In today’s text we will talk about an ex-baseball player who has made great success in this sport. This player has left a deep lead in baseball and anyone who follows this sport has heard of him. We will talk about Curt Schilling who retired in 2013 but is still famous in the world of this sport.

Curt earned over $ 100 million in career and brought a lot of joy to the fans of this sport. He had a very rich career and is considered one of the best baseball players. His career lasted over 15 years and many of his fans were very sad when he had to retire. In this text we will introduce you to the details of his life and his career.

If you are interested in learning more about his life then this text will help you securely. In this text we will introduce you to his childhood, his career and some details from his private life.

Early Years

Curt Schilling was born November 14, 1966 in Anchorage, Alaska, USA. He grew up with his parents and with his younger brother. His father often had to travel and do various jobs in other cities in order to provide his family with a good financial life. Because of this, Curt often had to worry about his younger brother and his mother. Curt was not that easy because he had to go to school and take care of his family. His father occasionally arrived, but it was for short periods.

His family was not in good financial conditions, and Curt had to do additional work in the middle school to help his family. It was not easy for him, because he had to learn and to work. During the elementary school, he had good grades and showed good knowledge, but he has always attracted the sport. In high school, he decided to train baseball and that was his excellent move.

In the beginning, he had to train and raise his form. His coaches noticed that Curt had the talent for this sport and gave him the support to continue to train. He trained at a local club and began to play competitive games after half a year of training. In his first game, he showed excellent skills and attracted attention of many trainers and scouts. He decided to dedicate himself to this sport and thought he would be able to become a successful baseball player.

During the training, he worked at a restaurant and in that way he earned extra money to help his family. His father also sent money and helped them.

Curt always took care of his younger brother and always had his support. He declared that he would like to become successful in baseball in order to help his brother and mother to have a better life. During the high school he gained many friends who always said that Curt was a very good and positive person. He also had a girlfriend with whom he was in a relationship of 2 years but had to separate. After a year of training, Curt received a call from one college to continue to perform for them. He considered it early for that decision and wanted to complete a high school in his hometown.

After finishing high school, he enrolled in Arizona College and wanted to complete his college. During college, he continued to practice baseball and continued to play baseball for the college team. He played for 2 years in this ranking and then got the chance to come out on the draft. He was very excited and thought he had the opportunity to become a professional player and to prove his talent.

He was selected as the second-round pick by Boston but was forwarded to the other team. He initially played in the minor league but was then transferred to Baltimore where he played his first season in the professional league. He was a young player and did not get many opportunities in the first season.

After that, he was transferred to Houston where he got a lot more opportunity to play. In this club he was finally able to prove his talent and after a few games people saw his talent.

During the first season he collected a great score and many coaches saw him and scout in the league. His career began with a great deal of excitement, and then it was possible to see that Curt would become a great player.


Curt’s career began when he enrolled in college and was first called to play for a professional baseball team. He decided to continue to train and went to draft. He was drafted by Boston who sent him to the development league to continue to train and improve his skills. After half a year he moved to Baltimore and then began to play his first season in the professional baseball league.

He immediately showed talent for this sport and played several good matches. He proved that he possesses an excellent talent for this sport and that he will become a great player. After a year, he transferred to Houston, where he received excellent conditions. In the first season in Houston, he showed great results and we could already see him as one of the best players in this team.

In 1992, his contract with Houston expired and he transferred to Philadelphia. This was the best move of his career because he immediately got a chance to play in Philadelphia and started to achieve great results. During the first season, he had incredible numbers in this team and helped the team to defeat Atlanta, which was then the best team in the league. After this victory, all Baseball fans heard of Schilling and he became one of the most popular players in this sport. In 1993, Curt was named for MVP of League and then his perfect career began.

He slowly became one of the best players of this team, but also of the entire league. He had excellent scores over the coming seasons and every year he led the team to great success. By 1998, they played two finals and once managed to win. Curt was selected in 1997, 1998 and 1999 to play at the ALL STAR competition, and in 1999 he was a starter. In the vote for the best player in 1998, he won 14th place in the public vote and in 1999 he was 4th and he was not satisfied. He wanted to become the best player and to have even better performance in this sport.

After 8 years of playing for Philadelphia, he requested a transfer and then transferred to Arizona Diamondbacks in 2000. Many people were astounded why he decided on this move and he thought that Arizona had more potential to come to the finals and to win the title. He also received an excellent contract and earned a lot of money for this transfer.

In 2001, Schilling had a great season and during the season he had a score of 22-6 with his team. In the playoffs, he had a much better performance, and the most interesting game was against New York in which they played 7 games. Curt’s team managed to win in this game and managed to enter the finals of the competition. They managed to become champions and Curt said that this season was the best in his career.

He was named MVP League, but he had to share the prize with his teammate Randy Johnson, who also had a great season. The two were the main players of the team and managed to win the title for this club after many years.

Schilling played until 2003 for this team and then traded in Boston Red Sox in exchange for 3 young players. In his first season for Boston Curt he also had excellent results and he has best scores against his two former teams.

In the first season, Boston failed to reach the final, but Curt was again among the best players in the league. In 2006, Boston had the best score in the league and in the playoffs they had to play against the then-best team New York.

They managed to overcome New York and Curt was the best player in this series. He had a wrist injury that season, but he did not want to be absent and wanted to help his team. The coach and teammates advised him to break, but Curt did not want to give up. He helped his team to come to the finals and that year Boston won the title after 20 years.

He was named MVP League and this was his favorite title. He received many awards this year although he already had many years and was at the end of his career. He proved that he is still a great player and can play at a professional level. He played for Boston for the next two years and then decided to retire. Many of his fans were sad about this decision, but they said they would never forget him. He retired, but he continued to play baseball but for smaller local clubs that was not professional.

Personal Life

Curt’s life has always been full of ups and downs, but he managed to make a fantastic career and a lot of money. He is married and has a wife and two children. During his career, he earned over $ 100 million, but he managed to lose most of his money.

He founded his gaming company that went bankrupt after 2 years. He had to dismiss many workers and because of this company he lost a lot of money and he is considered to have left only 2 million dollars out of the total salary during his career. Curt said that he spent a lot of money but that he would try to get him back through another private business.

Quick Summary

Full name: Curtis Montague Schilling

Date of birth: November 14, 1966

Birthplace: Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Age: 53

Profession: Baseball Player

Height: 187 cm

Weight: 98 kg

Net Worth: $100 million