Jennifer Connelly is an American actress and a model.

Early years

Jennifer was born in New York on December  12,1970.

She attended a private  St.Ann’s School in Brooklyn Heights and at the age of 10 her parents took her to audition for modelling.

Her photos appeared in several famous magazines and soon she began showing up in commercials on TV.

She has ADHD and has been taking medication for this since childhood.

Career development

Her first film debut was in a famous Sergio Leone’s „Once Upon a Time in America“ in 1984.

This little role opened her the door for Hollywood.

Her leading role came fast after that, only one year later, with a thriller „Phenomena“.

She was very popular in Japan, and she often appeared in their TV commercials.

Also, she had two songs she sang in Japanese called  „Monologue of Love“ and „Message of Love“.

Jennifer  appeared in the rock video by Roy Orbison  called „I Drove All Night“.

In the same time with filming, she first studied English at Yale then she moved to Stanford tu study drama and classical theatre.

She never finished college but decided to pursue her film career.

Her next huge hit was „Labyrinth“ in 1986. By George Lucas where her partner was a famous singer and artist David Bowie.

After a short period without filming big hits she casted in „The Hot Spot“ in 1990.

After filming „Dark City“ in 1998. she exepted an offer from Fox Television and started acting in TV series „The $treet“ in 2000.

She also appeared in Darren Aronofsky’s „Requiem for a Dream“ and critics praised her emotional and serious acting.

In 2001. she starred in a film „Beautiful Mind“ next to Russel Crowe and won a Golden Globe and Oscar for her role in  that film.

In 2003. she starred in Ang Lee’s „Hulk“.

In 2005. she had a role in a thriller „Dark Water“ with horror elements.

After  that she costarred in „The Day the Earth Stood Still“, „Creation“, and more.

In 2012. she became an Ambassador for a famous japanese cosmetic brand called Shiseido, all thanks to her big popularity in that country.

In 2014. she had another collaboration with the director Darren Aronofsky’s in his epic film „Noah“.

Personal life 

In 1997. she gave birth to her son Kai in a relationship  with photographer David Dugan.

In 2003. she got married to a fellow actor Paul Betttany and lives with him and their three children.

She is a vegan and strongly encourages her family in changing their food menu.

Philantropic work

She became an Ambassador for Human Rights Education in 2005.

She was chosen for this position by Amnesty international.

She is very involved in workig with „Save the Children“ organization.

She is a member of Entertainment Industry Foundation which collects  funds for many causes.

Quick summary

Full name: Jennifer Lynn Connelly

Date of birth: December 12,1970

Birth place: Brooklyn, New York

Age: 46

Profession: actress

Height: 1,69 m

Weight:  54 kgs

Net worth: $ 32 million