Celebrities all have different backgrounds and stories that are related to their rise to the top. When talking about certain celebrities it is always fun to find out more about their net worth, their personal lifestyles and careers.

No matter how famous they are, finding out information about their personal lives, their careers and other details is not that easy. Most of them hide the imperfections and disclose only the good things about their lives.

In today’s text we are going to talk about Grayson Boucher, an American actor and a streetball player.

We will talk about his biography, his personal life and his career. So, if he is one of your favorite celebrities, here is an opportunity to find out more.

Early Years

Grayson Boucher was born on June 10th 1984 in Keizer, Oregon. He was a very active child from easily on and was always playing with other kids on the street. When he was in school, he loved attention the AND1 Mixtape Tour that once stopped at Oregon. He went to see it with his brother and found out that there is an open run for the tour.

By 2004, he was one of the best players and often appeared as a part of the marketing for the tour. He played in over 30 different countries and was on seven seasons of the AND1 Mixtape and Streetball on ESPN.

He was always hard working and that is one thing he is very known for. He practices every single day, even when he is on the tour.

There aren’t any more information about his early years, so we will jump on the next part of this text.

Career Path

Grayson stayed at the AND1 until 2011 when he started playing Ball Up. He became very close to the CEO of the Ball up Demetrius Spencer and so their work together began.

As we know in the United States, having a good level in the school team helps a lot to get a university scholarship, but this did not happen for the California resident, however, he attended the Chemeketa Community College, there his skills and his confidence improved a lot since he had access to the university gym and juice on a regular basis.

He started in the world of Streetball When the AND1 Mixtape Tour (team where he currently plays) visited Portland, Grayson and his brother attended, as spectators, but discovered that there was an open test to join the tour, so he attended and of course, he won a place in the team.

In 2003, Boucher was put on the map and received the name “The Professor” by MC Duke (British rapper) who said that he “gave classes to the players on the court”, quickly Boucher stood out in the commercialization of the Tour, It appeared on the homepage of your website and in several ads, with the team has played in over 30 countries and has been featured in 7 seasons of ESPN’s “Streetball”. It should be noted that he is the only target on the team.

Thanks to his skill and charisma, “The Professor” made his way into acting, appearing in several films portraying basketball players “like him.” He has appeared in films such as: Semi-Pro with Will Ferrell, he played the lead role in Ball Don’t Lie, based on the book of the same name, he assumed the role of Spider-Man in a YouTube web series (the first episode attracted remarkable attention, reaching 14 million visits on YouTube in a week), also launched a successful series called Super-Human Dribbling, a tutorial available for online download that features all the exercises and trainings that helped the success of “The Professor “.

Besides being in streetball, he also tried his luck in acting. He played a role on a YT series Spider-Man and in a movie called Ball Don’t Lie. He also published a guide to ball-handling called Super Human Dribbling. The guide is online and everyone can find it easily.

He also has his own YT channel where he often posts videos with him playing streetball and showing of his skills. Besides streetball videos, he also posts videos as tutorials, basketball videos and etc. his current net worth is estimated at around 500$ thousand and since he is still active on many platforms, we can expect this net worth to go up a bit.

He is very active on his social media and posts photos and videos of him playing. He still has many fans and followers, even thigh he is no longer too active in the streetball community.

His career is definitely not over but we cannot expect too much from him in the following years, since he is primarily a streetball player.

Personal life

Grayson Boucher, streetball player, was born on June 10, 1984, measures 1.78 m and weighs 70 kg. He attended McNary High School, his varsity coach considered him too small to play despite having great skill.

Boucher went to the Chemeketa Community College and was accepted to the college team with almost no experience.

This only speaks about his major talent and skill that was recognized instantly. Even though he wasn’t offered any teams after finishing his high school, he managed to get into the Chemeketa Community College team.

His career started there and from that moment it has only gone up. Boucher is a very talented person and knows how to earn money in different ways. Besides being into streetball, he is also into YouTube and tries to shift his focus to vlogging instead of streetball.

Another one of his passions is acting. He already starred in several movies and shows, mostly by portraying himself. Some of the notable movies were Semi-Pro and Balls Don’t Lie. There are no records of his love life and we don’t know if he is in a relationship or not. As far as we know, he is single and has no children, but will he stay like that for long, we will have to wait and see.

Grayson caught everyone’s attention by appearing on the court dressed in suits of his favorite superhero costumes. Besides a great street player he seems to have a natural talent for acting as well, so it would be such a shame not to see him in new movies or TV shows.

The player is only 1m80 to 70kg, but has quite impressive qualities, unveiled in his many videos: agility, accelerated reflexes, endurance and with an extraordinary shoot …

This is also thanks to an online video platform that the Lakers staff would have discovered Grayson.

“We liked his playing style, he is very fast and has an excellent vision of the game. We are well aware that this recruitment may seem a bit off, but we need to rebuild with a limited budget [the Kobe contract limit the maneuvers of the franchise]. Grayson seemed to be a good alternative. ”

This arrival reason like a gun in the NBA sphere, and restores big ambitions for the years to come, especially with the return to form of the Black Mamba.

Grayson is still active on his social media and on YouTube, so maybe he is going to shift his career into a different direction by becoming a vlogger or an influencer.

That is yet to be seen. So far, he has made a tremendous success by playing streetball. His status as a celebrity is justified and he deserves the recognition he gets.

Hopefully he has something good stored for us in the future. His natural talent for camera and his ability to attract attention is what keeps him in the public eye, so we will definitely see more of his new projects in the future.

Quick summary

Full name: Grayson Bouchard

Date of birth: June 10th 1984

Birthplace: Keizer, Oregon

Age: 35

Profession: Streetball player, Actor

Height: 1.77 m

Weight: 70 kg

Net Worth: 500$ thousand