Hazel Mae Barker is a Canadian sportscaster who was the lead anchor for the New England Sports Network and today has the same role on MLB Network.

Early life:

Hazel was born on  April 7, 1970 in Tagbilaran in the Philippines. Soon after she was born her family decided to relocate to Toronto in Canada.

She grew up in Toronto where she began her career in sports broadcasting on her campus at York University. She graduated in Communications.

She claims that it was very weird being one of the rare girls who liked sport. All of the other women were talking about makeup and stuff that weren’t Hazel’s priorities. She found that she has a much easier time talking with guys.

She graduated in 2001 after which she joined Rogers Sportsnet. She was lucky to get her new job so quickly but she was very talented and scouts have noticed it.

Career development:

She worked  for Sportsnet until she moved to Boston and joined NESN (New England Sports Network) Sports Desk in 2004. She anchored the morning Sportsnet News, she was the host of a weekly magazine called “JZone” dedicated to Toronto Blue Jays.

She and her two female co-workers posed in their lingerie for the “Urban Male” magazine in 2002. This was something out of her niche, yet she found it very interesting and even risky. She was praised for her great looks and the bravery for doing the shooting.

She decided to move to Boston and join NESN where she was the lead anchor from 2004 to 2008.

She was chosen to host both The Ultimate Red Sox Show and Boston Bruins Top 10 show.

While she was hosting this two shows and and lead the Soprtsdesk she became extremely popular, to the point that she was nominated and almost won in the election for the president of Red Sox Nation. She is very likeable and people seem to find her perfect for the role of a host.

In 2008 she decided to continue her career on MLB Network where she appeared in many shows and series: “Hot Stove”, “30 Clubs in 30 Days” and “MLB Tonight”.

When they created their new programe called “The Rundown” in 2011, she became the co-host. The programe was hosted by her and Matt Yaloff.

She decided to return to Sportsnet the same year. She first anchored their “Sportsnet Connected” show and after that she was moved to Toronto Blue Jays games.

She was involved in an affair in 2013 when some people claimed that she had an affair with a former General Manager of Toronto Maple Leafs Brian Burke and that he is the father of her child. They also claimed that this was a reason why Burke is now a former manager.

However, most of the dirt that has been going around related to her is predictions from many social media influencers that don’t like her. Mostly none of the gossips has been confirmed and therefore she found it really hard to read about herself on the news while knowing these things aren’t true.

As for her earnings, she has a great income coming from her hosting job and she is highly active in social work. She host for various charity organizations and is involved in their work.

She also tried herself as a fashion designer so she eventually founded her own company called “Hazel Mae Design” in 2012.

She focused on dresses of contemporary lines meant for busy women who love sophistication and colors. She emphasizes the comfortable note of her dresses and how they fit almost all women.

Personal life:

She is married to former Major League Baseball first baseman Kevin Barker. This was one of her ultimate dreams and now that she found somebody who has the same interests as her, she is much happier and much more calm.

Kevin played baseball for Milwaukee, San Diego, Cincinnati and Toronto. After he retired he turned to sports journalism and today he hosts a show about baseball on SportsNet Network.

Both Kevin and Hazel hide their private life. They have a son but they never post their photos on any social media.

Quick summary

Full name: Hazel Mae Barker (Hazel Mae Cagulada)

Date of birth: April 7, 1970

Birthplace: Tagbilaran, Philippines

Age: 47

Profession: sportscaster

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 55 kgs

Net Worth: $2 million