G-Eazy is an American rapper, music producer and song writer. His real and full name is Gerard Earl Gillum while G-Eazy is his stage name.

He became famous after his performance with Lil Wayne and Snoop Dog. There were many rumors that he was dating with a few famous singers but he never confirmed that he is in relationship with anyone of them.

More about successful career and private life of this famous musician you can read in the text below.

Early years

As we already mentioned in the introduction the real and born name of rapper G-Eazy is Gerard Earl Gillum.

He was born on May 24th 1989 in Oakland, California, United States of America (USA).

According to some sources he has mixed origin that include Dutch, French, German, Irish, and Austrian descent and according to other sources he has Ukrainian roots.

He spent his early years by playing with his younger brother named James Wolcott Gillum plays trumpet so both of brothers are musicians.

Unfortunately, their mother named Suzanne and their father Eduard who was art professor got divorced when G-Eazy was the pupil of the first grade.

After they split up his mother began relationship with a woman under name Melissa Mills so G-Eazy was confused about his mother’s sexual orientation according to the fact that he was very young in that period.

After that surprise and big shock for him he moved to Berkley where he started to live with his grandparents.

G-Eazy enrolled the school in Berkley. Later they moved to North Oakland although G-Eazy didn’t leave the school in Berkley so he continue his education there.

Career development

G-Eazy started to develop his music career during his college days. He enrolled the Music Industry Studies at the Loyola University in New Orleans where he met music producer named Christopher Andersson who also attended studies on that college.

Andersson very soon realized that G-Eazy is very talented musician and he became his music producer.

At the beginning of the studies G-Eazy was member of music group under name “The Bad Boyz”. G-Eazy along with his fellows from band posted their several songs on MySpace page which attracted the attention of the audience.

Besides developing his music career G-Eazy succeed to get Bachelor’s degree in the Music Industry Studies.

It’s interesting that G-Eazy sold all things he had because he wanted to invest money in his music career and it paid off. Besides talent he had strong will and a plan how to became popular musician.

G-Eazy released his first mixtape in 2009 but that songs didn’t brought expected popularity to him.

G-Eazy became popular musician in the East Bay Area but he gained a fame when he got a chance to be an opening performer for world famous rappers such as Snoop Dog and Lil Wayne. This happened in 2010 and it was tipping point to his big success.

In 2011 he released his second mixtape under title “The Endless Summer”. The most popular song on that mixtape was the remix of song “Runaround Sue” which became hit in 1961. The performer of that song is Dion DiMucci. The music video for that song reached over four million views on YouTube.

He collaborated on the mixtape with others very popular artists such as Greg Banks, Devon Baldwin and Erika Flowers. Same year he released the mixtape “The Endless Summer” (2011) he started his album tour along with Shwayze.

In 2012 G-Eazy was performer at Vans Warped Tour and just month later after he finished that tour he had performs with Hoodie at the Excellent Adventure Tour in many cities of United States of America.

In September same year G-Eazy released his first full-length profit album under name “Must Be Nice” which was independent of a copyright label.

This album gained a huge popularity and it was ranked No.3 on the iTunes Hip-Hop Chart.

This success of his album is not surprising since the famous rapper Lil Wayne again offer to G-Eazy to be an opening performer on his America Most Wanted Tour in 2013.

On June 23 2014 G-Eazy released in the USA his first debut studio album called “These Things Happen” under major copyright label of RCA Records. Just month later this album was published in the United Kingdom (UK).

This album also attracted the attention of audience and brought him big popularity and salary. It was ranked same as previous album at No.3 at the Top Digital Albums chart and at the US Billboard 200 chart.

After releasing the album he went on tour which was included 40  performing dates  across the USA and Canada. He performed on this tour along with musicians Tory Lanez, Rocky Fresh and KYLE.

On October 21 same year (2014) he went on his second tour under name “From The Bay To The Universe” which was sold-out for a short time. This tour included concerts in Australia and New Zeland.

Besides performing on his tours G-Eazy played at very popular music festivals in the USA such as Lollapalooza, Electric Forest, Made  and Outside Lands.

In autumn 2015 G-Eazy launched his own clothing and accessories line in collaboration with with Rare Panther. This wasn’t surprise for audience since he is recognazible by his fashion style. Thanks to his sense for fashion and outfits he was ranked in “Top 10 Most Stylish” of GQ Magazine’s at New York Fashion Week.

On December 4th 2015 G-Eazy released his second studio album under name “When It’s Dark Out”.  The song from this album called “Me, Myself & I” took No.7 at the US Billboard 100.

The guest in some album’s songs was artist Bebe Rexha.

On January 2016 he began with the album tour which included concerts in the USA, Australia and Europe.

Same year he was featuring in song called “Make Me off her” by famous singer Britney Spears. This song was on Britney’s ninth album. In 2016 both of them performed this song at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards and also at the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

Same year G-Eazy was nominated in the category for the Best Hip-Hop Artist at the MTV Europe Music Awards but unfortunately he didn’t won that award.

In 2017 he was nominated for a People’s Choice Award in the category “Favorite HipHop Artist” and he became winner of that award.

On December 15th 2017 G-Eazy released the sequel of his second mixtape “The Endless Summer” under name “The Endless Summer II” and his third studio album named “The Beautiful & The Damned”.

In October 2015 the album “These Things Happen” got golden medal by the RIAA.

G-Eazy enjoys in combining different music styles, for example music of fifties with rap music today.

One of his role model is Johnny Cash who inspired him in his music style.

G-Eazy has his own accounts on social networks accounts and he is very active on them.

He has 7.7 million followers on his Instagram profile and more than 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He also has over than 3.5 million of followers on his Twitter account and more than 2 million fans on his official Facebook page.

He is the most active on his Instagram account where he often posts a photos. He also almost daily informs his fans on his Facebook page about his new music events and news and he offer them to buy his merchandise in his Facebook online store.

Besides that he has his official website named g-eazy.com on which visitors can listen his songs and they also can buy his merchandise.

G-Eazy launched his own clothing and accessories line which includes products such as T-shirts, hoodies, jackets and hats for men, jeans, lighters, pins, his cd-s, bags and even swimsuits.

The prices of his products are affordable. For example, T-shirts costs about $30 while hoodies are about $70.  Jackets are more expensive and their prices are about $300.

G-Eazy recently started his music tour so people on his site can get information about time and places of  his concerts and performances. His tour is ends on August 16th  this year when he will have his last concert in Green Park, St Polten in Austria.

Personal life

Media linked G-Eazy with several world famous singers although he never took care so much about different rumors and he never confirmed speculations in the public.

There were rumors that he was dating for a short time with Britney Spears and later with Lana Del Ray in 2017. He didn’t give any statements about these information although it is known that he really was in relationship with Lana Del Ray about three months.

Before that, he was in relationship about six years (from 2011 to 2017) with musician Devon Baldvin. They met and hooked up during their collaboration on the song named “Runaround Sue”.

After he separate with Lana Del Ray he hooked up with singer named Halsey while they were recording their together duet song called “Him and I” but they broke up for the first time in July last year. Of course, he didn’t give any information in the public about his closeness with this singer.

After separation with Halsey he was in relationship with production designer namd Christina Roseann Ray in 2018 although he never confirmed these rumors.

In September G-Eazy and Halsey gave new chance to their relationship but unfortunately this didn’t last too long.

After that in February this year media linked him with Victoria’s Secret Model Yasmin Wijnaldum because he posted a photo on which Yasmin wear the black shirt with printed symbols of his song “Leviathan”. He also wrote comment: “Nice shirt bae”.

After that Yasmin post the zoomed photo of shirt on her own Instagram story where she left the comment: “Looks sweet, but the devil’s in the details.”

It is obviously that G-Eazy hides his private life from media and that he really doesn’t want to expose his privacy in the public.

In 2016 he bought a house in Los Angeles from music star Shane West and there is his residence now.

He adores muscle cars and he had a collection of this kind of motor vehicles.

On May 2nd  2018 G-Eazy was arrested in Stockholm, Sweden  as suspects for physical attack, possessing and using of drugs. According to claims he hit the security guard who found a cocaine in his pocket.

On May 4th t G-Eazy admitted at the trial that he is guilty for providing violent resistance, possessing of cocaine and  physical attack to an official.

He succeed to avoid prison sentence at the end of trial. He got sentence of probation so he had to pay a fine which amounted to $10 thousand and also $900 of compensation to the security guard for assaulting him.

G-Eazy declares himself as a as a philanthropist who supports violence against gun.

In 2018 he founded a non-profit organization named the “Endless Summer Fund” with aim to help young people in gaining their full potential by strengthening the community of “Bay Area”.

G-Eazy has a big collection of sneakers because he loves to wear them.

Net worth

His net worth is estimated on about $9 million in total. He earns a lot of money not only from his albums, tours and concerts but also from selling his clothing and accessories products and also from his YouTube channel.

Quick summary

Full name: Gerard Earl Gillum

Nickname, Stage name: G-Eazy

Date of birth: May 24th 1989

Age: 30

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Birthplace: Oakland, California, United States of America

Profession/Occupation: rapper, music producer, song writer

Net worth and salary: about $9 million

Height: 193 cm or 6 feets and 4 inches

Weight: 84 kg or 185 Ibs

Body Measurement: Unknown

Marital status: not married

Children: no children

Sexual orientation: straight

Love status: In a relationship with a singer named Halsey since 2017

Residence: Los Angeles, United States of America

Religion: Unknown

Nationality: American

Origin: According to some sources he has Dutch, French, German, Irish, and Austrian descent while others claimed that he has Ukrainian roots.

Ethnicity: white

Social media accounts and web site:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/g_eazy/?hl=sr

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/G.Eazy/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/g_eazy

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBkNpeyvBO2TdPGVC_PsPUA

Offical web site: https://g-eazy.com/