FaZe Rain Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Weight

FaZe Rain Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Faze rain is a Canadian vlogger and also a YouTube personality. He is also a professional gamer.

His estimated net worth is 2.1 million dollars.

Early Life

Nordon Shat aka Faze Rain was born on 29th May 1996 in Toronto, Canada. He had a sister to share a good bonding. From his childhood days, he likes to make people laugh. In his school days, he was famous for cracking jokes at class and keep people happy. Simultaneously, he was also a troublesome kid. He was summoned several times to the principal’s office while he was a kiddo. Till 7, he managed to get ‘A’ grade at school.

When he was a seven-year-old boy, his world changed totally. He was separated from his biological father, and this misfortune led him towards sheer depression. To cope up his depression, he was advised by his doctor to start gaming and soon he got interested in it. So, gaming was not his childhood dream. He got into this as it is a part of his therapy.


This 21-year-old gamer focused on gaming and creating content for YouTube. When Shat began to watch the YouTube channel, he got inspired and wanted to start his own channel. Initially, he started his career by providing the trick slots for Call of Duty; later he gets into vlogging. Within little time, his channel got millions of subscribers. Soon, he joined the ‘Faze Clan’ on 20th January 2016 and had made a stable career as a gamer and a YouTuber.

Online gaming is one of the most popular notions of entertainment among people today and Faze Rain has grabbed the right nerve of this generation. He has millions of subscribers on his channel as his skills and strategies are known to be the best in the industry. The only thing that is responsible for the successful career of Faze Rain is his hard work, passion, and dedication towards his career. Apart from the game channel on YouTube, Nordan also runs another personal channel, named Nordan Shat, to upload vlogs regularly and here he interacts with his fans and followers more openly and personally.

Faze rain’s videos on YouTube are full of positivism. He shares videos on how YouTube helped him to cope any mess while uploading videos and all. The vlogs are inspiring and getting those from a young boy like Faze Rain, teaches important lessons of life. In one of his vlog, he shared a real life incident where he was beaten up. But, Nordan, being a person of own principle, didn’t hit back the guy and let him walk away. He believes a punch only increase hatred and that is not how you answer.

There is also an alter-ego, created by faze Rain of himself who is known as Vape Lord Nord. When he appears in the form of his alter-ego, he appears in a gown, sunglasses and a hat and faces forward. There he takes in and out vape from a vaper.


Faze rain is a young lad who has gained immense popularity from his YouTube channels. He started his own channel on December 28, 2010. Within 2014, he got 1 million subscribers for his channel. Every year, the number of hits increased a lot. Finally, in 2016, he hit 4 million subscribers for his channel. This is really a great achievement for such a young boy.

Personal Life

Faze Rain is a gamer; handsome young person. It is sure that his life would be colorful. He was dating a blonde girl, named Taylor. Rain had also introduced the girl in his video ‘Meet My Girlfriend’ in 2014. This proves that the two were enjoying their relationship a lot. But, things didn’t go smooth and, unfortunately, the two broke up in 2016.

Rain is open for his fans as he declared the split through a video to his fans. He released another video where he explained why they broke up. Rain agreed that the two of them argued often and soon they realized they are unhappy. Besides this, theirs’ was a long distance relationship which played vital role in their splitting up

Quick Summary

Full Name: Nordan Shat

Date of Birth: 29th May 1996

Age: 21

Place: Toronto, Canada

Popular As: Faze Rain

Height: 5 feet 11 inch

Net Worth: 2.1 million dollar


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