Seán McLoughlin born on 7 February, 1990, otherwise called as Jack or jacksepticeye, is the Irish YouTuber that transfers gaming recordings and once in a while vlogs.

Today, Jack still resides in the Athlone, Ireland. Jack alludes himself to be the final Bossatronio coming from the Bossatron planet.

Additionally, with his companions like Markiplier, PewDiePie, Bob, CinnamonToastKen, and Cryaotic.

He does different arrangement on diversions, where the scenes of a specific arrangement are separated out within 3 to 5 days. His most loved amusement class is enterprise.

He has expressed that his most loved diversion for “Shadow of the Collosus”. A few celebrated arrangement Jack has done are like “Subnautica”, “The Escapists”, “GTA 5”, “The Sims 4”, “Undertale”, and “Happy Wheels”.

He also has developed the two non-computer game arrangement under the names “Reading Your Comments” where he reacts to remarks on either, Twitter, Tumblr, or YouTube.

The other is a customary vlogs, and there, he normally shares, discusses about the life of his own or what’s circumventing the channel. Jack has given a name for his followers since he perceives his fans to be people, not one.

He went twice to the college in the Ireland; the foremost run through (Music Technology) Jack didn’t complete school however for second time. Jack is surely understood by individuals around the Athlone.

He is a fiery person who appreciates playing a wide range of recreations going from the FNAF, The Sims 4, Happy Wheels to glimmer amusements to glimmer amusements Subnautica, and his most loved being the Shadow Of The Colossus. His Undertale and the Dark Souls 1 has come into the top 5.

He infrequently speaks the language Irish in the recordings created by him, for example, different religion melodies and some expressions in Irish Jack is a freethinker nonbeliever, which implies he doesn’t put stock in God, however can’t discredit his presence.

Jack has spent a life in the wide open with his folks as a child. Jack had a lodge of wood alongside his folks, later on.

He has two brothers and two sisters, and each of the are elder to him. a

There are additionally a few different diversions, (for example, Turbo Dismount, Happy Wheels, Little Big Planet 3, Far Cry 4, and Geometry Dash, and No Limits 2, and in these diversions, a few of the level is created by him. He has gained an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Seán William McLoughlin

Date of birth: 7 February, 1990

Birth place: Athlone, Republic of Ireland

Age: 26 Years

Profession: Commentator and YouTube Personality

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $3 Million

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