The world has witnessed the enormous strength of some mighty personality and Jeff hardy is undoubtedly one of them. Initially Jeff tried many other sporting events but with his awesome vigor he ultimately reached the ring of wrestling.

His dominance in the game of wrestling has been reflected through his two times National Light Heavyweight Championship and one time New Dimension Wrestling Light Heavyweight Championship. Quite amazingly this heavy weight wrestling personality has a supreme adherence to music, painting and poetry. He is perhaps the rare few who can excel in opposite directions.

Presently Jeff is under the contractual relation with the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling or TNA. His vibrant potency has made him very special in WWE particularly with his stints. It is quite evident that this powerful wrestler had not only earned a mark of respect in the wrestling world but this huge individual vigor has made him earn massive pecuniary strength.

He has definitely more than one source of earning which have empowered him to gather a good sum of wealth. So far this famous wrestling personality has earned not less than $12 million dollars of estimated net worth.

Early life

Jeff hardy the eminent wrestling personality was born in Cameron, North Carolina, United States of America on 31st August, 1977. He was born to Gilbert and Ruby Moore Hardy. When he was only a boy of 9 years his family was disarrayed by the untimely demise of his mother because of the brain cancer. Jeff was raised with his brother Matt Hardy who is younger to Jeff and he also became a successful wrestler along with his brother Jeff.

In the early childhood Jeff love story books and in his school days his favorite subject were not mathematics or science but history and arts. His interest in poetry and music has come up during this period. In his younger days Jeff was very much keen in playing various games. In his early days he loved motocross racing.

He was specially inclined to baseball and doing quite well but because of an arm injury which he got in a bike crash he fail to continue these sports further. In his middle school days he was equally good at amateur wrestling and soccer. In the passage of time his interest in wrestling got more strength and gradually he shifted to wrestling instead of putting effort in football.


Jeff along with his brother Matt joined hand with their mutual friend and founded Trampoline Wrestling Foundation. In this the three friends devoted time for practicing and improving their wrestling techniques. The trio used to imitate and practice what they would watch on the television. Gradually their ability improved and Jeff started promoting the art of wrestling in the locality. Their names reached the door of WWE officials and soon the two brothers signed in with WWE to show their efficacy in the aspect of wrestling.

To begin with his wrestling career he was initially got into the ring as a jobber in 2004 but was laid down by Razor Ramon. But this gave him enough breath to work hard and come up high to fight out strong opponent. In the arena off WWF both the brother started gathering some recognition with their display of strength. The left no stone unturned and increase the practice sessions among themselves. During this period the two brothers got special training under the guidance of Funkin’ Dojo and Dory Funk Jr.. The two gone through many solo games and finally reached a status to be recognized under the name of ‘The Hardy Boys’.

The Hardy Boys were gaining more confidence with their winnings and consequent recognition through various awards. Soon the wrestling fans started shouting by taking their names and were counted among the best wrestlers. Jeff won World Heavyweight Championship, New Tag Team Championship, NFWA Heavyweight Championship and some more. After the era of WWF he got attached to TNA and WWE.

Jeff has also given his appearances in some shows under WWE as ‘Fear Factor’ and ‘Tough Enough’. Jeff has been selling T-Shirt, Jackets, music and some more items through

Personal life

Beth Britt has come into the life of Jeff Hardy in 1999 when the two individual met in a club. Then after passing sometime together, the duo decided to settle their bonding by exchanging rings and vows in 2011.

Before getting married the couple got parent of a daughter whom they named Ruby. In 2015 Jeff and Beth got their second baby who was named as Nera Quinn. Jeff has a special liking for tattoos. One such tattoo begins at his head and gone through the shoulder to reach the hand.

The famous personality of the wrestling world has also tolerated some hiccups of disgrace for being silly on few occasions. Once Jeff was refused from boarding the plane as the wrestler was found intoxicated.

Again he was arrested under Drug Trafficking as he was found with cocaine and some other drugs. He faced 30 months of probation after 10 days of detention in the jail. Furthermore his crime took away $100 thousand dollars as fine.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Jeffrey Nero

Date of Birth: 31st August, 1977

Birth Place: Cameron, North Carolina, United States of America

Age: 40 Years Old

Profession: Wrestling

Height: 6 Feet 2 Inches / 1.88 m

Weight: 98 Kg

Net worth: $12 Million Doallrs