Harley Morenstein is a man behind the Epic Meal Time channel. He is a famous internet personality.

He is also an actor of Canada and has contributed to vlogger.

He has also worked as a host to various YouTube shows including the very famous Epic Meal Time.

He was also seen in FYI television series.

Other than this he has also worked as a producer and creator to several shows.

Harley was born in Montreal, Canada on 20 July 1985 into the family of Jewish. Cooking food was his favorite hobby since his childhood.

He also worked as a history teacher in Lakeside Academy of Lachine for several years.

Later he decided to change his hobby into his profession.

With his dedication he succeeded in what he desired and in the year 2010 he launched his cooking channel with the name Epic Meal Time on YouTube.

He was a co creator of this channel and this channel hosted food recipes etc. soon it gathered fans and its subscribers increased to 7 millions.

Later in 2014 he was also seen on a TV show named Epic Meal Empire on FYI. All this contributed to his income. Harley Morenstein Net Worth is $6 Million.

Other than this Harley has also been seen in few songs like Epic wrap – the song of Destorm, Video Game High School – video web series of Freddie Wong,  Just Dance commercial, Holidays movie, Moose Jaws – trilogy of Canadian horror, as a guest in Nickelodeon’s Game Shakers.

He is also active on vlogger. He has his account on Vine and he has about 265,000 subscribers on it.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Harley Morenstein

Date of birth: July 20, 1985

Birth place: Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Profession: Actor, producer, host, vlogger

Height: 1.98 m

Weight: 100 kg

Net worth: $6 Million

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