Learning about celebrity net worth is sometimes hard, especially because we cannot know all the contracts and projects they have behind them. Every celebrity is different and we can only do an estimate amount of money they earn in general.

In today’s text we are going to learn more about Earl Sweatshirt. This famous rapper made his money by doing what he does best, and that is creating good music. We are going to learn more about his early days and childhood, his career path development and his current personal life.  If Earl Sweatshirt is your favorite rapper, then here is an opportunity to learn more about his life and career.

Early Years

Earl Sweatshirt is better known to us as Thebe Neruda Kgositsile. He was born on February 24th 1994 in Los Angeles. Son of Cheryl Harris, professor of Laws at the California University, and of Keorapetse Kgositsile, a political agitator of South Africa jazz enthusiast and firm defender of the rights of blacks, the future rapper grew up in a very rich cultural environment and, however, unstructured, since his father left the family nucleus to return to Johannesburg when he was just six years old.

The truth is that Earl Sweatshirt did not have a role model adolescence. Soon he joined a group of kids obsessed with skateboarding, rap, the insane MTV donkeys and fast food, who called themselves Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Beyond the clan’s nihilistic hooliganism, several of them began to break through provocative home videos and perversely magnetic rhymes.

Her mother, when listening to a tape with 12 songs (mixtape Earl, of 2010) in which her son savors fantasies about raping girls, murders and drugs with a morbid and uncomfortable language, decided to send him to a juvenile boarding school in Samoa, an Island of the South Pacific Ocean.

That’s when they begin to appear shadows in his biography, paranoid theories that suggest that the rapper has actually fallen into the networks of a sector remains in rehabilitation, while his Odd Future colleagues are no longer treated as a macabre joke the Yankee counterculture and they become a commercial phenomenon.

There aren’t any more information about his early days, so we are going to continue on to his amazing career and see how he managed to reach the success he did.

Career Path

Propelled by that infallible launch pad that is Odd Future and following in the footsteps of Frank Ocean, the young rapper Earl Sweatshirt has set out to give a good wiggle to contemporary hip hop. Earl is still a diamond that has yet to be polished, but it is true that it is becoming clearer what his sound references are (cosmic jazz via Sun Ra, that dark and dark rap with sharp and repetitive bases, the fumetas atmospheres) and his lyrical interests (introspective dialogue as a vehicle for reaffirmation of a different personality, sick thoughts, provocation, private jokes and references to trash culture).

He abandons the stridencies of his first installments to exhibit a much deeper and more varied profile in an effort to sublimate the darkness of urban music with a lyrical potential out of the ordinary.

After Earl’s success, which depicts him as the star of the then emerging collective Odd Future led by Tyler The Creator among others, Kgositsile is forced into a period of forced removal from the scene at the behest of his mother. The guys at Complex tracked him down to Samora, in a school that more than a college is a military boot camp for the recovery of children “at risk”.

The international success will soon arrive on his return to Los Angeles: a handful of lucky feats. They see him as the protagonist one of the highlights of the noble album of another member of the Odd Future, the Channel Ocean’s Frank Ocean.

In 2013 Doris is released, a record that sees a bevy of important collaborations featuring and a production mainly in his hands. It is a generally minimal, sinister work, dominated by off-key accordions and keyboards in full Odd Future style and wisely measured in subtraction, to leave the field free for an alienated and scazzi-free slaker flow that knows how to be shrewd and technically impeccable, a rap on the border with songwriters, an original and convincing expression of self that finds, unanimous, the consent of the critics and a good success in terms of sales (debuts in 5th place in the top 200 of Billboard).

In 2015, in March, I don’t like Shit comes out surprisingly, I Don’t Go Outside: An Album By Earl Sweatshirt, an even more drained and personal work, we report in the review, with Earl Sweatshirt recluse to dialogue with his demons, to look their paranoia in the face, to sign the entire production (the only exception being Off Top with Left Brain).

An alcoholic and smoked disc that reduces feats. a Da $ H, Wiki, Na’Kel and Vince Staples and photographs, halfway between mockery and the disarming confession, a new and important step in a coherent and introspective artistic journey, slowed down in the flow compared to Doris, but not for this less effective in communicating disorders, deaths of love and an extremely vivid imagery, a prose with complex references that flows freely in the maze of memories.

Hardly a decade has passed since the Odd Future collective appeared in Los Angeles but it is enough time to say that it changed the rules of contemporary hip hop in the United States. Of those insane teenagers who recorded chunky versions of the videos of Jackass (his tricks included cocktails with psychotropic, blood and hangings) today only the ashes of the group remain. In the meantime, at least three of its members have become references of the current urban music: Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt.

The latter is perhaps the rarest bug in this gang of weirdos. During his beginnings in music at the age of 16 he became the martyr of the band when he was held in a reformatory in Samoa. When he returned home he delivered Doris, one of the most important records of 2013.

Then the features that he has polished for his third length were already present: the taste for free jazz and the dark bases, the oppressive thoughts (loneliness, abandonment, and marginalization) and his innate ability to write. “I think … I’ve wasted my whole depressed life, the only thing in my head was death,” he says on the single Nowhere2go.

Some Rap Songs is much more than a few rap songs. At 24, Thebe Neruda Kgositsile (his real name, a tribute to Pablo Neruda) pays tribute to his family heritage: his father, who died earlier this year, was the South African poet and activist Bra Willie, while his uncle (who died a few days later) was the legend of the black jazz Hugh Masekela.

They both appear on this record, just like their mother, a university professor in California. And they do it in two ways: with their voices and rhythms and as characters in the lyrics. “My mother used to say that she saw my father in me, I answered that she did not offend me,” she sings in Azucar, where she makes peace with that father figure who was always absent in her life.

Earl’s net worth is estimated at around 4$ million. Most of the money comes from his music and songs, while some of it comes from his endorsements and other deals. Earl mad himself a household name on the rap scene and we can definitely expect to see more from him in the future. This will probably influence his net worth as well, so we can expect this number to go up.

Personal life

When he was very young, he became an instant hero thanks to Earl, a rap rapture mixtape published in 2010 by the Odd Future collective, of which he was part at the time, Thebe Neruda Kgositsile, better known as Earl Sweatshirt, born in ’94, born in Los Angeles by a law teacher and a South African poet, she is the protagonist of an exciting ascent to success based on a rigorous underground approach to hip hop, where the protagonist is a rap prose that rejects hooks and easy winks, for a witty flow arranged on a production essential, crumpled and fi, often entrusted to ramshackle accordions and jazz piano, coated bass never invasive and little else.

His style, immediately recognizable, finds comparisons with Eminem and Doom, for spelling and creativity in the associations of thoughts and words, while his career seems to be that of a natural talent that finds its own expressive path and follows it coherently without giving discounts to nobody.

Earl’s father passed away recently at the age of 79. He was a very famous South African poet and Earl often mentioned his father in his lyrics. He mostly described him as a complicated man. Earl currently lives in Hollywood.

He has a history of drug abuse and was even sent to a Boarding school by his mother, which helped him a lot. As far as we know, he is currently sober and plans on staying that way. He even said that his habit of drug and alcohol abuse led him to isolation, and even caused him to lose precious people from his life.

Hopefully he will continue to make great music and inspire others to become artists. We can only enjoy his old songs until he releases something new and exciting.

Quick summary

Full name: Thebe Neruda Kgositsile aka Earl Sweatshirt

Date of birth: February 24th 1994

Birthplace: Illinois (Chicago, USA)

Age: 25

Profession: Producer, Songwriter, Rapper

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 75 kg

Net Worth: 4$ million