Petey Pablo Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Petey Pablo Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Petey Pablo is a rapper from North Carolina who became known for almost getting a Grammy award for his debut album, which is very rare in music. His is known for his collaborations with the known producer Timbaland.

Early years

He was born as Moses Mortimer Barrett III on July 22,1973 in Greenville in North Carolina and there aren’t many informations about his childhood or his school years. He claims that his childhood was regular,basic,nothing too interesting.

In 1993 he comitted an armed robbery and served a sentence of five years. After leaving the prison he decided to relocate to New York. There he got engaged in negotiations with Busta Rhymes and Black Rob and was soon signed to “Jive Records”. This was a huge deal for a new artists like him.

Career Development

His deal with “Jive Records” made it possible for him to start working on his first album. This was something he was looking foward to since it was his chance to show the world the lyri s he has been making all his life.

His first song “Raise Up” was produced by a known producer and a rapper called Timbaland and it gained a lot of attention since Timbaland was a popular producer during the time.

The name of his debut album was “Diary of a Sinner : 1st Entry” and it reffered on his crime past and time spent in prison. Eminem released a very powerful album the same year as he did, in 2003, so both of their albums were nominated for a Grammy award, but the award eventually went to Eminem.

He felt bad but he didn’t give up his dream and he started working on his second album called “Still Writing in My Diary: 2nd Entry”. It made to a very high No.4 on the US Billboard chart.

His most recognisible song was “Freek-a-Leek”, and it was the leading song of the album. This song was produced by Lil Jon and it became his most recognisible work, and gained only positive comments.

He was a very creative person so he came up with an idea to form a music house named “Carolina Music Group”.

In 2010 he released his new single called “Go” which was again produced by Timbaland with whom he had a great creative bond.

After that his career came to a period where his songs which he regularly posted to his Soundcloud account, but they haven’t had any serious success.

He was given a project to wrote an athem for Carolina Panthers club called “Carolina Colors”. It was received very good by his fans.

He was also engaged in making his acting career so in 2002 he played himself in the movie called “Drumline”. The film was filled with the music he created not only for the film but with his past songs.

In 2009 he played a character called B-Bone in the film “Just Another Day”. He was also featured on the Fox hit series “Empire”. He was hired to act as Lucious Lyon’s friend from prison called Clyde.

The episode in which Petey debuted was the same where there were guest appearances of Kelly Rowland and Ludacris. In the series, he made a collaboration with Lucious Lyon with a song “Snitch Bitch”.

In the fall of 2010 Petey was found at a North Carolina airport carrying a stolen handgun on his way to Los Angeles. He was sentenced to three years in prison for this criminal act. This was obviously a huge downgrade for his music since he couldn’t make it anymore and he had to take a long break from it.

“Carolina #1” was the name of his mixtape which was made from the lyrics he wrote while he was in prison. He never let his music be on the second place and even in hard times like this, he didn’t want to waste his time. He spent the days making music in his head.

In 2015 his new song came out under the name “Never Imagined”.

In 2016 Petey Pablo filed for bankruptcy for a little less than $50,000 and is trying to make a good payment plan which would work both for him and his creditors.

He filed Chapter 13 two times already: once in 2009 and again in 2010.

In 2017 he landed with a new hit called “500 Degreez” but this song is actually Lil Wayne’ s and he only featured Petey Pablo.

He spent this summer touring accross America with Ying Yang Twins on their “Be Kind & Rewind Tour”.

Personal life

He was in a marriage with Monica Arnold Barret, but it lasted shortly and wasn’t a success. It began in 1997 and ended in 2000.

The media talked a lot about him as an artist who can’t commit to more than one thing. If he has a marriage,he is being distracted from his art. If he is occupying himself with his music, his marriage becomes something he doesn’t work on. This, the media claims, is probably the reason why he isn’t married nor can he get a stable relationship.

He rejected his wife’s accusations that he abused her phisically and emotionally.

Today he is in relationshop with Amy Caro, and it lasts for almost 16 years. Although they have problems as any couple has, they try to overcome them.


Full name: Moses Mortimer Barrett III

Date of birth: July 22, 1973

Birth place: Greenville, North Carolina, USA

Age: 44

Profession: musician, rapper

Height: 180 cm


Net Worth: $50,000


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