Vic Fuentes is a singer and an awesome guitarist of an American rock band “Pierce the Veil” coming from San Diego in California. The band was formed by Vic and Mike, the Fuentes brothers.

Early years

Vic was born as Victor Vincent Fuentes on February 10, 1983 in San Diego to Mexican parents. His parents Vivian and Victor Fuentes are both of Mexican descent. His father was a jazz musician in his early days.

He is very close to his younger brother Mike throughout his childhood. He isn’t his only sibling: he has a half-sister and two half-brothers. Victor was always spending time with Mike and he loved thr fact that they had no secrets.

He was a musical talent from his early age so he has learned to play his favorite musical instrument at the age of seven: guitar. When he realized that he enjoys playing the guitar, he decided to dedicate more time to it. He eventually decided that he’ll do it profesionally.

He was a student at Mission Bay High School and after that he decided to enroll San Diego State University and became a student of graphic design. Months later, he decided to quit his studies after his band started receiving offers of record labels.

Career development

He has formed a punk band “3 Simple Words” while he was still in high school. He did it together with Curtis Peoples who is his friend still.

In 1998, Vic and his brother Mike decided to form their own band and they have called it “Early Times”. They released their first EP under that name but they soon changed it because it was already someone else’s brand. The name was changed into “Before Today” and the band made a new contract with Equal Vision Records which released their first album. The album was named “A Celebration of an Ending” and it came out in 2004.

Band hasn’t lasted long – the group split up in 2006 but every member of the group continued working in music industry.

In 2007, they formed a new band named “Pierce the Veil” and they have released their first album under this name. It was titled “Flair for the Dramatic”.

They soon became pretty popular, especially amongst teenagers who loved their aesthetics.

Jamie Preciado(bassist) and Tony Perry(guitarist) joined the band at that point. So it was a band of four.

They weren’t very big and they mostly did gigs in small clubs and alternative events. This changed in 2012 when their album “Collide with the Sky” was released and reached No.12 on the Billboard chart. They suddenly gained a big fanbase and Victor’s looks are speculated to take a part in this.

This was an extraordinary success for them since they gained a following on the social media too.

The band started their tour after the success of their new albums, and the tour included concerts all over America, Australia, Asia and Europe.

They were invited to almost all important rock music festivals: Soundwave, Slam Dank, Rock am Ring and a lot more.

Alongside this, Vic also joined a group “Isles & Glaciers” as their key member but he left the group after the release of their only EP called “The hearts of lonely people”.

Vic is very emotional and wants to stay close to his fans. He wrote a song in memory of their big Australian fan who killed herself. They dedicated the song “Bulls in the Bronx” to her. This once more shows how connected they are with their fans and how they appreciate each and every one of them.

He also wrote “I Don’t Care if you are Contagious” for a young girl whose boyfriend has died. He is very emotional although he seems like he’s not because of his aesthetic.

He dedicated “Million Dollar House” to his and Mike’s parents who stood by each other in better and in worse, and always tried to solve their problems together no matter what. Children never felt their struggle with financial issues or at work.

He was nominated twice for the title of Best Vocalist on Alternative Music Awards in 2014 and in 2015.

The band won several important awards from alternative media magazines such as Alternative Press, Revolver, and even Kerrang news. They have also attended many award shows.

This group is known for their “stay on the ground” status which is mostly viewed in the way they live, or how they stay close to their fans and have great interraction with them. Their fanbase gives them great support due to the fact that they stayed true to both their origin and their original sound. They try to connect with them with each concert they make and always give the best they’ve got.

They are known for the fact that they actually read their fan letters and sometimes the letters give them ideas for their songs, they give motivation for their work and satisfaction that they give pleasure to them.

For example, a song named “Circles” is based on a story about two friends at a Death Metal show in Europe.

There is a song named “Isabel” that told story of a fan girl who felt very bad and eventually she became their friend. They support her and she often visits their concerts.

Personal life

He especially enjoys writing songs, and they are always based on his real life: on everything that happens to him, his family and friends in real life.

Victor says that making songs is a process he finds to precious to be taken for granted and he simply doesn’t understand how artists can let other people make their songs.

He has over 1,4 million followers on his Instagram account.

He hasn’t got a steady girlfriend but it is known that he dated  Laura Christine and Rachel Cohen. Victor claims that it’s a bit hard to stay focused on a relationship when he constantly goes on tour and has to do concerts.

Quick summary

Full name: Victor Vincent Fuentes

Date of birth: February 10, 1983

Birthplace:  San Diego, California, United States

Age: 35

Profession: guitarist, singer, songwriter

Height: 1, 68

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $6 million