Celebrity lifestyles are full of drama and information we all want to know. No matter who they are, we love learning more about them and figuring out what makes them so special.

In today’s text we are going to talk about a famous DJ Getter. We will talk about his net worth, career and personal life, so if you are interested to find out more, keep on reading.

Early Years

Tanner Petulla was born on April 13th 1993 in San Hose in California. This popular young DJ spent his childhood in San Hose with his family. He was into music from a very young age and he mixed his songs from the moment he knew about him.  His first remixes were the ones of songs from Far East Movement and Tuff Love Dubs.

Before he dived into the world of electronic music, he played the guitar and was a drummer when he was only 16 years old. He loved metal music more when he was younger, and not into electronic music at all. This only tells us how his music taste grew and changed over time.

The reason why he fell in love with electronic music, is because he could make this music on his own without anyone helping him or having a band. Besides music, he was always into drawing and art, and he was remembered in high school as the artsy kid.

There aren’t many more information about his childhood years so we will jump right up to the early days of his career and see how he climbed to the top of DJ top lists.

Career Path

Getter’s career started when he started making his mixes of popular songs. The first two mixes were the ones of Far East Movement and Timberland. In 2012 Petully decided to use the money he saved and move to Los Angeles. He first slept in his friend’s home and then decided to move to his own apartment.

He started his small studio and started creating music. In 2012 he signed a contract with Firepower Records but soon transferred to OWSLA label that was founded by Skrillex. The first moment he started gaining popularity is when he started filming short videos with Nick Colletti. The name of the videos were SUH Vines.

First time he sent his mix to Skrillex, he loved it and decided to give him a chance. The two of them became good friends as well, and worked together on new projects. In 2014 he released a song Trenchlords Vol. 1 EP. He gave an opportunity to his fans to enjoy the music and not pay for it, which was an amazing thing to do.

In 2015, he released a teaser for a song and also a song called Planet Neutral which was a much softer version of him that we haven’t seen so far.

The Californian producer Getter has gone through the famous Diplo & Friends Mix of the BBC loaded with dubstep, trap and many novelties. He is undoubtedly one of the fashion artists in the genre bass. Getter is one of the stars of the record label OWSLA, owned by Skrillex, and this has been demonstrated during this last year. His productions loaded with dubstep rhythms and his thunderous sets, have turned him into one of the most striking producers and with the greatest demand for lovers of this sector.

Recently, Tanner Petulla aka Getter went through the booths of Diplo & Friends Mix as a guest of the latter. During the same, the San Jose delighted with trap and dubstep recital that every day has us more accustomed. But the truth is that it does not stop surprising his ability to do something different on stage, something that is taking him to stardom in giant steps.

On this occasion, there were no real relics like ‘Reality’, by Bro Safari; ‘I Do Coke’ (Topi remix), by Kill The Noise; Experts (Barely Alive Remix) Getter VIP, from Skism and some of their releases that they like so much in the sector. Also, Getter introduced us new developments in the form of productions that have not yet seen the light and that will be included in his next work.

Recently, Getter has announced a tour of Europe in which he will be present, among other cities, in London. With the only city that repeats two days and both days with the Sold Out sign. But we will attend the first of its events to be held in the English capital and will broadcast everything on our social networks.

There hasn’t been a lot of controversy regarding his name, but Getter did end up in a scandal in 2016. He shared a photo of him and a fan in fellacio while he was in Las Vegas. He later even sold merchandise with this motif.

In 2016 he also shared his dislike about the touring costs and blamed the local acts for ruining the shows.

Since then, he has apologized and admitted he overreacted regarding this subject. He remembered his own opening acts and years when he was only starting out as a DJ, which made him re-think the whole subject.

His net worth is estimated at around 2.5$ million. Most of this money comes from his DJ gigs and his songs.

He also has a clothing line together with his partner and friend Nick. The clothing line has been doing great so far and the partners are extremely happy with the results.

They are working hard on new styles and are always pushing forward the boundaries with their designs. His net worth will probably continue to grow in the future and we will notice a rise in his net worth, since Getter is still on the rise.

His charisma and musical talent are going to help him, and judging by the love he already receives from his fans, we can conclude that his time is only coming. He has many followers on his social media and he often announces new performances and shares photos of his clothing line.

Personal life

Getter’s girlfriend is very much involved in Getter’s company producing clothing like called Trippy Burger and she handles the women’s models. The two of them seem to be enjoying their together time and have been helping each other through support and love.

Getter is very active on his social media and often shares photos from his personal life but also from his performances. This allows him to be connected with his fans and to inform them about his future performances.

He has many followers on a social media platform called Vine as well. He has around 400 thousand followers and his videos have been watched over 300 million times. This was also the platform where he created his signature phrase Suh Dude. This phrase has been used in his official clothing line, on shirts, sweatshirts etc.

The clothing brand he owns was founded by Getter and his friend and partner Nick Colletti. The clothing brand called Trippy Burger stuff has been very successful and the phrase Suh Dude has been their signature quote.

Most of his net worth comes from this clothing brand as well, and he has accumulated a great amount of money over the few years he has been active. He is also a part of the series called The Real Bros of Simi Valley. His friend and partner Colletti is also a part of the show.

He is still working on his career and his net worth and popularity are going to become even bigger over time. So far, he has shown incredible talent and will to break out on the DJ musical scene.

Quick summary

Full name: Tanner Petulla

Date of birth: April 13, 1993

Birthplace: San José, California, United States

Age: 26

Profession: DJ, Rapper, Producer

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 85

Net Worth: $2.5 million