Greg Kinman aka Hickok45 Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Greg Kinman aka Hickok45 Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Hickok45 is not a nickname or name of a person; this is the name of the You Tube channel. This channel is one of the most interesting and educative channel on You Tube.

This channel is created by Greg and his son John Kinman, and on this channel you can find a lot of interesting things about firearms.

In this article we will talk about Greg personal life, about his work and most important we will talk about his You Tube channel.

Early years

Greg was born in Tennessee, where he has finished his primary and high school. His parents were farmers, so Greg started working in early ages. Greg had a lot of different jobs, but he admits that the best part of his life was growing up in the farm, surrounded by animals.

Greg had three brothers and one sister; his father thought them how to shot and how to use weapons. He spent a lot of time in the wood, haunting animals. His father was a weapon collector.

Greg learn a lot of useful thing from his father, but when Greg was first year of College his father pass away, this lost was very difficult for him.

Greg was obsessed about his father collection that is one of the reasons why he has started studies about weapons and its uses.

After finishing College, Greg has started working as an English teacher in high school. His students are saying that he was one of the greatest teachers; his work was interesting, very educative and full of useful information.

Career development

As we have already mentioned Hickok45 channel was made not only by Greg Kinman but also by his son John Kinman. Their first video was launched 2007, till then they have uploaded more than 1200 video, they have more than 200000 subscribers and their videos are watched more than 5000000 times.

We can say that this channel is most popular channel about weapons, also on their videos you can find out many interesting things.

Videos are selected by the purpose, for example, if you are worried about your security and if you are thinking about buying weapons, then you can find out many interesting and useful information. Greg will explain you how to use weapon and how to defend yourself. Also, in his videos you will find historical information about firearms, about their purpose and their appearance.

His most popular video is watched more then 17 000000 times and it is called ’44 Magnum’.

We must mention that Greg was not good with technology and he didn’t like You Tube, he was thinking that you cannot find anything useful on this Social platform. His debut video was posted without his approve, his son posted it. The reaction on this video were amazing, people were surprised with Greg’s talent and knowledge.

His family, friends and student were his biggest support, and they were one of the reasons why Greg started posting videos on the You Tube.

After huge success with his first video, Greg has decided to continue his work and post more videos on the channel.

Today, Greg is active youtuber, he posts videos every Sunday and he has got many fans. He also says that people around world are sending message full of support and encouragement.

Now Greg is retired English teacher, he said that You Tube channel is his biggest occupation and that he loves talking and sharing information about other people. Greg is very active, on his videos you can see that he is travelling a lot, he is meeting new people and he is constantly searching for new experience and information.

In his videos you can also see a lot of moments where he is demonstrating a weapon purpose. You can see him dressed as a cowboy, shooting on watermelons and demonstrating the power of guns.

Greg always mention how important is to be safe and secure, he also mentions that you cannot keep weapons if you do not have license.

Also he says that if you want to use weapons, first you need to learn something more about them, because they are more powerful then you think.

Greg is not only popular on You Tube, he was guest in many TV shows, and his videos have been shown on Television. After his first apperience on the TV, Greg became more popular and after that his videos have been watched much more.

For his last interview, Greg said that the secret of his success are useful advices and suggestions about gun uses. He says that weapons are not only intended for killing, behind every weapon there is the story of people who have made it, their effort, hard work and persistence.

Personal life

There is not too much information about Greg and his personal life. From his videos you cannot find much information, you can usually see his son John.

Beside this, you can also find out that Greg has a lot of friends, but not all of them are interested in Greg passion. Greg often mentions that he has a lot of support from his wife, children and friends.

Also, we must say that he was nominated for the best teacher in Tennessee. His students are his biggest fans; they say that working with Greg was amazing and that they regret that he has left the school.

Greg admits that filming videos is not hard, it can be exhausting, because of the travelling in different locations, but if you are doing something what makes you happy and satisfied then there is just a pleasant feeling and satisfaction.

Greg is not only active on You Tube; you can find his profile on Facebook and on the Instagram, where he also has got a lot of fans.

Quick summary

Full name: Greg Kinman

Date of birth: 11 July, 1950

Age:  69

Birthplace: Pleasant View, Tennessee, United States of America

Profession/Occupation: English teacher and Youtuber

Net worth and salary: $2 million

Height: 188 cm

Weight: Unknown

Marital status: married


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