Noureen Ahmed who is also known as Noureen DeWulf, is a popular American actress and is known for her role as Lacey in Anger Management.

She is also a known face and is recognised for her roles in films such as West Bank Story, sGhosts of Girlfriends Past, and The Back-up Plan. Born in 28th of February 1984, New York City, USA, has a growing acting career.

Being a mother of a baby boy and wife of National Hockey League goalkeeper Ryan Miller she knows how to balance between Hollywood and her private life.

Noureen DeWulf ‘s  professional acting career started when she first appeared as Fatima in a short film West Bank Story in 2005. This gig was followed by films as American Dreamz, Ocean’s Thirteen, National Lampoon’s Pledge This! and The Comebacks.

Later she gained more fame for her bigger roles. From 2010 to 2011, she got the opportunity to play the role of Judy Pasram on the hit TV show Hawthorne. In 2012, she became a household name owing to her portrayal of Lacey on the popular series Anger Management.

This beautiful actress has a slim and slender built and is known for her striking good looks. Her monthly salary is 41,600.00 USD and annually she earns 500,000.00 USD. She aspires to make her name in Hollywood and became a renowned actress y trying different roles. One of her biggest achievements is Maxim magazine placed her in their Hot 100 list In 2012,

Quick Summary: 

Full name: Noureen DeWulf

Date of birth: 28th of February 1984

Birth place: New York City, USA

Age: 32

Profession: Reality TV Star, Actress

Height: 160cm

Weight: 50 Kg

Net worth: $3 million