Jim Brown would always be remembered as the greatest of all time American Footballer who had served the game with his best. Cleveland Browns had been honored by the service of this eminent player for nine years.

At the National Football League, he had played the game for the least period among all renowned football players and had scored a maximum number of records tough for any individual to achieve. But it can be claimed that the followers of the game are deprived of watching his absolute majestic play for long.

Abruptly he withdrew from the football while ruling the ground just after nine years of play to be on the floors of cameras. The masters do rule wherever they go, and Jim has achieved the same recognition in the movie world. Some of the films went blockbuster in the theaters, to mention few the movie watched are thrilled by his appearance in “100 Rifles” and “The Dirty Dozen.” It is quite evident that this phenomenal personality had earned a lot to reach the status of one of the most wanted personality that the nation had produced.

The long illustrated career had gathered not less than 50 million dollars as his estimated net worth.

Early life

Jim was born as James Nathaniel Brown on 17th February 1936 in St. Simons Island, Georgia, and United States of America. He was born to Swinton Brown who was a professional boxer in the rings, and he called Theresa as his mother whose activities are to beautify the boundaries of home.

For the education, Jim was admitted to the Manhasset Secondary School. From his schooling days, he has fantastic records not only in the football but also in tracks, baseball, basketball, and lacrosse. The intensity went up high when he got into the campus of the high school.

In 1956 Jim was studying at the Syracuse University. In his junior days, he covered 666 yards. In a season his highest rush average and in a game most touchdowns are still beyond the scope of any other individual.

Before moving to NFL, Jim finished off his career in the college with three touchdowns and 133 rushing yards. He earned extra 3 points in his last game at the college. Jim had been blessed with the capacity of playing all the games that he wanted. In the basketball team, he was the second best scorer.

For his outstanding performance, all round Jim had been a convenient pick for the College Hall of Fame. At Syracuse in his final year, Jim got All-America Award both in football and lacrosse. It would be a mistake not to mention that many considered that Jim could have delivered his best in lacrosse.


Cleveland Browns saw the entry of this prolific and indomitable Football player in their pavilion first in 1957, and Jim never showed any interest in moving towards any other destination.

Evidently, in 1965, he retired from the game, he was there only from where he started but covered so many yards that remain a mammoth task when there has been exceptional progress in the training and playing condition of the game. During his enviable career in respect of rushing yardage excepting 1962, he remained the leader. He can outrun anyone and can also run overall with his exceptional strength and agility.

He covered more than 1000 yards in 7 seasons with the highest of 1863 in 1963 which was bettered by O. J. Simpson in 1973. In the history of NFL, he rushed 237 yards on 24th November 1957 and again covered the same yards in a single game on 19th November 1961. Before putting his boots off the shelves, Jim had 126 touchdowns in his favor and scored 106 by rushing. In 2,359 rushing attempts this majestic player had gone passed 12,312 yards with an exceptionally high average of 5.22 yards. His combined yardage of 14,811 yards was later taken over by Walter Payton in 1984.

There has not been any doubt in the mind of even his odd critics that he was born with some exceptional stamina which has the strength to stand any challenge. Leaving the football career when he was at his peak could have excited some eyebrows of some columnist, but Jim had other intention. Within two years of his arrival on the floors of the movie industry, he gifted his fans and other followers of the movie with ‘The Dirty Dozen’ featured in 1967. Jim came up with another super hit ‘100 Rifles’ which is screened in the theaters in 1969.

His other hits were “I Spy,” “Ice Station Zebra,” “Black Guns,” “Take a Hard Ride,” “One Down, Two to Go,” “On The Edge” and many more. Jim was also seen as the Color Analyst at the CBS telecasting NFL. He had also made his appearance in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Personal life

In 1959 Jim married Sue. The relation went through many strains and finally broke in divorce in 1972.  Quite a celebrity must have been in the life of one or the other, covering the yards of time Jim failed to get a real match of his life.

In the nineties, he was acquainted with Monique and got married in 1997. He became the father of Kim, Kevin and James Jr from his first wife. After his divorce with his first wife, Jim was recognized as a father by Kimberly Jones, Shellie Ayres, and Karen Brown Ward.

The man who was referred as the Greatest Professional Football Player Ever by the Sporting News had some uneven surface in his personal life where he had fallen with accusation.

In 2002 he even served the jail for six months. In 80s Jim started Amer-I-Can which was intended to turn the life of the disarrayed youths.

Quick summary:

Full Name: James Nathaniel Brown

Date of Birth: 17th February 1936

Birth Place: St. Simons Island, Georgia, United States of America

Age: 81 Years Old

Profession: Former American Footballer, Actor

Height: 6 Feet 2 Inches / 1.88 m

Weight: 105 Kg / 232 Pounds

Net worth: $50 Million