Jason Hawk Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Jason Hawk Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Jason Hawk is a known TV reality star who became famous for his appearance in the History Channel’s reality TV series “Mountain Man” and “No Man’s Land”.

He follows the tradition of American Tribes and frontiermen.

Early life:

He was born in Colorado in 1960. The correct date can not be found.

He got interested in blademaking and blacksmith’s work when he was very young. He was a very big fan of nature and he knew his  homearea well. He said that he never found indoor activities interesting since there is so much nature to get to know outside.  His friends always went on trips with him and he was the one to plan it all.

He grew up in Arkansas and learned many skills going through the Arizona desert. He has learned to succeed in living in any environment. Deserts, mountains, hot, cold…he tried it all.

He also says that he became very humble because of it. He used to spend much more time complaining about various things in life that didn’t fit him, but now he is used to everything life throws at him. He likes to live in a simple way, with simple food and according to nature’s way.

He started making his own blades and his own clothes for going in the mountains and for hunting, so he became the youngest guide in Colorado ever who got his license: he was only 15 years old.

Spending time in the nature never seemed as something dangerous for him, he learned how to defend himself from the very young age.

After graduation he decided to move to Montana  where he studied about making metals and similar. He was always interested in this so he wanted to learn more about different materials, crafts and new ways of blademaking. He used this knowledge after he found himself in hard working conditions.

After finishing college he returned home to work as a chef in a restaurant. He became a very good chef and was known for his kitchen blades. But he decided not to go on with this line of work because he missed to be outdoors and climb or hunt.

Career development:

He starred in two TV shows filmed by Hostory Channel : “Mountain Man” and “No Man’s Land”. They were both focused on his survival tehniques and his plain way of life, the difference was only that “No Man’s Land” was about his desert life.

He took his wife Mary and a daughter River to Arkansas to build their new home after his father and best friend passed away. This was a very hard period of time in his life and therefore he needed some help to go through it.

His father James, called Pops, was also a blacksmith and a blademaker so after Pops died,  he decided to return home and continue to work in his late father’s shop.

He has his own website called “jasonhawkknives” where he sells his handmade knives, tools and blades. The site is very popular amongst the people who like to go climbing too.

He learned the Fillipinno martial arts which include battling with improvised weapons. He says that all martial arts help people when it comes to survival in very hard conditions.

Personal life:

He met his wife Mary in 2008 and it was love on first sight. She was also a naturelover and was raised in survival conditions so she was a lot like him. It seems that she even lived in a cave with her family when she was a kid.

She claims that she is also very adventurous, but he sometimes makes up very strange ideas that not even she can come up with.

She is also great with knives and today she makes jewelry, soaps and herbal preparations, using everything from the nature and everything is full handmade. After returning to Arkansas she focused on River’s schooling and helped Jason with his shop. Lately she began to do more of her handmade products and sell them too.

He absolutely adores his daughter River, who is very close to him and who helps them any way she can although she is very little.

Quick summary

Full name: Jason Hawks

Date of birth: 1960

Birthplace: Colorado

Age: 57

Profession: bladesmith, TV star

Height: 1, 80 m

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $300,000


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