Natalia Gulbis is considered the world best woman golfer who is also a successful business entrepreneur. She is famous for playing in the LPGA Tour and is recognized vehemently for her professional approach towards the game golf.

Until the end of the year 2006, she was listed with the top rank. She started playing golf professionally from the year 2001 and thus made her net worth estimated somewhere around $ 4 Million dollars to date. His charismatic personality and gorgeous appearance have made her prosper in her career with golf.

Early life

Natalia was born in the small town of Sascramento, California, United States of America. She was born in a well to do family.  Her parents were quite concerned with their daughter’s upbringing.

Her parents were John Gulbis and Barbara Gulbis.  They were of supportive nature from their early childhood. She was quite young when she got interested in the game and decided to proceed with it for building a career.

She was hardly seven years old when she had won her first trophy.  She proudly served the association LPGA Tour in the year 1997, during the initial days of his career. Natalie was only 14 years of age and a mere amateur golf player who has a long career ahead.

She received her early academic qualifications from the Granite Bay School, and she was glad to participate in the golf team of the boys.  After completing with her basic education from high school,  she decided to get enrolled in the reputable institution, University of Arizona. She was a scholarship holder in the field of golf from the University and was a core member of the University Team.

After gathering experiences getting associated with the college team, she moved on have a brilliant professional career. She turned out to be a fabulously talented professional golfer even before reaching the age of 18 years.


Natalie started to concentrate on her career from the early age of 18. She got her first opportunity to break through in the world of golf by serving Arizona’s University Team. She succeeded the valid tour card in the year 2002.

Natalia earned a top score with the 10th position in all the championships that she participated in the years 2005 and 2006 consecutively. In the year 2007 Natalia won a championship where she earned quite a heavy amount of $ 450,000. 2007, 2005 and 2009 brought fortune to Gulbis as she got entitled to win the US Solheim Cup that is a prestigious Championship for any golf aspirer. Soon enough she got an endorsement offer for the calendar’s review in the year 2005. She has a slim and gorgeous figure that made her get noticed by the LPGA community, and soon they decided to select Gulbis for making the endorsement.

She was successful in making the portfolios posing as if playing golf. She got the opportunity just before she was getting prepared for participating in the US Women’s Open in the year 2004. But Natalie was little unfortunate when the United Nations Golf Association banned and was not allowed to be sold in the event that was to be hosted.  USGA criticised the venture vehemently. She was also seen in another magazine in the year 2004. Her first LPGA title came in 2009.

Apart from being a successful golfer she had also offered an invitation to her readers to accompany her on the golf course. She had always appreciated the attention of her fans. She has been in contract with the big brands as Adidas, Master Card, Canon, EA Sports and many more. In 2006 she started writing for FHM magazine. She had appeared in a TV reality show under her name.

Personal life

Natalie has a terrific personal life which worth to be highlighted. She is a perfectly married lady who considers her married life a seriously for living a good life.  She got married to Josh Rodarmel in the year 2003, whom she dated for a long time. They courted each other and finally decided to get united in the sacred bond of marriage.

Till date, the couple had never been spotted with any controversies and never gave to confusing matters. They have a great mutual adjustment and are loyal to each other.

Natalie has spoken quite often about his previous relationship with the famous personality Dustin Johnson prior to her engagement with Josh Rodarmel. What the reasons for her break up with John was not know, but only this much was deciphered that she was three years younger to her ex-boyfriend.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Natalie Anne Gulbis

Date of Birth: 7th January 1983

Birth Place: Sascramento, California, United States of America

Age: 35 Years Old

Profession: Professional Golfer

Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches

Weight: 57 Kg

Net worth: $4 Million Dollars.