Jacob Sartorius Net Worth 2019, Age, Height, Weight

Jacob Sartorius Net Worth 2019, Age, Height, Weight

Job Sartorius is a pop singer and a star in the internet with an estimated net worth of around $300,000. He has become famous through the musical.ly. It is where he started posting the videos of lip syncing on the most popular songs.

He became famous and popular at the young age of 13 years. He has around 3.8 millions of people following on Instagram and about 800,00o on Vine. In the year 2016, May 03, he has aired the first single video, “Sweatshirt”. This was number 10 on the iTunes.

The first video posted by him on Vine was in the year 2014, August 17. This video had a message on the bullying. He did not post any videos on Vine till 205, February.

He is having followers which count to 600,000 in Twitter and with regards to You Tube it is 850,000.

He was born on 02 October, 2002. He hails from Herndon, Virginia, United States and his mother helps him in handling the videos and the finance. His mother also has made her presence in some of his Vine videos. His elder sister’s name is Caroline.

He was supposed to be a part of the Magcon Tour, but was later removed from the tour with his comments “I absolutely hate hugging fat and smelly fans”. Even now his net worth is increasing with his lip sync videos which are very popular.

The fame of Job Sartorius has been increasing day by day with increase in fan base. The popular vine video posted by him was Don’t Judge Challenge. His first video on Vine has become famous just within one night. Other competitors of him, who has the same fan base and of the same age are Kristen Hancher, Hunter Rowland, Lauren Orlando and Baby Ariel.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Jacob Sartorius

Date of birth: 02 October, 2002

Birth place: Herndon, Virginia, United States

Age: 15 Years

Profession: Pop Singer and Internet Personality

Height: 1.67m

Weight: 52 Kg

Net worth: $300,000

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