Ryback is an American professional wrestler also known as The Big.

His real name is Ryan Allen Reeves.

Early years

He was born on November 10, 1981 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Even as a child Ryan was obsessed with wrestling. His sister had to follow himnto the matches.

As an eight years old kid, he spent a lot of time in visiting wrestling matches. He managed to be the one to ring a bell at a WWF match when he was a teenager.

This period influenced him to decide to pursue a wrestling career so he started lifting weights and training.

He atended Western High School where he showed his amazing talent in another sport: baseball.

He also went to the Community College of Southern Nevada and after that he played college baseball. He has put some hard work into training after he decide nothing will stand in his way to becime a champ. He financed him by working in hotels and casinos.

He became a contestant in the TV show SmackDown! Although he didn’t win, he came to the finals where he was noticed by people from WWE. They signed a contract with them and train in DSW for two years. From there he moved ro OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) in 2006.

This was the same year he was suspended due to the fact that he has failed drug tests. This wasn’t his fault because he legally bought suplements who showed false positive results. His suspention was terminated and the food suplements in question were pulled of the market.

In 2008 he joined the Florida Championship wrestling. From 2010-2011 he was a part of The Nexus Show. A yeae later, in 2012, he was back on television doing SmackDown! using a ring name Skip Sheffield. His notorius war cry was ” Feed me more”.

He returned to WWE for a period of three years and in 2015 he won his first title in the Intercontinental Championsihip.

After that he abandoned WWE and became available for independent booking. He was very disappointed by the WWE promotors and the amount of money they got for the fights.  In 2016 he wrestled at Wrestle Pro and won the Championship.

He can still continue using his ring name Ryback after spliting with WWE because he legally turned his real name Ryan to Ryback. Ryback is a combination of his rwal name, Ryan, and his teenage nickname Silverback.

Personal life

He is married to Melissa Reeves since 2014. She is a TV reality star known from the show “Ex on the Beach”. They live together in their residence in Las Vegas.

Philantropic work

He was involved in WWE’s support for “Answer the Call” foundraiser for families of NYC policemen who sacrified their lives for other people’s safety – they were the first responders.

Quick summary

Full name: Ryan Allen Reeves

Date of birth: November 10,1981

Birthplace: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Age: 36

Profession: pro wrestler

Height: 1,91

Weight: 139 kgs

Net worth: $1,5 million