Greg is also an author and one of the most prominent pastor singers in the USA. He earned his singing talent a fortune.

He may be best known for his membership in the Harvest Christian Fellowship.

He certainly used it when he had a chance to prove his minister singing skills in California, and making quite a lot of money out of it.

Early life

He was born in California, USA on December 10, 1952. His other is an interesting fact. His mum, in her life, even had seven failed marriages.

There’s not much detail surrounding Greg’s parents ‘ personal lives.

However, we can note that he had a very modest start.

He began to work first as a delivery boy, which was his first employment. We should also note that even when he was really young, Christianity was a big part of his life.

He was surrounded and respected by Christianity. At Newport Harbor High School he completed his high education. Greg was involved and committed to Christianity this was the moment.

Greg met his life’s love in 1974 and Catherine Laurie is her name. They connected instantly and even got married. We had two boys together, Jonathan and Christopher.

Nevertheless, when their younger friend, that is, they had to suffer a great tragedy. Christopher died in a car accident when he was just 33.

Career path

He is an American journalist, minister, speaker in public and host of podcasting. Generally speaking, his books are focused on Christianity.

Laurie is presenting the “A New Start” syndicated radio show. Over 800 radio stations broadcast this series. He’s been featured on Tonight’s ABC World News, Fox News, MSNBC and CNN.

At the age of 19, he began his pastoral ministry. In the meantime, he is undertaking a 30-person Bible study. B

ack in 1990, he founded Harvest Crusades. These are a large-scale evangelistic operation, over 5.6 million participants have participated in that program since 1990.

While Greg was in high school, he was interested in religion. He decided to join the church and help somehow when he turned nineteen. His first duty was to read to the church the Bible, which had a minimum of thirty members. That was just the launch.

He later entered the Catholic Alliance for Harvest. This church decided to change its name as time went by and it became Harvest Kumulani.

The justification for this name change was to combine it with the church called the Chapel of Kumulani. Then there was an odd thing that happened. Greg was the one who would be Newport Beach Police Department’s new chaplain.

In fact, he has served in the National Day of Prayer Task Force.

Greg has always liked to compose, and he’s always been interested with writing that can be seen in more than 70 books he’s written. Of example, the most famous of these is The Upside-Down Church.

Recognition His research and civic commitment was tremendous and he received numerous awards. Most of the prizes are linked to Christian faith, we will say. The Gold Medallion Book Award is one of the most famous honors he has won. He also won the Judas Medal, Graham Prize, etc., however.

Greg has gained and earned money in numerous ways. He was not hindered by the fact that he came from a poor background and he was able to make quite a lot. Since he published more than 70 books, most of the money he made came from his publishing works.

We should also note that he also pays for his singing career and that it is very lucrative as well. In particular, he achieved in hitting a net worth of $3.5 million in 2019. So, he had humble beginnings, but now he’s living a rich man’s life and an extravagant one.

He’s 65 now, but that doesn’t deter him from working and making even more money in any way. He is still a very influential preacher and is still publishing books on the things that matter. He never gets tired, too, and we should also mention that in his church he continues to perform.

Laurie has two doctor’s degrees that were given to him in honor from the University of Biola and the University of Azusa Pacific. He sits on the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s board of directors.

He is also visiting other churches where he is performing or reading the Bible. He that, of course, be one of the wealthiest pastors in the country, but his positive spirit and willingness to continue to perform and compose is impressive even at the age of 65. Even though he’s older, nobody knows what the future is going to bring.

Personal life

Greg spent his childhood in California, where he was born. His birthdate is December 10, 1952. Charlene McDaniel was a single mom and decided to adopt him. Sadly, she had seven relationships, none of them work out. Greg traveled from place to place nearly every year in his early years.

He served as a newspaper delivery guy for Daily Pilots in Los Angeles to assist his parents. As a CA, he was his first full-time job. He was not brought up in Christian faith in his early years. But he is still a powerful and very successful minister and evangelist.

In the Christian faith or church community, Laurie was not born. Around 1970, when Laurie was 17, under the leadership of evangelist Lonnie Frisbee, Greg welcomed Christianity when he was in Newport Harbor High School.

He was given the opportunity to perform a Bible study with 30 participants when he was nineteen years old, under the leadership of Chuck Smith. Harvest Christian Fellowship, his community emerged from this, and has developed into one of the biggest communities in the United States.

He is the featured speaker of A New Beginning, a nationally syndicated radio program, and can be seen in a 30-minute weekly television program called The television program also featured on American Forces Network TV on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) every week.

Laurie is the founder of the 1990 Harvest Crusades national evangelistic gatherings. Harvest Crusades began Harvest America in 2012.

Harvest America is the organization of hundreds of churches meeting on one night to carry the gospel’s life-saving word to their neighborhood through a massive evangelistic outreach. With best Christian songs

Laurie has 2 doctorates of honor from the University of Biola and the University of Azusa Pacific. He sits on the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s board of directors.

In 1974, Greg Laurie married Catherine. Together they had two children, Christopher and Jonathan. Greg has five gorgeous grandkids.

Local churches invite their congregations to carry to Harvest America unbelieving friends and family to learn what the Lord has to tell regarding life’s important issues.

The ability to respond to this message is offered to those who listen by making a commitment to pursue Jesus Christ. Those who pledge are tied to a local church that has agreed to be a participant in the outreach.

Christopher Laurie has been Harvest Christian’s art director. Christopher had an accident on the way to work on July 24, 2008 that took his life.

He currently lives in California’s Newport Beach.

Quick summary

Full name: Greg Laurie

Date of birth: December 10th 1952

Birthplace: Long Beach, California, U.S.

Age: 67

Profession: Pastor

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 90 kg

Net Worth: 20$ million