is a renowned American rapper who got his nickname by the name of his first album. After the release of the first album, he became very popular and people immediately recognized his talent for music. His first album has gained great popularity and during the first week it was sold over 200,000 copies of the album. This was a sign that Romeo will have a great career and that he will become a very popular musician.

During his career, he recorded several albums and had guest appearances with well-known musicians. If you are interested in finding out more about the career and the life of this rapper, then this text will surely help you. We will talk about his early life, his career and details of his private life.

Early Years

Romeo Miller was born on August 10, 1989 in New Orleans, USA. He grew up with his parents and his brother. His father was a famous musician and rapper, known as Master P. His mother also dealt with this genre of music, and she was known as Sonya C. His parents gave him a talent for music and he tried to make it as successful as they did. He has always been musical and as a young boy he had a great sense of music.

Lil grew up in the music family, except for his parents; the music had a big influence on his grandmother, which was the main reason for his music career.

His parents were very popular; they had a large number of performances, recorded songs and were engaged in many life fields, so Lil spent most of his childhood with his grandmother.

In interview for Music Radio, Lil acknowledges that his grandmother had the greatest influence in his life, and that she took cared about him until he became a teenager. Lil admits that he rarely saw his parents and that he did not love their work because he believed that music had separated him from his family.

As a boy, he early realized that he was musically talented but did not want to reveal his talent to others; he believed that music would not help him in life, and that he would forever be separated from his parents.

His grandmother convinced him that music is the most beautiful gift from God, and that only rare people have it, she explained him that music connects people and it raises love among people. Since then, everything has changed for Romeo; he had been listening to his emotions.

When he was 10 years old, his grandmother died and this left great consequences in his life. He said that she was his biggest support, the only reason he was involved in music, and she was the one who discovered all of his talents.

After this period, Romeo begins his musical career improving his relationship with his parents and finally enjoys a happy childhood. In an interview for People Magazine in 2008, Romeo says that his career began very early; on the one hand he is glad about it, while on the other hand he would like to spend more time without popularity and fame.

In addition to very successful parents, it was clear that a successful career was waiting for him, and he had all the conditions to become a famous and successful musician. It should be noted that his whole family is engaged in music, his uncle is a music producer, his cousin is a famous singer Silkk the Shocker.

In addition to music, Lil also showed many other talents, and his parents believed that Lil should make a decision about his career and future.

In elementary and High school he participated in a large number of performances and musicals, his teachers said that his talent was unique and that he should start a career in acting. In high school, when he acted in the famous Hamlet, his teacher invited his parents and told them that Lil was a great potential in acting. She advised them to think about his future, and even offered them the contacts of filmmakers, because she also dealt with the acting.

He was also known for his basketball talent in the High School, he had good results and, together with his team, had successes. Basketball was his biggest love since childhood and for this reason he invested in himself, and wanted to become a successful basketball player.

Romeo admits that he had great dilemmas and questions about his future, because people advised him differently and he did not know who to listen to and whose advice he could take seriously. One year before the end of the high school, Lil admits that he was in a big problem, he did not know which profession to choose, and on the other hand he did not want to disappoint anyone.

His parents believed that Lil should continue his career as a musician or rapper; on the other hand, his professors advised him that he should seriously think about acting, while the coach and his friends advised him to start his career as a basketball player.

Romeo wanted to make a career in all these fields, although many told him that it was impossible and that he should decide what to do, but he believed that each of his talents deserved the opportunity to develop and improve.


Music was the beginning of his career, and he began to deal with it very early. When he finished high school, he decided to continue with publishing albums and songs. His first album was released in 2001 and was named Lil ‘Romeo, this album contains the song’ My Baby ‘, which became the most listening song in 2001 and came in 2nd place on Billboard 200, in addition to this song in 2001 Romeo recorded a duet with his uncle ‘That’s Kool’.

After a year, Lil releases a new album, “Game Time”, which has recorded significant success and has been ranked 5th of the most listened albums in the year. This album reveled out the song “True Love”, and the album became known for this single.

In 2004, Romeo released a new album ‘Romeoland’, but unfortunately this album did not achieve much success. One of the main reasons was because Romeo released 3 albums in a very short period, so this became the lowest listening album in Romeo’s career.

After this album, his parents form a production studio, and the entire family worked together to establish and launch this project. A lot of young musicians have begun their career in this studio, and thanks to the success of his parents, many famous singers were starting to record songs and album in this studio.

Shortly after the founding of this studio, Lil, together with his brother and relatives, founded the band “Rich Boyz”, together they have released the first album Young Ballers: The Hood Been Good, unfortunately this group was not so interesting to the public, and very soon comes to her decomposition.

Lil again tries to start an independent career and soon after this he decided to revealed his first digital album ‘Lottery’, the album contained a lot of interesting songs and the audience wanted more new projects, so Lil soon released the album ‘God’s Gift’. This album became the most popular and listened album of the year 2010, it contained songs that won numerous awards, and after a while Lil finds his style in music.

So far, Lil has recorded 5 albums, and the most popular album was I Am No Limit. Interestingly, this is the first album in which famous musicians such as Akon, Gucci Mane, Tina R and Black Don appeared. After this album, Lil became known not only in America but also in other countries around the world. Lil had two tours so far, one tour was through America, where he visited all the countries and held numerous concerts, shortly after this Lil had a tour in Europe, the tour was very popular and successful, it is also interesting that all money he earned from a tour through Europe, Lil donated to many humanitarian organizations.

He began his acting career in a cartoon series at Nickelodeon TV, where he appeared as a minor actor in the cartoon ‘Nick News with Linda Ellerbee’. After his appearance, he became more popular, we need to mention that since now Lil gave his voice 12 times in numerous cartoons and animated films.

He also became well known to the public by participating in the popular Reality Show on Fox TV called ‘The Choice’. Many were surprised by his decision to appear in this program, but Lil said that this was a special experience for him.

Since the basketball was his great passion and love, Lil never stopped his trainings and he always tried to maintain his fitness in a good shape. His talent for basketball became obvious when Lille was in High School; he played for Beverly Hills High School for three years. This was the school where great NBA stars started their career. Despite great competition, his talent was very expressive and he was one of the best players in the school. Interestingly, Lil was invited to a camp in New Jersey, where he had the opportunity to improve his skills. In this camp there were many NBA stars like: Kobe Bryant, Stephon Marbury, Tracy McGrady and LeBron James.

Personal life

Lil became popular very early, so paparazzi always followed his private life. In addition to the many romances he has had, Lil decided to put the end on his turbulent love life and he is currently in an emotional relationship with the popular model Toneat Morgan.

She worked as a model on E! TV, but she also appeared in many movies and musicals. Their relationship started three years ago, and it is expected that they will crown their love with marriage in 2020. Lil is active on all social networks, and he often posts photos with his family and friends. He is always ready to talk with press; he always speaks honestly and he never denies his actions.

Lil is a big fan of travels, so often we can see his photos from exotic destinations and unknown landscapes.

Quick Summary

Full name: Percy Romeo Miller,

Date of birth: August 19, 1989

Birthplace: Orleans Parish, Louisiana, United States of America

Age: 29

Profession: Musician, rapper, basketball player, actor and model

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 76 kg

Net Worth: NA