Anyone can be a great player, but everybody cannot be a great trainer, very few are born to guide, and Marvin Lewis is one them. Marvin is a professional coach who has been one of the most prominent figures in the American National Football League as a true torch bearer.

He has been particularly in the limelight when he took over Cincinnati Bengals. He was into from his early childhood and earned a scholarship when he was nineteen. His stature came as a shortcoming in the way of his playing himself in the NFL and hence decided only the graduation level at his college to coach a team.

Under his coaching the Cincinnati Bengals won the AFC North Division, happening first time since the formation of Bengals. The eminent coach of Bengal was applauded with the Associated Press Coach of the Year.

Marvin was not deprived of calling him as the America Coach of the Year by the Pro Football Weekly and Pro Football Writers. In observing and likewise guiding the players, Marvin had earned quite conveniently in his coaching career. His accumulated net worth comes around in the range of $14 Million which is quite enviable in respect of a coaching career.

Early life

Marvin Lewis was born in McDonald, Pennsylvania, United States of America on 23rd September 1958. Marvin was born to Marvin Sr. and Vanetta. He learned to shape his player from his father’s profession who was a steelworker and foreman and learned to console the shoulder drooping of a player from the nursing of his mother. Watching from the early childhood encouraged Marvin in the American Football and started playing at the tender age of 9. He got into Fort Cherry High School and continued playing the game in the position of safety and quarterback.

He improved much and went to Idaho State University with a scholarship and played for the team as a linebacker. With the passage of time and strengthening of his muscles, he got a high recognition in the college. His consistent excellent performance earned him All-Big Sky Conference Award for three consecutive years. He completed his graduation by the time in physical education.

He wanted to learn more about the playing abilities of a player and hence obtained a master degree in athletic administration from the Idaho State University. During his final year in the college, Marvin was acknowledged by the alumnus of the year.

On getting the master degree, he did not delay to start his career as a coach. In the capacity of a graduate assistant, he joined in at his school. After sometime Marvin became a linebacker coach for the team and continued till 1984. After that, he moved as an assistant coach to Long Beach State University.

After this assignment, he started managing the boys of the University of New Mexico and the University of Pittsburgh. By the coaching, the growing boys of different universities and colleges Marvin improved his coaching ability and also earned respect from these emergent talents who would join to play in the NFL in future days.


In the Pittsburgh Steelers, Marvin was a linebacker coach. He accepted internship from Kansas City Chiefs and started coaching at NFL in 1992. In the San Francisco 49ers, he had the same responsibility. In 1996 Baltimore Ravens signed up with the coach to improve their defense mechanism. Before getting off from Baltimore Ravens in 2001, Marvin had contributed to the winning combination of the Super Bowl in 2000.

During his tenure team allowed only 10.3 points to the opponent per game and the defensive unit is considered to be the best in the NFL. Washington Redskins look upon Marvin to improve their defense and also to assist their head coach. He made the team rank 5th as per the defense is concerned in the NFL.

After his sincere efforts in building a team total playing abilities in different universities and clubs, Marvin has been a known figure in the American Football. But the real breakthrough came in 2003 when he took over the responsibility from LeBeau in the Cincinnati Bengals. When he took over the confidence of the Bengals were at the bottom.

He worked hard with the boys and the team regained its strength. The team turned around and finished the season at 8-8 a much-improved status when compared to the previous year of 2-14. After 15 years, the team reached the playoffs, as the Bengal clinch the 2005 AFC North title. Bengals won the same in 2009, 2013 and again in 2015.

He initiated the phrase ‘Once a Bengal, always a Bengal.’ From 2011 Marvin empowered Bengals to earn play-offs for three consecutive years. To make 100 regular wins in the season he became the 37th coach and is the most successful coach under whom the team got the most wins.

Personal life

The year when he joined Cincinnati Bengals, Marvin also started his charity under Marvin Lewis Community Fund to help out the students and athletes to improve their ability with the scholarship.

Marvin is married to Peggy Lewis. He enjoys a very happy life with his wife and the child whom they named Marcus Lewis.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Marvin Roland Lewis

Date of Birth: 23rd September 1958

Birth Place: McDonald, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Age: 60 Year Old

Profession: American Professional Football Coach

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $14 Million