Lil Debbie is a popular rapper hailing from the land of America. She is not only endowed with exclusive rapping abilities, but also she is into cultivating extraordinary designs and brilliantly featuring her segment of apparel designing. Her designs are famous and appreciated all around the globe, and she is also famous to be a part of the now-defect group.

She is known by the name “The White Girl Mob” and also co-associated with the famous rappers namely the famous Kreayshawn and the other one V-Nasty. Her stage name Lil Debbie may know her, but the actual birth name is Jordan Capozzi. She is the showstopper in the world of rap. Her net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $ 300 thousand.

Early life

Lil hailed from California and was born on February 2nd, 1990. Her upbringing was in Albany, California, United States and her nationality is a mixed one that is Italian and American. She was fortunate to have supportive parents who gave her enough support during her childhood days and made her have a mesmerizing and memorable childhood. Lil was interested in moving forward with the fascinating subject of fashion designing from her early childhood, and her parents were eager to make her get enrolled in an institution that would educate her on the subject more accurately.

She was also into singing as she was quite passionate about it. She went for joining a singing school that had a fashion designing program to be considered along with the core subject enrolled for.

Just after she was done with her graduation from the high school, she got herself enrolled in a fashion designing course (FIDM). She was very concerned about upgrading herself and knowing all the details about the subject she is going to gain knowledge. She is a believer of practical knowledge and outrightly believes that practical knowledge is of utmost importance of an amateur learner.

Lil was quite an active learner, but she was already moving with a career in rap, and this made it quite a difficult task to adjust to the FIDM’s course and all homework that needed attention. She had no other option other than leaving the course and concentrating in rap. It was then when she was fortunate enough to meet the two eminent rappers V-Nasty and Kreayshawn who were her pathfinders. It was with them Lil started her first rap career only at the age of 15 years.


The rapper Lil Debbie is smart enough to collaborate and associate with several rappers worldwide throughout her musical career. She has already got herself established and has still a long way to go. She came up with her musical debut video album titled “Gucci Gucci” on collaborating with Kreashawn in the year 2001. She was already heaped with loads of appreciation on releasing of the successful debut album. But due to her disloyal nature, she has driven apart from the group in the year 2015. Her behavior was ruthless with her fellow associates, and this made her get eliminated from her rap group. She had to leave the group because of some miscommunication and some wrong understanding. From the year 2014 only, she was not keeping up well with her rap group.

Lil decided to collaborate with yet another group namely the rappers hailing from Houston namely the “RiFF” and “RaFF” in the year 2012. The group worked hard in creating some wonderful lyrics and came up with some of the wonderful numbers. The titles are somewhat unique and uncommon like “Michelle Obama,” “Suckas Askin,” and “Brain Freeze,” “Questions” and “Squirt.” She came up with some of the latest video albums namely “2 Cups” and “Gotta Ball.” Her followers went on viewing her videos, and her view counts reached 2000000. At the same time, it was counted among the most watched viral videos. These videos helped Lil immensely to gain popularity and become famous for her efforts.

Lil got her debut mixtape titled “Keep It Lit” that also included some of the lovable single numbers like “Brain Freeze” and “2 Cups”. She came up with her first EP “Queen D.” It consists of three individual songs and two hit remix numbers. Lil Debbie is quite active on all the social networking sites. She is also available on Snapchat and Twitter. She maintains a huge fan follower.

Personal life

Lil Debbie is probably not married. She is having no news of getting married. She is an expert in composing some of her exclusive music. She is into making her career studded with all the talents that she possesses. As per records she is quite a private person and never shares any information about her personal life.

She is quite confident about her each step in life. There may be a rumor up in the air about her sexual orientation. But one should remember that rumors are always based on fake evaluations. She is absolutely straight, and there is such complexity regarding her sexuality. She is smart enough not to reveal all information about her intimate relations and is focusing presently on her career.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Jordan Capozzi

Date of Birth: 2nd February 1990

Birth Place: Albany, California, United States of America

Age: 28 Year Old

Profession: Rapper, Model, and Fashion Designer

Height: 5 Feet 4 Inches / 163 cm

Weight: 51 Kg

Net worth: $300 Thousand