In the whole evolution of human civilization judges are perhaps reverenced most and among the games football has got the most fans. The two dominating force converge upon a person, and we call him as referee.

The personality requires an immense mental and physical strength, and this is well delivered by Howard Webb throughout his career in the capacity of controlling any football match even among the most vibrant opponents. In the English Premier League, Howard Webb is one of the most popular and success referee. In 2003 he had been appointed as the Selected Group Referee and had served FIFA from 2005 till 2014.

During this long tenure, he had handled many tough encounters of high profiled players. He had honored with the International Federation of Football History as one of the most eminent referees of all time. 2010 is the most memorable year for Howard as he was appointed as the first referee to mediate the finals of both UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup. His long career has earned him not less than $3 million dollars as an estimated net worth.

Early life

Howard was born in Rotherham, West Riding of Yorkshire, England on 14th July 1971 as Howard Melton Webb. He had actually continued the family tradition of refereeing football matches after his father Billy Webb who had also whistled as a referee for long 35 years. It was with his father advise he took up a course to be a referee; he was then a matured teenage of nineteen.

After being certified by the course, he started refereeing matches in his locality. Gradually Howard gained confidence and control over the matches which in due course of time increased the number of matches to appear in the capacity of a referee.

Popularity rose and in 1996 got enlisted in referees panel at Northern Countless East League. After few years in 2000, he was appointed as a paneled referee in the National List of Football League Referee.

He had gained this in just ten years. On achieving 32 years of age he got the prestigious Premiership referee status, that was in 2003. After this, he does not have to wait long to get most esteemed and preferred badge of FIFA to control and regulate match the whistle.


Howard had joined the police at South Yorkshire but preferred the match to control with his strict vigilance. Here on the ground, he did not require to wait for the judicial to judge. Rather he was authorized to judge and take action immediately on his own with the assistance of linesmen on either half.

In the Northern countries he started his officialdom as an assistant referee and after that history would declare what he has achieved in his life. Howard officiated first time in the international arena as a referee in the match between Portugal and Northern Ireland which ended in a 1-1 draw.

Truly, an imitating character that had appeared in more than 500 matches in the UEFA Champions League in 11 seasons. He would definitely cherish the memorable match at White Hart Lane where Ledley King appeared for a testimonial.

After keeping away the shoes of the match referee, he Howard got the responsibility of technical director at the board of Professional Game Match Official. The amazing referee of enormous respect has run in the field with the players at UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup in the same year. This is a rare achievement for any referee. To honor his long adorable career he has also been seen in some friendly matches.

Personal life

Howard is married to Key Webb, and both happily enjoy their family life with their three children. Holly and Lucy are their two daughters, and Jack is the son of Webb’s family.

Howard had also taken the responsibility of a writer to publish his autobiography. Howard is among those lucky few who have managed the professional and personal life with the maximum possible contentment a definite inspiring personally for any modern person.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Howard Melton Webb

Date of Birth: 14th July 1971

Birth Place: Rotherham, Yorkshire, England

Age: 47 Years Old

Profession: Football Referee

Height: 1.88 m

Weight: 60 Kg

Net worth: $3 Million