Jason Stone is not your very usual celebrity. He is a man that got famous by making a strategy company on the social media. It is called Millionare Mentor and it is a company that helps smaller businesses get famous. He is very popular and many people know him because of the fact that he and his business are very active on social media.

He has an Instagram account with more than 3 million followers. It is called Millionare_Mentor and there he puts all of his favorite motivational quotes that he makes or collects. People like the whole idea a lot and therefore he is very famous for it.

Early years

He was born in 1980 in the last month of the year: on December 4th. His birthplace is not known, but we do know that he is from the United States of America.

Since he was young he was a pretty popular guy and was a great speaker. He decided to finish college because of his parents that wanted him to have a secure life and so he actually enrolled and finished the Akron University. He got a degree in mechanical engineering and it was in the year 2003.

He never thought of actually doing things related to his degree since he didn’t like this a lot, but he enjoyed it the most out of all options he was given.

He wanted to make a business when he finished college and had many ideas of what he could create, then deciding to focus on motivational quotes and businesses.

Career development

He soon created his company called Millionare Mentor and it took him only two years to gain spectacular followers: almost 2 million of them. This is an exceptional success that has to be planned out and therefore he decided to help other people make the best out of their talents too.

In 2016, Jason Stone was one of the top 10 Instagram influencers. He was actually number three.

In 2006, he decided to go back to his roots and wanted to give a small tribute to the engineering field that he studied himself. This ended up by him buying the Treadstone Performance Engineering and he has managed it into great profit since then.

He posts motivational pictures that get a lot of attention and he often posts them with a picture of a famous person in the backgroudn. Most often it is Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the people Jason Stone respects a lot. His story of becoming famous is something that Jason speaks about as an example of hard work.

Nowadays he has an email subscription list with over 130 000 people which is a huge number of active followers that are ready to buy and pay for his content and merch.

Many people often ask him how did he do it and how did he reach such a big number of followers in a short time. He says that it was a combination of strategy, luck and hard work. How so, you may ask yourself? Well, he had luck because he joined Instagram rather early when there were no huge pages, he had a strategy of making his Instagram more of a blog and less of a social media. It was interesting for him to post relatable content, content that he feels like is important for other people to see.

He says that he worked very hard to post often and to have good, honest captions. Many other celebrites don’t understand how he was so motivated and what is motivating him to this day, but he usually says that he just enjoys connecting with people. He says that it’s a very very small percentage of people that actually understand their full potential and he just wants to make them realize that they can do much better.

Jason claims that one should always focus more on getting featured by various pages (in the similar niche) and that if you are lucky enough, you may as well get a repost. This will gain you tons of followers. He says that he is all against paying ads because ads nowadays are part of our usual life and people seem to just ignore them most of the time.

One of his most important messages for everyone that wants to succeed is: if you want to succeed in making a business, make it a lifestyle, not an obligation. You have to live with the brand, breathe with the brand, enjoy the brand. That’s how it works. You can’t make it an obligation because you will never enjoy it.

However, never let it intertwine with your personal life, especially your family life. The moment you let it, it will rule over you instead of the thing being vice versa.

Personal life

We don’t know much about his personal life since he believes that one should not mix business with personal, but we know a bit about his family.

His wife is called Cristina Stone and we know a bit about her since she is an Instagram  star herself. The beauty from Peru is 10 years younger than her husband and she posts her modeling pictures on Instagram. The couple has two children: Jaden and Brielle. You can easily find the pictures of the kids on her Instagram profile with not so many followers.

Quick summary

Full name: Jason Stone

Date of birth: December 4th, 1980

Birthplace:  the United States of America

Age: 38 years

Profession: entrepreneur, motivational speaker

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: NA