Ernie Irvan is retired car racer who is a famous name in the car racing industry. and his association with NASCAR that made him win several championships and awards for his fabulous car racing performance.

But unfortunately, Irvin had to take retirement from the profession of a car racer because he repeatedly suffered several concussions. The winner of the Hall of Fame, he was quite associated with the industry even after retirement and was easily able to make his net worth to be estimated somewhere around $ 10 million dollars.

Early life

Ernie Irvan’s birth name is Virgil Earnest Ernie Irvan. He is an American by nationality. There is very little information available about his early childhood days. There is no information available about his early high school day and mention about his parentage.

As per records, it is perceived that in the early age of nine he was moving on to start with his driving career and by 15 years he was prepared to participate in the car racing competition titled California Competition. Irvan was very serious about building a career in the car racing, and this made him neglect his academic qualification.

Though he missed his High School degree in the Riverside place, California, he was getting more and more successful in the car racing industry.  Life does not follow your patch it makes its own way. Mark Simo has earned some fame in the world of car racing, and Irvan planned to team up with Mark into the race in any championship. Some the plan does not materialize, and Irvan had no option left but to drop the idea.


After winning the California Championship, the popularity gained momentum. In the year 1974 in the national kart race, he finished second. Just when Irvan reached the age of 16 years, he decided to move to a segment of stock cars and started tasting victory with his very first participating in the year 1975 in the much popular Stockton 99 Speedway.

That was Irvan’s first achievement, and he knew how to attract the attention of the spectators by introducing new techniques and styles of driving stock cars. It was all going well for him in car racing after 1975 in the various championships at Stockton and Madera. This phase of smooth driving continued till 1981.

In 1994 Irvan was acknowledged with Mike Rich memorial Award and Maxwell house Spirit Award. In the same year in the professional division, he was recognized as the Arete Award for Courage in Sports. In 2001 he became the Inductee into the Stock Car Hall of Fame. In 2002 the MSNBC voted the great racer as the Top 10 Greatest Sports Comeback.

Personal life

Kim Baker got into the life of Irvan, and they exchanged vows and rings. Currently, Irvan is staying at Carolina with his family. He is best remembered by his fans for his final come back after a severe injury to the head in the race held at Michigan International Speedway.

He could have gathered more of the prestigious titles if he had not suffered severe concussions. But in spite of his mishaps and sufferings, he has been a quite a popular car racer in the eyes of his fans.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Virgil Earnest Ernie Irvan

Date of Birth: 13th January 1959

Birth Place: United States of America

Age:  59 Years Old

Profession: Car Racer

Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches / 1.75m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $10 Million